Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Merry Christmas

Christmas was wonderful Lord.

Thank You for allowing us to carry out our Christmas tradition. I am glad nobody got hurt. Hopefully, next year would be even better and more efficient and effective.

Thank You for the surprise. It really made my day. It made me smile. I slept with a big silly smile across my face. :)

You know my prayer and Christmas wish dear Lord. You know what is in my heart and I know dear Lord that You will take care of everything. I raise it up to You.

Thank You for sending Your Son to us, He has opened so many doors for us. Thank You for loving us first.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Rush

Thank You Lord for sending a sweet and strong nun in my life. I really felt You bless me yesterday. I really do pray that everything will work out and that my life will be on track again. Thank You for Your endless blessings.

I was not able to run all week *baah!!!*! I have been pigging out too! *yikes!!!* And will still be pigging out some more! *oink oink!* I won't be surprised if I start turning pink and make grunting noises soon. I have to be able to run on my mom's treadmill! Must bring home my nice treadmill shoes. I have to use them I have not used them for a year. My newer pairs are more worn out than them.

I am excited. And giddy. I feel this way every time Christmas is nearing.

I love Christmas! The thrill of thinking of what to give to people and when you have finally decided on what to give them, the anticipation for a reaction. I had to run to the mall for last minute shopping *hehe!* I am very proud of myself because I was able to get all that I need in under an hour and I think I got myself very nice and economical gifts as well! *yehey!*

And now for the anticipation... :)

*It's the most wonderful time of the year*

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Writing about the past is emotionally exhausting. I hate it but i have to do this. *sigh*

I need a break. I hope there is a new episode of House.


Friday, December 10, 2010


I had fun today. Thank You dear Lord for taking care of us. Thank You for my wonderful students, please guard their hearts from the ways of the world. Please heal their wounds and plese continue to shower them with Your presence through other people.

Thank You Lord for my mini adventure today. I had fun! Thank You for soh much that You habe given me.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Smile Therapy

This term, I talked to five students in my nonacademic course. I only talk to students who submitted troubling reflection paper/s. Usually, I only get to talk to just one. This term, I talked to five. I was happy that they trusted me but more than that I am very sad because of the things that they go through at such a very young age.


On the brighter side of things, most of them are coping really well.

Also, I want to say thank You dear Lord for giving me soh much. :)

You have blessed me indeed and my heart smiles with gladness.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I have been having a blast since last Saturday. It reminded me of how much fun I had many years ago in a far, far away place. *wahahah!!!* ala Star Wars.

Seriously though, thank You Lord because last night I was able to really rest and sleep a restful sleep. It has been a long time. Thank You for showering me with so many happy thoughts and well, happiness. :)

I was able to finish all that I have aimed to finish today. I hope to be able to finish more tomorrow because I have much to do still. I also need to finish so many things. *sigh*

I am sure I can do these things with Your help.

On an unrelated note, I ate duck rice today and I can really feel something is going on inside of me. Could it be that my heart is not as healthy as before?! *yikes!*

But I exercise and I run. I better stop eating unhealthy things... :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Receiving More

Today was an extremely fun day at least I can say that for myself. I thought it was really fun buying stuff for kids at MACE. I hope I can do the very same thing again next year for another set of kids. I hope they will like what I got for them.

Thank You Lord for the people that You have surrounded me with. Also, thank You for sending people to look out for me, my welfare and well-being.

I really appreciate it. Today, more than ever. *big, big, big smile*

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better Days

Today is another beautiful day. Please keep them coming Lord! :)

I hope that this keeps up because i have been a walking, talking, breathing neurotic for the past few days I am kind of tired of being that. Today was different though. I was better today and I like it. :) Oh yeah, yesterday was good too. I guess I am getting better.

Thank You for blessing me with wonderful people. They are such great gifts. :)


It is the simple words that people say and the simple things that people do that just leave me breathless. :) Thank You.

Smile Therapy

I got to write the paper. It is still lacking in the Analysis part but all the rest of it is pretty coherent I think. I am going back to my dissertation this week but I also need to check the technical papers of my students in my Masteral class plus I need to start checking the Midterms... Hmm... I hope I can find time for my dissertation amidst all this.

Today, the idea that working outside helps has been reinforced yet again. Also, knowing that you are working alongside others really help motivate a person. I really like the idea but it takes so much effort to go out and work... unless, you have someone to prod you. :)

Thank You for the beautiful and more or less productive day that You have given me.

I really appreciate it.

Resolution: No more negativity. I am just going to smile because this has worked for me for many years now. :) *big smile*

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

We all have our priorities and often our priorities differ from each other. It just sucks when you are working on something important with others and you realize that your priorities are not really the same. One is left to choose to either, suck it up and stay or eff it and flee.

I am surprised that it took me this long to realize this. Sometimes, you just hit a wall and you come to terms with a realization.


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Not the perfume though I wish it were because currently the stench of a dead rat is making me want to puke. Eww!

I am once again trying to write my dissertation proposal that currently lacks coherence *sigh*. Here I am trying to escape and desperately failing at it as well... I actually should be writing a paper but I will write that over the weekend I think since the deadline will not be until November 30. I know, I am a crammer. There is a homecoming this Saturday so I doubt it will get accepted but I will be writing anyway if just to get comments from experts.

I have to report about my progress tomorrow. I ought to get to work. I ought to get some dinner as well but I am still full... Hmm... What to eat? :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belle de Jour

I do not know why I got myself a 2011 Belle de Jour planner but I did and I am mighty excited to use it! Even if it means aging another year. :) This makes me go back to the year that has gone by so much earlier than planned. I travelled a lot this year in the Philippines and outside. I was able to do a lot of things both in my professional and personal life. This year and the year before are pivotal years that I have never thought I would experience but have. I guess that is how I know I am getting older. I hope next year, I can close a chapter of my life and begin a new one. With Your grace Lord, I believe the chapter I am working so hard to end may end already.

During my trip to PowerBooks today, I also got to see the new Kinsella Shopaholic novel Mini Shopaholic! Yahoo!!! No reprint yet but I can wait. I will wait for the cheaper version.


Oh Happy Day!

Thank You Lord for this beautiful day! You have given me so many reasons to smile. I finally got one of the things I prayed for. Thanks! :) Also, I got to work on my proposal while spending time with friends. I had a Starbucks hot choco for free thanks to a friend who recently celebrated being born. I did get dizzy after and am palpitating as of the moment but still... I was giddy all night. I ate a bit too much during dinner because I was keeping a friend from eating forbidden food... Okay, okay... the food was yummy too and what I originally ordered was not, my order was pricey too... I suck at picking out food. I suck at cooking as well... I guess I was built to be waited on hand and foot. *sheepish grin*

I also liked yesterday, especially the part when I did not get murderalized. :) Thank You for my momentum in spite the many other things that I need to do. Thank You for allowing me to escape them once in a while to work on my proposal. I now have LaTex always open so if I have spare time to write I can write. I am really enjoying it right now. It's like a cross stitching project only I do not have to get cross-eyed in the process and well, I actually enjoy it. It is even more fun to try to beat a friend to the finish line. Even though I know it is really hard to do and even impossible because my friend already has an algorithm prepared and a paper about the algorithm too if that is not enough... it is still fun. :) I like working side by side this person.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Miss Management (Not!)

Alright thoughts, please fall in line in an orderly manner, no pushing please. I just need all of you in one paper. All thoughts that are in no way related to the paper that is being written please go back to the waiting room.

Thank you.


Everything In Between

Thank You for wiping away the neurosis from my head by answering my prayers tonight. I have peace of mind again. :) Also, I thank You for sending me people who help me feel You. 

I had the best food today hands down. It is not at all the healthiest and I can really feel my heart complaining but dem the food is reheally guhreat!!! I thought I won't be able to try it in a lohong time but to my surprise I got to try it tonight!!! *woot!!!* Happy food!!! Next to my Pancake House fix is this food because there are so many things attached to it, sauce and meaning and everything in between. As if this is not enough I got a suhweet bonus!!! *yey!*

Good night world! Tonight I sleep with a smile on my face. My digestive system is hard at work... Okay TMI! :) 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not the Weigh To Go

My fears are unfounded and stupid but they are there and I want to push them away. I do. i hate myself for even thinking about them. I should really not entertain them.

Thank You for today. I got to work and I got to cap my day with something really sweet and warm. I enjoyed the moment.

So what is this heavy feeling still within?

Go away.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anger Management

I got into an accident today and I was soh angry! Being angry almost got me into trouble but fortunately Your guiding Hand was there as always. I should not let anger get the better of me. I thank You Lord for my friends because through them, I felt You.

Please do not let me encounter such mishaps anymore.


One More Thing

I was watching Lie To Me but I had to stop when I received a quote: "It is easy to submit to the person whom you know is after your welfare and takes care of you and you know is on your side.". I have to agree. :)

Also, I want to thank You because I felt taken care of today. It is a very small act but I was really able to appreciate it. It was a beautiful surprise. :)

Thank You.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I was unable to get my quiet time today as my day was fully packed however, I did get a slice of my creative time in the morning after running. I think my peak time is after running. It might be. I was able to do a lot of work this morning and that made me very happy. I got to take a nap for forty-five minutes and then off I went to a series of paneling and lectures. I had fun though. I thought this was a very productive day!

I am going to sleep now. I really want to finish writing the draft of my first chapter this term. Of course, I also want to finish writing my RRL but I still am struggling as to how to present it. Right now, the most important and the biggest thing on my head is my algorithm... Ack...

How do I make it growth-centric?

Thank You for the nice night cap. :)

Sometimes the simplest of conversations about one's day can make somebody smile. I am sure it made me smile today. :)


I had such a great bible study session last night. Thank You. I understand now that You send us people who can help us the most even if there are times when we particularly do not like them, there is something to learn from our interaction with them. In this light I pray for my sister who is having difficulty putting up with another person. Give her strength and patience to withstand this.

I have finally written a one-page summary of my research problem. As to what is going to happen to that after, I do not know. My goal this term is to finish writing my proposal. I must. Next term, it is quite possible that I will only be teaching non-acad stuff because I will only have six units of teaching! I get to devote six units to research! How kewl is that?! Of course this means I really must deliver and this means I really have to be productive next term. If I get to propose this term, I actually have January to almost June to work on just my research! I really have to make the most out of this!

I have a rough idea of how I will solve my problem. I mean rough in the roughest sense! I am now more inclined to do a probabilistic approach but graph mining at the same time haunts me. I have people from data mining and first order logic from my panel but I also have a Math person! Come to think of it, I might have the best ensemble of panelists! Scary too but their areas are matching my needs. *yikes* But I am super excited. I do hope the interdisciplinary research gets approved so that I get the deloading! *weeh*

Six months of research and non-acad!!!

My friend is almost done with his proposal and I have to catch up!!! I do not want to get left behind. Though technically, he started earlier... I am supposed to have more time on my hands so shame on me! :)

I was planning to sleep after this but I decided not to.

Will work on the proposal.

Oh and yeah, I got to run 5K today! Weeh!!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Letter from You

Thank You.

You always know what to say. Please energize me for tomorrow. I do not want to be sedentary again tomorrow. Please bless me that I may be able to do all that I need to and set aside all the other things that seem to bother me.

You will take care of everything I know.


I told myself I will work during this long weekend but I ended up going back home and just pigging out and sleeping *haha!*! I had a restful weekend. I have four more weeks to make my proposal fly but I still have to prepare for class as well. Now, how to do all these...

I better start. Something is holding me back though. I do not know exactly what it is but something is holding me back. *argh!*

I have to get started.

And I need to start running again. *thwaps self* Must sleep early tonight so I can run again tomorrow. Ran into one of my favorite people today. *happy!*

Friday, October 29, 2010


Dear Lord,

Please let me make my proposal fly. I got murdered today. Let me do better next time. I promise to be more diligent.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was only gone for a moment and yet I have missed home so much.

I wonder though why the feeling has not gone away... I have been back for 13 hours already...

Hong Kong was a blast. I went crazy shopping. *thwaps self!* I have to start saving up again, Christmas is coming and I have tons of godchildren *hehe!*! I am also thinking about doing something drastic. Not sure yet but am thinking about it. I have to brace myself. :)

In the meantime, I love Reebok EasyTone. I still love my FitFlops to death but now when I want a close toe shoe, I can opt for Reebok.

This post sucks.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Finally done preparing for class. Something that I have to endure this whole trimester. On top of that I have to write papers plus a deliverable this coming November 29 which should not really be a problem if I was not going to go somewhere else. Not that I am complaining.

Oh and yeah, I need to take care of something emotionally taxing on top of the already cognitively challenging task I face everyday. *sigh*

I am going to give me some yogurt. Everything else will just have to wait.

For now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cherry On Top!

Ice cream always brings me happiness. Got my cherry on top today though! :)

Thank You Lord, I do feel Your presence in my life through the things that You bring my way. Please let me finally make the next step tomorrow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was able to run 5K. My day was nonstop today and yet I feel like my day was not productive. It was one meeting after another. I feel like I was not able to accomplish anything.

I do not like this feeling at all.

On the brighter side of things... I got to eat Frosty again after a really long time. :) *yey!*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


While the boat ride was supposed to be in raging waters, we were surprisingly placid. When there was a hint of a bump on one of the sharp rocks on the ice cold white angry river, we paddled away with calmness and logic. I must say, it felt really good. I think we were honest that there was fear but we also established that we were going to see this through. We are in this rough waters together and no one needs to jump overboard for us to land safely. I just have to remind myself that I should not let the fear of icy cold water stop me from moving forward.

In the meantime, we just ought to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping, endorphin-inducing, exhilarating and crazy ride. We have to relish each moment because each moment spent we never ever get back.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had such a grand time in Krabi!

The food was great but of course that goes without saying because Thailand has amazing cuisine! Apart from the usual Tom Yum, Phad Thai and satay I was able to try their street food like their version of banana chocolate pancake, sinful but oh so yummy! The coconut was a bit disappointing because it was not as sweet as I remember it to be.

I also had a lot of adventures! I went water rafting with my students and it was uber fun well, save for the part that I scratched my shin on the rocks when I jumped into the river. The guide said it was okay to swim a bit. I also got a few bruises when I pulled myself up (with help from the other guide) to the boat. I went to an ATV adventure which was not all that bad considering I am not a fan of ATV's. I always thought it was bohoreeng. We got to do fish spa and I was able to play with an elephant and watch a monkey show. All in all, not that bad. But it does not stop there! The following day, in spite my injury, I decided to go rock climbing (actual mountain!!! How kewl is that?!_ at Railay. I highly recommend King Climbers because they have a high insurance coverage, they have good equipment and their instructors are very patient, can speak good English and they know what they are doing. Plus, they let me take the later boat so I can stay longer in the island for a swim at the Railay beach!!! *weeh!* I want to do this again when I get back!!!

Shopping of course is still cheaper in Bangkok, not so many choices at Krabi. Night parties are not so great as well... If you want dancing go to Phuket or Railay. They have a great night life there!

While there I ate a lot so Thursday night I went out to run 5K. It was too late at night already so I decided against doing 10K. I might just run some time again next week. Argh... :)

I really love Thailand and its wonders of nature! Philippines is a lovely place, if only our tourism could be as well-managed as theirs. :)

Met some nice people there too... I invited them to visit our Islands because our beaches are hands down still nicer than what they have (or am I just biased? Nah!!! Our beaches are the best!).

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Moon River

I got to run 8K yesterday with friends out in the streets *yahoo!*! Then I went to Alba to pig out, literally *haha!*! They say you are what you eat and that's what I ate at Alba! Today, we went to see Resident Evil for free thanks to the bill at Alba *haha!*! Good thing, the tickets were free because the movie, as expected sucked big time!

My highlight of last night was Moonriver. :) It's still my fave song, never mind that I will never fully grasp what it really means, I just really lurve the song! Plus, I was in really good company last night when I heard it. Oh and yeah, I got to play with cute kids yesterday *yehey!*! So many treats!

Thank You Lord!

"... waiting 'round the bend, my Huckleberry friend, moon river and me."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pigging Out

I was not able to do Barre3 today. Too lazy. I hope I can do it before I go to Krabi. I want to be fit when I go there. *haha!* Of course, this is all close to impossible to do what with all the Beef Teppanyaki that I ate last night at Zensho's Eat-All-You-Can Buffet... *sigh* and then a yummy cup of Gelato after in chocolate mint. Oh well...

This week is bound to be very busy and of course the week after this week since I will be going to Krabi for a week. I still do not have materials for Wednesday but my co-faculty promised me the set of slides that I need. This term's load is really what I need to teach but it is stressing me a tad bit.

I hope to run tomorrow again. Aiming for 7K still. I have to do that at least twice before moving up to 8. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

7K , 7 Hours and 7th Heaven

I was able to run yesterday! All 7K of what I promised myself to do *yehey!!*! I have one month to prepare for King of The Road!!! *yikes!* I really hope I will make good time! *crosses fingers*

My "coach" taught me a new technique and while I found it very complicated to do, hopefully muscle memory will kick in and I will get the hang of it. I think it lessens the stress on my legs really so I hope my time will improve eventually:) He also warned me about accidents during bike races and swimming... Okay this freaked me out. That triathlon might be too far out for me now... We will see...

After running I had a very, very sinful breakfast! Schublig, omelette, bacon and pancakes!!! *hahaha!!!* They say, after running you need to replenish protein! I think I overdid it yesterday though *haha!*!

During lunch time I had an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at Red Box because I was at an uber late birthday celebration of a friend and we sang for seven hours straight!!! My head was spinning already after our session. After that, I met up with my mom and sis so we can have Mango Bravo at Conti's. I did not have dinner anymore since I was still full.

I got back home and before I slept I had some Chocolate Croissant. I lurve Chocolate Croissants!!! I want to go to Europe if only to eat a good chocolate croissant!

Last night I had a really sweet night cap. Thank You Lord, it really made my heart smile. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hodge Podge

I did not get to sleep early last night so I was not able to run today. Hopefully, since I had to be awake by 0730 today, I will be able to fall asleep early later. I really want to run tomorrow and then Barre3 on Sunday! I must!!! I hope they will have an earlier schedule at Rockwell... Otherwise, I still have to go to The Fort.

I was able to see the first episode of the second season of Glee. I thought Charice sang really well. I could tell she worked on her accent. I was a bit confused with her character. I am not quite sure if she is meek or if she is not, there were some parts that suggested otherwise. I am not sure if this is intended by the director. I hope they make up their mind already. The character of a role should be consistent. I did not like the Green Card bit. It's like stereotyping Filipinos. I found it a tad bit offensive. Not all Filipinos want to get a Green Card. Also her role was made to be a bit gullible and unable to stand up for herself not even for the part where she was sent to a crackhouse. I mean really. Then again it could be her difficulty in delivering her lines with an Amercan accent who knows...

I hope the script improves where it involves Charice.

The new character Ms. Beist is really interesting though *haha!* I love how she sounds like a man, built like a man but wears red lipstick and wears earrings!

I had fun in class today. I always get a blast reading reflection papers of my students. :)

This is it for now, I want to be productive today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Defined as resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest.

I battle with my own inertia evuhry single morning. This morning I told myself I have to get up early so I can sleep early later because I plan to run tomorrow morning. Did I budge?! No. Inertia too guhreat!!!


Inertia is from the Latin word "iners" meaning idle or lazy.

*thwaps self*

I want to learn French.

When will I have the time to learn it?

An even better question is, will I ever find any use for French to begin with? According to Elizabeth Gilbert, you need not find a use for something. You do it because you love it. :) Sadly though, I do not think I can squeeze learning French into my life. Or so I insist. Maybe I will enroll as an audit student next term. :)

Puffer Fish

I feel iike one in soh many ways... *sigh*

I need to do Barre3 soon. Withdrawal!!!

I was able to run 5Km this morning though. I still feel fugly! Arrgh!!! I better run on Wednesday again so this feeling will go away. I had fun running though but I only ran 5Km because I could feel my left knee complain earlier today. I would run 6Km on Wednesday and work my way from there. I need to prepare for King of the Road!

I hope to do Barre3 soon too!!!

A random memory recall of something that Randy Pausch said:

"When a man tells you that he loves you, stop listening to what he is saying and only pay attention to what he does.".

I say this is good advice. :)

The Time Management thing is really helping me tremendously though. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Prepping

i have been trying to work since this morning. While progress is pretty slow at least I am getting some work done. This is better than just procrastinating and staring into blank space. I know I said I do not like to work on weekends but since there is no better thing to do than this, I might as well...

Though, I could watch Lie to Me *hehe!* I still have many episodes to watch. Maybe later. :) I have to sleep early though because I need. I mean really need to run tomorrow. I really forego Barre3 today because I want to run tomorrow. It has been more than a week! *thwaps self* I already feel fugly because I have not been running though my undereyes have drastically improved because I have not been losing sleep over running. :)

I am thinking of going back to Aikido. One of my colleagues has decided to try it out and I am a bit envious. I hope my mom would bring my Aikido gi soon or I could just go to Cavite to pick it up. :)

I am excited about my Krabi trip! I hope everything will go well! We will be staying at a nice resort there. I am bringing two of my students so this is bound to be fun. We need to finish up the budget from Year 1. :)

I have to go!

I also cannot wait to see Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts! Soh many things to look forward to! But first I have to go through two conferences. Ack.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Your Time

Sometimes, you feel like you are never going to see those whom you want to see and then all of a sudden they are there and you are left frozen and speechless even though you have never found words to be beyond your reach and inertia to be too great.

Thank You Lord, I trust in Your Time.

Krabi Itch

I am going to Krabi, Thailand and am mighty excited because there will be beach, sea, fishes and shopping and *daran daran* yummy coconut!!! Oh and yeah, shopping too but i have to remind myself not to go crazy because I did buy some stuff while I was in Japan. *grin* Also, I just got myself another insurance this time with disability and well, I computed, I think it's a good investment as well as compared to banks. This will also force me to set aside some money for when I grow old. :) Time is flying ya know.

I am thinking if I should get another set at Barre3 or if I should just do it per meeting. I really do not know. I just want to do it once a week though... Hmm... still thinking about it. Long and hard. I am not sure because whenever my schedule gets messed up 5 meetings per month is really a tall order for me. Then again, one meeting is cheaper if I get the 30 meetings for six months but of course I have to pay for the entire thing... *thinking*

*stopped thinking without deciding*

I have to get back to preparing for my Wednesday class! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010



I finally finished the report that I have been dreading to write for months. *grin!* I need to prep for my class for Wednesday now! Next task! I have not really written about the Japan trip so here's an outline first just so I will not forget. I usually never really get to write about my trips if I postpone it too far into the future because I forget already or I really get too lazy or both. :)

We went to:

1. Osaka
2. Nara
3. Kobe
4. Kyoto
5. Universal Studios (and got to see Wicked!)

All these in five days. Less actually because we got there at night already and left early in the afternoon. You can just imagine our pace. It was military operation-like. Looking at the pictures though you will never be able to tell *haha!*! That's R and R for my family!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wicked Tired

Just got back from Osaka and it was a wonderful visit. The highlight of my visit was Wicked! I loved every bit of it! It is a stage adaptation of the Broadway musical that I have been dreaming to see for months now. Some songs were in Japanese but my fave songs of Elphaba were in English so I was really, really thrilled.

I wish to write more but my head is reeling... I need sleep.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010


There are people who never say things but instead they just show you.

I really felt the concern cut through me, without uttering a word a person was able to really make me feel so cared for. I did not bother to utter my gratitude because it might cheapen the act. I just burned the moment in my memory and it is where it will stay for as long as my earthly body can take.

Thank You for this blessing. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Energy Paradox

I feel energized but in dire need of sleep. :) Just made that up. It sounds nice though *wahah!*!

I was able to run today but only 6K. I felt I had to get back already because I was supposed to drive my sister to Makati today for an interview but my mom came by *yehey!* so that means I can sleep or watch Lie To Me *wahaha!*. I have a meeting after lunch but my mom thinks my sister's interview will take as long as last time so she decided to drive her instead.

Good luck to my sister! I am sure she can do it! :)

Last night, I decided to read a chapter a day of Machine Learning and that should get me through all twelve chapters in twelve days giving me time to read even more books or trying out different methodologies. Kewl. If I can pull it off. Hopefully, I can. :) I already started with Chapter 1 yesterday. This morning I am going to do Chapter 2. I really appreciate how the author wrote the book though, it is as English as he could get.

I also decided now, as in now, that I will keep an electronic journal for my research. I also have a notebook, you know the kind that is made of paper but I think an electronic journal might also help.

Gotta go!

Starting a journal. :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Dethpicable Me

I got to thee Dethpicable Me with my sister and I had fun!

When we got the tickets, the guy handed us bookmarks and then my sister got soh excited like a kid would on Christmas Day so the guy gave her stickers. After we got tickets she decided to eat ice cream from Cold Rock. She got choco mint + Andes + Cookie Dough (?!) + something + something + something I stopped listening after Cookie Dough! She let me try it and surprisingly, the cookie dough was yummy though it felt awfully sinful so I did not order my own share. I was planning to eat Red Mango but decided against it in the interest of time.

We caught the 1905 screening. The movie was cute, I wish it was more witty though. Some scenes made my eyes well up a bit.

After the movie, we went to Bubba Gump because this is our little tradition and because we also had a coupon for free Shrimp Popcorn. :) Our server Lean was super nice. He even gave us trivia questions and we were able to answer them! :) Without cheating or looking around mind you!!! :) So we got Trivia Sundaes *yehey!*

After bingeing and laughing, we drove home!

Oh and yeah, today I was able to go to the library to borrow books and to encode grades. Other things that I need to do I will take care of tomorrow! :)


I love my life!

Thank You Lord!

I am going to run tomorrow!

I must!

Missing Running

Because of my dumb addiction to Lie To Me, I was unable to run today because I fell asleep last night at around 1 am or maybe way past 1 am. I figured I will only get to sleep three or two hours after which I will have to wake up again. That is not good for my body at all so I figured I will just have to sleep early later and run tomorrow and on Thursday before we leave so I can be the stinky one in the plane *wahahah!!!*. I need to run badly! My right knee is still acting up but just a little bit now, I hope it will begin to feel better. I really do not like it when my knees hurt. It scares me.

I was contemplating earlier on going for a swim later but I figured I will just do some dumbbell exercises later when I get back home so I can use the rest of the day to prepare for next term and also to schedule everything that I need to do next term.

Next term is bound to be very exciting as I cram every week *wahaha! nervous laughter*. I hope I can copy more episodes of Lie To Me today off of my colleague so I would not have to download anymore. I better get crackin', I also want to go to the library today and borrow a book am bringing to my flight. And no. It s not a fictional book okay. I really need to prep! :)

Oh and yeah, I bought new stuff yesterday with my mom at the mall. :) I love the lip gloss that I got. :) I love lip glosses in general, they're a great pick me up and they're so much cheaper than other things and, you can wear them everuhday. Last night, a few hours before I slept, I applied it again just because I love how it looks and just because I am crazy like that *haha!*.

Okay, I better go and work!

Lord, please let me have a productive day today! :)

Thank You!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lie To Me

I fell asleep last night watching Lie To Me. It is soh darn addictive! Do not worry though, I have my To-Do List still under control. I did not start my addiction until last night. I do not like to work on Sundays and Saturday Nights. I figured I already work all week, I should allow myself to rest too. Though I am thinking maybe today I can work on my class prep for next term... We will see how my download goes. I am out of episodes you see and I cannot get access to my friend's hard disk until Monday.

I keep on forgetting when I am in school. *darn!*

The show is based on Paul Ekman's research on facial expression and more recently microexpressions and how they tell you what the person is thinking at the moment. While there are expressions that are cultural, there are expressions that are the same across cultures like the most basic emotions, anger, fear, disgust, joy and sadness. Ekman developed the FACS. Facial Action Coding System, if I am not mistaken. Ekman is actually a consultant of the show so a lot of the materials we have encountered in our readings. I do not read Ekman stuff a lot because I am more interested in the pattern of behavior of a person. Speaking of, I have been meaning to write something but other things keep on coming. :)

I was only able to run once last week. I have a pain in my right knee that I am waiting to go away. Hopefully, it will be gone by tomorrow because I want to run at twice before I leave. I need to do Barre3 as well and I am definitely bringing running gear with me just in case it will be loverly to run in Japan. I have not been to this city before. I was in Tokyo before but never in Osaka so this will be something new.

I actually want to go to the States, if only to New York to watch Wicked. I hope I can get a vacation there for fuhree soon. Hmm...

I might be going to Krabi this year. We will see. After Palawan, I do not think it will be all exciting but I definitely look forward to drinking buko. And no, I am not going to Bangkok after the trip. This trip, I will not shop. :) I would appreciate fish spa though and a wonderful spa massage experience. :)

In the meantime, maybe I will do my class prep. :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Joy of Work

I was able to finish the grades for the academic subjects! *woot!* I just have some deliverables that I am still waiting for from students. I will be getting them by Saturday not Friday unfortunately but then that just means I can finish by Saturday or at worst Monday. *whew!* This should give me time to prepare for my subject next term. I have to encode the grades still for practicum. This is the tricky bit though. *argh!*

I really have to say that the quadrant is working. :)

I had a pretty so-so productive day but I was able to accomplish my goals which is great. Also, another surprise came my way today and it really made me smile. :)

Thank You Lord! :)

Please keep the smiles coming. :)

Nap Time but First...

After two consecutive failed attempts to run because of the bad case of a combination of a schleepy head and a really lazy ass... I was finally able to run today! *weeh!* I got to run 7KM today. Actually, I am not sure if it was 8K or 7K because I lost count and got confused if I was already in my 4th lap or 5th lap so I just decided it was my 4th lap just in case my mind is just trying to trick my body into doing less work.

After I got back from running, I decided to nap but not before checking my mail on my iTouch and that did it!!! I saw an email from my mentor from UK. She sent some slides from the Autumn School and I had to try to understand the slides and reply to the email. After that, I saw another email from students who sent me their revised document and I had to check that too... Since reading AND commenting to the .docx file on iTouch can be very time consuming (but possible, thank you Apple!) I decided to open my Mac and work here. I just make it sleep so I do not have to wait a long time for it to start up, I lurve my Mac! :)

After this pointless rambling, I am going to get myself a nice two-hour nap. I still have much to do but my target is to finish my grades at least for the two academic subjects today. I am still waiting for the students to submit something by Friday but I think I can just plug those grades in. I just need to finish already so I can begin... wait for it... puhreparing for next term.

There is virtually no term break but that is okay because I still feel so energized! *mindless smile* Term break is a week long (less actually, if you count the adjustment dates) and during this time I will be going to Osaka so... I really need to get cracking for next term. Next term should be a great term. Not only because it is leading to Christmas but because I have a three unit deloading *woot!*! That means I only have three units of academic teaching and it's in grad school too! *weeh!!!* Only, it's a new prep for me but that's okay because I really have to master Machine Learning!

I have been using a new app on iTouch that is anchored on the matrix of Covey. It is now helping me manage my tasks. While I am forever stuck in the firefighting quadrant, I hope to be able to get out of that soon. :) Surprisingly, I have been very productive these past few days.

Thank You Lord. :)

Also, last night, I had a really good night sleep probably because I was so tired or maybe it was because of a bedtime story about little pigs. I fell asleep smiling I think. Writing about this just made me smile again. *smile*

Monday, August 30, 2010

On Time Management

I told myself I was going to sleep already to prepare for my early morning run tomorrow but you know... Just one post and then am going to bed. I do not know how I can keep a personal journal and still blog. I find it hard to type tonight because my right hand is very tired from playing Blackout on my iTouch. *argh!!!*

I just wanted to write about the Time Management talk of Randy Pausch. He had three more months to live and I thought who better to listen to than a person who has lived a life really to its fullest. If you do not believe me then watch or read his Last Lecture.

Here are the things that I took note of:

  • Always have a plan

  • You can change your plan but have a plan first!!!
  • Break down things into smaller parts and then create you To Do list last

  • Do the ugliest thing first

  • It is not about effectiveness it is about efficiency

  • Clean your desk

  • Have a place for everything. Have a filing system.

  • I am an epic fail in organizing things... I always lose things so this is the biggest challenge for me. Cleaning my area and having a place for everuhtheeng!
  • Learn to say no

  • I think I have slowly learned this. :)
  • Find your creative time. A must!!!

  • Find your dead time but also find your most productive time.

  • Doing something at the last minute is always more expensive

  • To delegate, be more specific, specific penalty and specific reward to the person who will be taking the task

  • Don't give procedure, give an objective.

  • If you get sleep deprived, everything falls apart.

  • This is something I have taken to heart. I have decided to forego running if I did not get enough sleep the night before. In fact for the past two days of weekend, I just slept and slept.
  • Exchange money for time

  • Ask for feedback

  • Sort things according to priority

  • He discussed Covey's time quadrant which I am extremely familiar with. I want a planner that has this quadrant!
  • Get a time journal

  • Revisit talk in 30 days!!!

I will revisit the talk in 30 days and see what will happen. :) The last two days were just all about spending tme with the family and well resting as in really resting. I got to exercise a bit today but just for a few minutes. I did not even go to the Barre3 Studio and I did not run either. So tomorrow I am going to run.

i will be leaving for Osaka week after the next so i have to finish all I have to and start reading Machine Learning! So much to do, now more than ever is the time to work on my time management eskels. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lessons from the Buff

Last Thursday, I had a really busy day but I had to squeeze in a talk into my schedule because we were asked by our mentor to attend the talk that discussed how to get your work published. I attended because of three reasons, I was asked, I really wanted to know what else I needed to know to get published and lastly, this was a talk by the youngest full professor, university fellow and on top of all that, someone who reminded me of Marc Nelson because of his physique and his accent. This was the second time that I was going to hear him talk. The last time was during an orientation, I was the emcee and he was the speaker.

Anyway, I did not swoon the entire time (surprisingly) but rather I found myself taking down notes because I thought it was a talk that I really needed to hear. Here are the points that I took note of.

According to him, there are many reasons why you should want to get published:

  • Publish because this is a basic element in an academic or scientific career

  • Knowledge is meaningless unless shared

  • Scientific progress is incremental in nature

He also mentioned that conferences (what I have always gunned for) publish (and he said this was a very loose definition too of publish *eep!*) papers with pretty raw results. Journals on the other hand are peer-reviewed, updated and state of the art. (Though in my head I was arguing how this can be updated if it takes so long for a journal to get published, turnaround time normally is one year and this is almost best case)

He also mentioned that there are different metrics: number of papers published and number of papers that cited your work. Scopus should be able to tell you these things. He mentioned that your productivity is average if your number of articles in Scopus is more or less your age in years. He has 52 and well... I do not think he is beyond 40 so hmm.... This also told me that I am lagging far, far behind. *darn!*

He said that there are a lot of myths in publishing in journals:

  • Publishing in journals is expensive

  • This was funny because it IS expensive but he said it is well worth it.

  • Publishing in journals is difficult

  • Actually it also IS. But he said it is not impossible.

  • Publishing does not have immediate benefit.

  • Actually it also DOES NOT. But in the future, whatever we publish may be useful. He mentioned how lasers were invented in the 50's and back then it was nothing but basic research but now it is used EVERYWHERE!

  • My English is poor

  • Okay...

Of course for me to write something I need to have a good material that should be:

  • Well-conceived

  • Well-executed

  • Well-documented

A journal can be an extension of a conference paper or it could also be a major component of a PhD thesis. He said that if we are going to become serious researchers, we need to really invest time in reading journal articles regularly. He says he reads 10 (TEN!!!) articles form journals every weekend (How does he find time to go to the gym?!) so that he can use these articles for benchmarking purposes and to keep himself abreast in the technology.

He also said that we should know the people, their techniques, their findings and the gaps in the current knowledge. Most importantly he said, know how your work fits into the picture!

There are different types of journal papers it could be a full paper 5-25 pages long or review of related literature that are 15-100 pages ong or it could be as short as 2-15 pages. He said the Nash Equilibrium of John Nash (from the movie A Beautiful Mind) that won a Noble Prize is just one page short!

He also gave us criteria on how to choose a journal:

  • Has the journal published works similar to yours in the past 2-3 years?

  • Does the journal's name appear often in your reference list?

  • Does the journal description scope match your work?

  • Does the journal have a track record of timely review? (Find out via hearsay)

He went on to explain the review process and the documents that must be submitted to journals like a cover letter and the actual manuscript. He also said we should suggest people who should review our journals.

He said when you receive the reviews:

  • Take comments liek a pro.

  • Revise as they suggest

  • Revise along similar lines as their suggestions

He also mentioned keys to success:

  • Invest time in research

  • Recognize the value of novelty

  • Integrate publishing in your research cycle

  • Develop productive collaborations

  • Specialize but do not overspecialize

Finally, he said that we should make research idea-driven rather than activity-driven.

My take away from this session? You can look good and publish too! *wahahah!!!* No, seriously, this inspired me. I do not know about the journal part because I do not think I have the materials yet but at least it got me off my butt. :) I am now in the process of writing conference articles again after a loohong time. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Small Packages

Yesterday, I had students walk up to me to thank me, this was in my programming class. It felt good of course, it would feel so much better though, if all of them will pass. *sigh!* I just do not think they gave the subject their all.

In my nonacademic class, I had students prepare a video of their outreach projects and I was pleasantly surprised with what they did and the presentation they prepared. I really love handling this class. :)

Also yesterday, I had a not so pleasant experience. I hope it will not happen again. I really want to put it behind me. I do not want to think about it over and over. I want to see it as a slip up on the part of the other party.

Last night, I got into thinking whether I have a deficiency as a person because really, sometimes, I tend to feel that way. I hope I will feel better soon.

Today, I was able to see the projects of my students in one of my academic classes and I think the systems that I have seen so far were pretty good.

Please Lord, let it just be pleasant surprises from here on in.

Thanks! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confessions of a Manic Foodie

I do not understand why I feel so bloated. I have done Barre3 for two straight days. Almost did it for three straight days today but decided against it today and decided my muscles needed to rest. I might run tomorrow morning if the guard will let me. If I wake up a tad bit late I will have to make do with the gym but I am hoping I can run outside tomorrow because I really miss running outside. I have to run at least 7KM tomorrow. I have to slide back into my old program. My body is beginning to notice that I am slacking. *Aargh!*

It did not help that I ate a lot of food today. I had two packs of chocolate Knick Knacks (in my defense, these were really small packs *hehe!*), I had Chicken Joy for breakfast, a bowl of fruits and yoghurt with sugar syrup (I was going to tell them to leave this out but forgot *excuses!*), Cheeseburger AND large fries *eeep!!!* and if that is not enough I had a Beef Pepper Rice at Sizzling Pepper Steak!!! I soh want to kick my self.

All has been done so tomorrow I must workout. I run to eat. Today I did not run and I ate and ate. Bad!

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow but I must run. :) I must.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Of Different Ways to Torture Tendons

My thighs and my glutes are in pain right now. Sorry... information over share! I had a great time at Barre3 yesterday because my body has been craving for a really good stretch however, my favorite instructor Dess was extra brutal yesterday, no thanks to my classmate who was overly enthusiastic and was really literally asking for "pain". Needless to say, she got what she asked for.

For the first time, I witnessed a first timer walk out of a session way before we got past warm ups! *hehe!* Maybe her tolerance for pain was not that high. I am in pain still but I might go to Barre3 again today because I still have four classes left and well... I have four days to still go before my membership expires. *arrghh!* I planned my sessions alright it is just that there were many days when my plan did not work out due to my extremely lazy ass. :)

I did not run today because I am anticipating a really long day today. I have many classes and I have Barre3 tonight. I might run tomorrow morning instead. I am actually pondering on the idea of running in the morning at the Fort and then doing Barre3 after. I wonder if that will work... I will think about it. :)

After this week, I do not know if I should renew my membership or if I should just go to The Spa whenever I feel like going. Hmm... I have to really compute and think first. :) It is a bit on the pricey side but even my mom thinks that it's doing wonders for me discrediting my running. I think it complements my running so they work hand in hand. :)

My sister and I also plan to swim this Friday. I hope we really get to do that. :) It would be a great sister and sister bonding though my brother claims I am extremely antisocial when I swim. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aiza-lute Aiza

I now really like Aiza. Her voice is amazing. If you think her records are good, wait until you hear her live. She is also very versatile she can do ballads, rock, name it. She was also very down to earth and I really like how she interacted woth her audience. I am really glad that I went to see her perform. Now more than ever, I like her. She also performed my fave song. *sigh*

Tonight was just magical. Still I had hoped she would sing another fave of mine, then agqin that is fine too.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Read Eat Pray Love

I love this book.

I was able to relate to Liz Gilbert.

I now want to learn how to meditate and be quiet because like her I have trouble quieting my mind. I am a bad listener. I just talk and talk often not even able to listen to myself think.

It's a book I could read over and over and not grow tired.

It has a sequel but I am not sure if I am mentally and emotionally ready to read it yet. I hope to be able to read it in a year's time though.


I seem to not be able to organize my thoughts right now so I will just write a list. :) I went to Palawan with my colleagues to give a talk at a conference and we were able to do these given our limited time:

1. We got there at around lunch time and so we decided to have lunch. We at Balinsasayaw along Rizal Ave. and while I did not like the Balinsasayaw Express a medley of seafood with their special sauce that tasted too catsup-y for me, I liked their Bird's Nest soup and their chopsuey was okay as well. I also liked their kinilaw ang grilled fish. :) Fresh seafood is Palawan!

2. Ate at Badjao Grill. The restaurant is located in the middle of the bay, it's on stilts and you have to walk on a really long bridge amidst the mangroves... It was really beautiful there. The food was also good. I loved their Fish Taosi with Tofu and also their Kinilaw! *yum!* Their Salt and Pepper Squid was a bit on the salty side though. I also ate Puso ng Saging in Coco Milk. It was my first time to try it and it was good. I also had hot calamansi juice with Palawan honey! *yum!*

3. Ate at Bona's Chaolong and this is a very special place, not only because they serve really good Vietnamese Chaolong Noodles but also because Pho Hoa got their recipe from this place. Pho Hoa bought the recipe from them, their noodles are very cheap too! 45Php, best eaten with French Bread. Vietnam was occupied by the French for a time you see so they have been influenced by the French in their food, and even education system.

4. Ate at Kalui's. Best place in Palawan hands down. You have to reserve many nights in advance because they are always full. They update their menu everyday and they have the best food. Be sure to order the Set Meal of the Day when there. The Sashimi was also guhreat! We ate the meal barefoot because that is just how they do it there. Must not miss this restaurant!

5. Went to the wet market to buy loads and loads of cashew nuts! :) Also got interesting Squid Chicharon. Have not tried these yet though.

6. Ran 5KM at their Bay Walk. It felt great to run after a long time. :) It really felt good though I felt like I can still run some more after running 5KM but we had to head back because we had to prepare for our island hopping from Honda Bay.

7. Went Island Hopping at Honda Bay. This I enjoyed immensely. It is just so much joy swimming and watching the fishes! *sigh!* I love Palawan for this and I want to go back to Palawan for this. The boatman asked me if I were a Badjao because I swim so fast and so well... even better than him *hehe*! I have tan lines again! *woot!* I love my tan lines! :) I love the sea really... I cannot get enough of it. I also appreciate that my left arm does not hurt so much anymore! *yehey!* I think the Barre3 helped me. The Pandan Island was really beautiful because it has powder-fine white sand like in Bora. Snake Island is beautiful because of the big fishes there. Starfish Island is a bit forgettable. Luli Island was beautiful not because of the diving board but because of the assortment of the corals. I felt so sad though because many of the corals were dead but the ones still alive left me in awe of the beauty of these. For a moment, I thought about learning how to dive. :) Hmm... Maybe someday. Who knows.

I really feel lazy right now... :) don't feel like writing at all but I do not want to forget these places just in case I find myself back in Puerto Princesa again. We stayed at Fleuris and it's a nice place with free WiFi so if you plan to go there it's a great place to stay in. It is in the heart of Puerto Princesa and from there everything is walking distance. :) Then again I do run 10KM now *hehe!* so my friends tell me they do not want to believe me if the place is walking distance *hehe!*.

Next time I find myself in Palawan I will make sure I go to El Nido! :)

BTW, if you are going to Palawan, pack Off Lotion in your bag because they have Malaria and Dengue mosquitoes. I had to buy from there because I forgot to bring Off. :) All is well though.

I love Palawan! I cannot say it enough!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So here I am in a hotel room called Fleur in Puerto Princesa. Who would have thought that I would actually be able to come here. Slowly, I am able to see the beauty of the different islands of the Pearl of the Orient that I can, with so much pride and sometimes shame, call my motherland. Just last week, I was in Cebu where I stuffed my face with their sumptuous roasted pig, beef ribs, fresh scallops, prawns, crabs, fishes that I cannot name for the love of me, shellfishes that I also cannot name but ate ... We stayed at the Marco Polo and every morning, in the four days that I had breakfast there, I only ate the same thing. A plate full of danggit, mangoes and chocolate croissant. They have really great chocolate croissants and if I were only to choose one food from their buffet every morning, it will have to be chocolate croissant.

I got so stressed out in Cebu though because I had to prepare my slides last minute, present a paper and moderate a workshop after which I even took down minutes for the business meeting where the participants were so impassioned that it was so hard for me to catch up. Of course this was towards the end of the day and my brain just decided to move in slow motion. Trust my brain to do just what it is not supposed to do at a moment so important. After the day, I was soh stressed I felt like I was going to explode into pieces if I did not run so when I got into the hotel room, I changed into my running gear and off to the gym I went. I only had a bit more than half an hour to use the gym so I was only able to run 5KM. I wanted to run 10KM but the gym had to close.

The following day, we got left by our plane because it took us long to eat and also because there was a street dance party and there was a terrible traffic jam. *sigh* It was my first time to get left behind by the plane. It was soh bad that I was still in denial fifteen minutes after the plane took off...

But the Cebu trip was not all that bad. I got to eat at Charcoal Grill that wiped off the AA Grill and BBQ from the top of my list. The super bubbly aunts of my colleague took us there and they were just so fun to be with! They also took us to a bar near Forest Ann, I forgot the name of the place though... Ack! Memory gap! Abuhan was also great, they had yummy Pochero and Lapu-lapu in Pepper Sauce! :) We also got to buy Merceditas from Home Bakers which made yummy little Brazo de Mercedes, these delicacies came highly recommended by my colleagues aunts. I was also able to go to Plantation Bay where I got to taste really good burger at Kilimanjaro Grill. The Fiji Restaurant also has the yummiest dessert, three types of chocolate in a chocolate mousse! My mouth waters just thinking about it... too bad I had to eat it in a rush because I was moderator. There is another grill restaurant that we tried but I did not get to enjoy the food there so hmm... not because the food was not good but because I had something else to do. I got to eat Balut though. I have not eaten Balut in more than two decades I think... It was not bad at all. :) Oh yeah, I also got to try Laguna Cafe and their food was also good! They say they had the best chicharong bulaklak but we were not able to try it there... I was able to try their Tinolang Manok, seafood platter and many other fattening food that are but a blurry memory and layers of fat in my body now... *argh!* Golden Cowrie also offered great food. I loved their Fish Basket and their Kinilaw was also great!

Talking about all these food is making me want to eat again! *haha!* I have so many pimples right now. I do not know if this is because I switched to another moisturizer brand because I ran out of my Shiseido Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 and my Shiseido Hydrating Toner. I am now using my Murad Hydrating Serum and believe it or not Shiseido Men Revitalizing Serum so I can moisturize my face. I have huge pimples. They say it could be due to the stress I got from Cebu or it could also be from the nasal steriods that I have been taking in for my allergies... Hmm... I hope they go away soon. *arrrgh!*

I hope I can run here in Palawan though I do not know where I can really run and if it is quite safe for me to run around here.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

All (Net)Worked Up!

I had a great time in my class today! :)

For the first time in my six-hour class we did a bit of programming and it was good. It felt good to be able to see encapsulation and de-encapsulation really work before my eyes... *giddy!* I also learned how to hack *wahaha!!!*! I am absolutely thrilled! :)

Networking is happinezz! :)

Tad Bit Under

I am feeling a tad bit under the weather today. It started yesterday. After the recognition ceremony of my sister, I went back to my meeting in school and then afterwards throat became a bit scratchy... Now I am not sure if this is me getting sick because of a virus or if this is just an allergy again. I do not know which medication to take. I do not want my sinuses x-rayed again. I think the human body can only take much X-ray... I had enough when I had my root canal and then a chest X-ray and then the sinus X-ray. So last night I took my allergy meds and hopefully it will take care of this scratchy throat.

I was not able to run all week! Very bad! I felt so sleepy throughout the week! Darn! I just could not convince myself to get up. I always end up thinking I did not get enough sleep so I won't run. Darn. Bad. I miss running. I miss the adrenaline and the feeling of getting all exhausted and then sleeping in bed.


I want to run this Monday because I am not sure if Cebu will permit me to run. Schedule there is a tad bit hectic. I hope to go to Taboan though to get my supply of yummy squid rings and then Lechon from Cebu *harhar!*!

There are other errands that I need to run too! Finally, my first ever purchase online arrived via airmail yesterday! Kewlness! I purchased it using the money I earned from blogging online! How kewl is that?! :) I have to go to the post office to pick it up! *woot!*

I also need some documents processed as well... This is something that I think I was unconsciously trying to put off because I am still too tired from the last time I did this but I have to get this started if I want to go anywhere... *sigh*

In my PhD, I need to come up with a mathematical model already. Boy, I am moving at snail pace... Not the pace I am gunning for but with so many documents to check I really cannot do much.

Wow sorry, did not mean to vent out here. :) Life is good though... Life is good. :)

Thank You Lord. :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I was able to do Barre3 this morning! Weeh!!! :)

Happy day!

Our instructor was Des again and I really like how she challenges us to do new things. I think I am really improving or at least my core is. I do not know about burning calories this week though because I have not run again this week. Too lazy and I think my muscles and joints need a break. I am thinking if I should run tomorrow since I need to be early in school for a meeting anyway. Speaking of, I better get crackin' if I need to finish.

I think I am ready for my six hour class this Saturday whooppee!!! Just a little bit more and I am done. :) I might get another class next term. I suppose it's alright because I would not have to prepare for too long because I already prepared this term anyway.

Hokay... Must get back to work.

Just remembered today that I forgot to hear mass again because I checked documents. *sigh*

In any case, thank You Dear Lord for the day! :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Showing Off! :)

The results are out. Well they have been since last Monday but I was too lazy to blog. Actually, too busy. I have spent the past few days checking soh many papers, I dare not quantify them lest I would feel the exhaustion.

I clocked 1hr and 11 minutes for the 10km! :) That's not soh bad considering I felt like I was getting tummy cramps in the 8th km and considering I had to take a few sips of Powerade every now and then for fear that I might get dehydrated or get a heat stroke and die. I have read what happened to the Milo marathon runner who died because of dehydration and we have to learn from him otherwise he died in vain. I pray for the repose of his soul but more importantly for the children and the wife whom he left behind.

I think I am running better now because I followed what my "coach" told me. To land on my outer foot and roll inwards. :) I also recently got an Adination Passport and while I am very interested in joining so I can get some coaching and I could meet other runners, I do not think my schedule would permit it. They run during night time while I prefer to run during day time since most runs happen during the mornings anyway. I prefer to swim at night actually. :)

I have to prepare for a six hour class still and if I have any hopes of doing Barre3 tomorrow, I better finish preparing already. Barre3 would be perfect if it were nearer the school really...

Leaving for Cebu and then Palawan very soon. Thank goodness I will not have to go to Tagaytay anymore! :) Then one week before finals and then it's the final exams and then after that it would be giving of grades and then it is off to another trip! Weeh!!!

I know I love riding rollercoasters but I do not mean to turn my life into one. I wonder how I will run and do Barre3 druing these busy days...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Open Arms

I had a wonderful day because I got to hold an adorable boy in my arms today! He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and the most darling smile. I used to just smile at him whenever we meet and then I learned what his name is and not before long he was asking me to hold him. Aww... He always lights my eyes up and makes my day better. He energizes me and wipes all the exhaustion away! *sigh*

I hope to see him again tomorrow and hope to hear him chuckle and laugh and feel his heart beat next to mine! He cried when I said goodbye. It was hard to let him go but I had to lest I take him home with me.

He is the cutest seven month old I have ever met!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Run and Rave

Ran 10 KM all the way yahoo! I passed by the drinking stations for Powerade because I sipped some liquid just so I will not risk getting dehydrated. I am pleased with how I performed. I think I could have gone faster but I was not sure if I can make it 'til the end if ran too fast.

I do not think I will go back to 5KM. I will try 10KM at The Fort next.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Run Jitter

I am soh nervous about the run tomorrow... I hope I will wake up when I need to. Lord, please keep me safe and please let all the hard work I put in pay off... I really want to do good tomorrow. :)

Thanks! :)

Kris and Tell

Okay, right now I really should be checking papers but I could not help but watch the YouTube version of SNN's Kris Aquino Confession. I was irked by the idea that she likes Jun Jun Binay because of a personal bias but apart from that here is what I think. Not that it matters but then again this is my blog so let me write because my logorrhea is worse if I do not write all this down.

Kris loves attention perhaps and often ends up spilling to the media all the minute details of her private life. I disagree with this because there are things that must be kept to oneself. Apart from this and the Binay bit, I agree with her.

I agree that she chose to end her marriage to save her sons from the trauma of seeing their parents fight all the time. I teach and I have learned from my students how indeed fighting parents affect their emotional psyche and their ability to focus on their studies.

I agree that she chooses to be happy in spite what has happened because as she said "Our children take a cue from us.". This has been proven in Psychology. The disposition of the parent later on becomes the disposition of the child. If the parent tends to be negative, the child tend to also have negative emotions toward things.

I agree that she is not crying over this because before the separation, there were seven months when they tried to make things work. The distress and the emotional anguish happened during those seven months. The time she walked out was the time of indifference already which according to a marriage counselor is the opposite of love. So, while many people wonder why she seems like the happiest separated woman on Earth, it is probably because she is. She probably feels like she has been freed from captivity for a long period of time. Finally, she was able to break her silence and she no longer has to pretend.

I admire her for staying positive and for seeing that there is another day. While she is most of the time crazy and I really think the Binay thing is even crazier than her usual crazy, I do think she is a strong person. If the things that happened to her happened to other people, they might not even survive much less hope for a better tomorrow but not her. So while, there are many people out there probably judging her, I laud her for making such a difficult decision and for taking a stand.

I hope what she is doing now opens the eyes not only of the women who are oppressed in their own marriages or relationships but also of men who are oppressing the women. Not be accused of being a sexist (which I am admittedly at times *sheepish grin*), this goes both ways, this is for men too.

Rant, Run and Rant Some More

BlogPressLite conked out on me!!! Boo... I tried a new tool and I think it will do for now. I have not been blogging too much because I am already keeping a personal journal just like the good old days again and I think it has been helping. I need all the help that I can get because this week and the coming weeks will be one big roller coaster ride! I have much to do and much to check. Surprisingly though, I still have much time to reflect and do a bit of introspection and it is duhriving me cuhrazy!!!

I want to watch Salt. Might watch it with my sister later or tomorrow after my 10Km run! OMG! Tomorrow is the big day! I hope I will get to wake up, I have been preparing far too long for me not to wake up on time! I hope I get to finish the run under 1hr 15 min. I will be happy to be slightly more than 1 hour! I hope! I hope!

Speaking of... I have not seen my race packet for the longest time... *Yikes!*

Going to Cebu and then to Palawan in a week. I have one week to make sure my classes are fine and to make sure I have checked all that I need to. Arg!

All of this would come to pass.

And then am embarking on another journey. Hopefully, everything will pay off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Testing!!! Trying out a new tool because BlogPress conked out on me. Don't know how useful or reliable this tool is but this is sure worth a try. :) It is free after all!

Quick Update :)

The past few days have been a blast save for some minor episodes life is going great. I think I have finally reconnected with You and it feels great to be back! :)

I was able to do Barre3 which is wonderful! I think I can do Barre3 every Tuesday as well especially on days when I cannot swim! *weeh!* The bad thing is that I was not able to run all week and I have a 10Km run this Sunday. Last week I was able to do 10Km in 1hr and 9 minutes. My "coach" says it's not so bad. I wonder how I will do in the actual race especially since I was not able to train all week. I will have to really run tomorrow!

I have to go now because I have to check so many papers!


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was not able to hear mass again today. I am sorry. I was caught up with the collation of the exam tonight and this morning I spent too long lazing in my cozy bed. I also shared a good laugh with my mom before going to school. I think You would have approved of me staying on and laughing like crazy with my mom though. :)

I am having a great day so far. :)


In the meantime I have to prepare for my six hour class this coming Saturday. :)

Oh and yeah, I found out that I will be climbing the mouth of Taal Volcano again very soon. *argh!* I told myself I will not climb that volcano again. The only nice thing about it is that I might not have to walk up but instead ride a horse. Kewlness... Which reminds me. I have to schedule all my Barre3 earlier because I might not have enough time to do that anymore in the coming weeks. The next few weeks are going to be vehery busy.

Give me strength.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday I was in need of a hug but the hug did not come. I went to bed with a heavy heart but just before I closed my eyes You sent me a hug and the hug lasted me the whole day today.

Thank You.

I can still feel the warmth of Your hug lingering.

I finally got to eat my caramel chocolate cake. I had a caramel cake and a chocolate cake. I got some of the caramel on the chocolate cake et voila, a chocolate caramel cake that is true to how I want it to be. Not like the one I ate from Chocolat the other night. The caramel was just on top of the cake, no caramel in between. I wonder why cake shops do not put caramel fudge in their cakes anymore. I need my camarel in my cholocate cake!!!

The cakes definitely had me smiling like cuhrazeh all night! :)

Apart from that, I got my extra supplies from my URCO project so I got more new uber cute Mead notebucks! Weeh!!! I love notebooks! I can write on notebooks forevah!

I am high on sugar so pardon the way I write... Tonight I have an excuse, for the other entries I have none. Maybe I really just write this way. Get your own blog. :)

I also got my very own big Max Stapler weeh... I labeled it with my last name the way I used to do back in high school and college. I love my last name. More than my first name actually. People find that weird.

I have a long list of things to do tomorrow but amidst all the tasks, I hope to get to swim one KM tomorrow. Today I got to run 9KM in 55 minutes! *woot!* My left foot hurts so maybe I willl try to run 9Km again this Friday and hopefully my body will get used to it. Barre3 again this Sunday and who knows when again. Gosh, I have other deadlines to complete but for now I am having a ball.

I think my depression yesterday has much to do with hormonal imbalance but I am not going to admit. :)

I love You!

Thanks for sending me hugs through people around me. Keep 'em coming! :) I have not heard mass all week, sorry 'bout that, I had the opportunity last Monday but I passed it up. I will try to hear mass tomorrow Lord.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bah Hum Hug!

Woke up today in need of a real big tight hug badly...

Dear Lord, please send a hug my way. :)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Equalizer and Defender

I do not know if you have seen slightly smaller than normal baseball bats that are still big enough to induce a fatal cranial hemorrhage that are being sold at Ace Hardware and Sports Central that are not inconspicuously labelled The Defender and The Equalizer. Wow. Way to encourage violent resolutions of conflicts. Now when driving I am more cautious because one never knows if the person you are dealing with is in possession of The Defender and The Equalizer. Who in the world thought of this?! Obviously the person who thought of this is short of IQ points and has none of the common sense that normally everyone should have.

We have enough crimes due to short temper and petty conflicts.

Now that we have these metal objects that will give people who need to compensate for whatever they lack badly in the physical or mental aspect, I am expecting more...


Possession of The Equalizer just increased the margin between those who possess one and those who do not. Equalizer not.


As it turns out classes were called off last Wednesday but I think it was good because I was able to rest for a bit. It was not good because I overdid it *wahaha!*. Because classes were called off, it gave me the impression that oversleeping is alright, thereby messing up my bio clock yet again. Or actually my circadian rhythm... Arg. I was able to see The Killers and it was a hilarious movie. I was laughing almost all the way... It was fun watching the movie with mom and my all grown up lil sis. I procrastinated the whole time, and when Thursday came, I overslept, procrastinated some more and ended up wasting time.

The only redeeming part of my Thursday was that I got to swim a kilometer and I got to meet with my advisees and I got to check some papers and got jolted back to reality that I had tons of things to do! I had to write a paper, I had to prepare a presentation, I had to finish checking the pile of papers and return them to my students next week and I had to prepare for my class this Saturday that is six hours long!!!

I know, I know, it was only Thursday but my entire Friday was fully booked already, nay, overbooked! I scheduled three activities in one time block. I was to run 7 KM and then play badminton with friends, I also scheduled a videoke session and a consultaitno with our partner in Japan! In the end the Japanese partner won. :) *duh!* After that I ran to Red Box for the nth despedida of my friend leaving this Sunday (*waves goobye!!!*) in the form of a videoke marathon and dinner that spanned five hours... It was fun do not get me wrong... It was also tiring considering I ran 7Km that morning without sleep. Didn't I say my body clock was messed up? I only got to sleep after running. I think I slept four to five hours after running and then went to the meeting. Notice how in my list of activities my class is never mentioned. That's because I only got to prepare for my class midnight last night! I was soh tired already but I had to prepare. As such, I will not do what I did again last night. I will prepare for class earlier.

I was also inspired by my meeting with our Japanese partner because now I know I have another approach that I can use. :) I have to get back to working. I have stopped for weeks now because of all the other things I had to read and work on... *sigh* It is so hard to work during the trimester!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I want the rains to stop.

I want to have classes tomorrow.

I want to see the sun tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raining on My Parade

It's a rainy day today and am not liking it one bit. I was not able to swim today because of the rain. I could brave the rain but then again, I would get my feet wet which I do not like at all... *sigh* I am hoping tomorrow will be a sunny day again so I can run. I need to do 7KM tomorrow and work my way up because I need to be able to run 11Km before August 1. Yikes!

I really have to work double time...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chomp! Champ! Chomp!

Last July 3, 2010 I participated in my first ever swim meet! I have never swum competitively and it was my first time. Weeks before, I was very busy as I went out of town so I was forced to practice swimming in the sea. I only got to practice for the meet twice. Once with my coach, who is a male colleague who used to participate in triathlons now he only participates in duathlons and fun runs, the other time was when I was alone with only my digital watch to rely upon.

My best time when I was practicing my 100m Freestyle was 2min 32sec. My worst time was 2min 52sec, this was when I botched up my tumble turn and ended up getting water up my nose. I hate it when that happens! I had to keep swimming though even though I wanted to just give up and drown. The pain was difficult to bear! I could hear my sinuses curse at me. The morning of the swim meet I was so nervous I woke up hours before the meet! I was just there by the pool waiting and wondering who my other two co-competitors were. The men went first and they were REALLY fast! I do not know what the fastest time was but they sure were fast! One of them was a varsity member back in college. They did a 100m Freestyle and I found out that I was only to do 50m. While I was relieved that I did not have to do a tumble turn, I also became more nervous because I am not a sprinter. Short distance will make my chance smaller I thought. When it was time for the women to swim, I realized that I was the only one who was there. The other two never showed up! I won by default! I was a bit disappointed because I did practice in the hopes that I would be competing... Nevertheless I swam. My time was 57sec. For me that is not so bad anymore. I will try to improve my time. :) So next time, if there ever is a meet again, I will not have to practice too close to the event.

After the 50m swim, I was asked to participate in the 1Km challenge. I gladly agreed to join the men because I was disappointed with the 50m. I practiced. I finished second. *yey!* This made up for the 50m solo swim. :)

Afterwards, we had a despedida for one of my colleagues who will be leaving for Singapore for his PhD. We had a sleepover at Astoria where we cooked and we ate. I was a sous chef to one of my colleagues who eternally made fun of me but also taught me a lot, so in the end I had fun. We also had a Boxing tournament where I emerged as the champion *ahem!*! I even had a coach *wahaha!*! This was after I beat my "coach" too! :) I won a fondue set! *yahoo!!!* I will buy chocolate buttons soon so we can have a Chocolate Fondue party! Too bad my doctor doesn't want me eating chocolates. *boo!*

So in a day I was a swimming champ and a boxing champ!

My friends kept saying: Promil User since age 29. :) Last Saturday was a total blast!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Low, low, low, low!

It was kind of a low day for me. I hope tomorrow is better. In the meantime I have to work my ass off... Darn you procrastination. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


I just realized that when I updated my template, the stat counter was deleted. That took me long. I made a big boo boo... *sigh!* I am impossible! Must fix it soon but am not going to lose sleep over it. I am hopeful that it will get fixed. No point in worrying.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Reason To Teach

When I got back from Boracay I fixed my stuff and went straight to Gox to give some perishable stuff that people requested me to buy for them. I of course dropped by my cube and there was a brown envelope waiting for me with my name written in fancy letters. I opened it and saw a Malate issue and a Malate doodle book. I was wondering who left it there when I realized that a part of the book was opened to a page and that page had some scribbles on them. The page said:

Hello Miss! :) I learned a lot from PERSEF1! It's my favorite subject. Hehe! Thank you for inspiring me to join Malate. And now, here I am, published! Thanks Miss! God bless and continue inspiring young minds! :) Love *student's name* P.S. Another thing I learned from you is that "RESPECT IS ALWAYS RECIPROCATED" :)

My student also attached an assignment I gave them two years ago. I asked them to write a letter of application to the organization of their choice. I scribbled this on the assignment:

Please do join. I hope you get in because I hope to see your works published someday. :)

And now my student is published. It is difficult to get published in Malate. You can be a part of the org for four years and still not get published. I am still getting goosebumps as I type this.

I love being a teacher. These are the perks that can never be replaced by any monetary compensation. People outside may never understand, then again who cares? :)

I am touched because I did not realize that two sentences on an assignment I gave two years ago could create such an impact to a young mind. Now more than ever, I am inspired to scribble on student's assignments, even if it can be tiring and there are times when I doubt if students bother to read them. Now I know... It does not matter if most of them do not read them, it only takes one person to read it and be inspired to make me feel soh good. No designer bag can make me feel this good!

Thank You Lord for leading me to this profession that provides me with so much joy.


I just found out that my student graduated last Saturday. I was not there because I was in Boracay.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bora The Return

This time I have done it.

I reset my password. I cannot believe my memory. It is beginning to scare the hell out of me. It is not like I have been dormant for the past few years, I have been studying nonstop. Is this an early onset of dementia?! *afraid*

I just got back yesterday from Bora and I have to say, I had fun being an emcee. It was a bit stressful at times but it was fun since it was in Bora!

As soon as I was able, I climbed the medium wall which I failed to climb last time. It was such a feat! After that I rested and then swam in the pool and then swam in the sea! *yahoo!* The water was great! The following morning, I ran at 5 am! I ran from Bora Regency to the far end of Station 1. After that, I ran to the far end of Station 3. I wanted to run back from the end of Station 3 to Boracay Regency but I was too tired already and was afraid of getting injured since the sand is not really flat. My feet are angled uncomfortably as I ran so that is a bad idea. I walked back to the hotel instead. The following day I swam again before partying with the Cisco people. I danced for two and a half hours! Loved every minute of it! :) The following day, I swam from Station 2 to Station 1. It was just til the border of Station 1 too bad...

I had so much fun and I wish I could have as much physical activities back here in Manila.

Hmm... Maybe I can.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's A Beautiful Life

I was able to finally try Barre3 last Sunday and while the pain was so excruciatingly difficult to handle so much so that I think I heard every tendon curse at me as they revolted against every movement I made at the end of the day it felt good because my back felt straighter, My posture more erect and I felt more like a homo sapien than I have for years. I availed of the free trial and I think I want to do it again when I get back from Bora.

Speaking of Bora, am heading off to Bora this week and am thrilled to be going back, this time to work and party with Cisco people. I will also be hosting the instructors summit and we are staying at the Boracay Regency!!! Am thinking if I should bring my pois. :) It would be fun to play with at the beach but they are heavy. So maybe not.

I got myself a sun dress that I got for the soiree in Bora just so I will have a party dress. I love the color and I think it suits my figure.

I love it that I feel good about myself. I am comfortable in my ow. skin while aware of my imperfections. It tooke thirty years to really face the mirror and love what I see. Okay, I still have my days but for most days I am really loving myself.

I had soh much fun today and I wish there were more days like today. I have so many things that I need to finish tomorrow but for now I think I am just going to savor today's happy experiences.

Forgot to mention that after ten million years the reprint version of Kinsella's Twenties Girl is already available so I got it last Sunday after Barre3. Passed by the book shop because my muscles were still trembling. Wanted to have a chocolate cake at Miss Desserts but they were still closed. Boo! Believe it or not I did not crave for Mango Bravo. I think I am way passed that stage. I hope.

Speaking of food, I must resist ay all cost binging in Bora because surely it is buffet all the way and J would want to eat the mango cake at Lemon Cafe and gulp gallons of Jonah's mango shake! In any case while there, I plan to wall climb at least two walls. Last time I was there I failed to climb the medium wall. I got the easy wall. I plan to climb both at least twice during my stay. Also, I plan to run the shores of Station 1-3, wearing proper shoes of course! I will do it in the morning. Not sure if I am going to swim at all but am bringing swimsuits just in case. Am not sure if I still want to try skim boarding. I do not want to injure myself like my bro injured himself when we were there last March.

I do not think I have a lot of free time anyway so we will see.

I love my life.

Thank You Lord! :)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Open Letter to My Mac

Dear Mac,

I am sorry I left you in the laboratory for hours without realizing it. I am aware that I only realized you were missing when I needed you. I felt guilty and panic overtook my system when I saw my cubicle void of your presence. I will never again, to the best of my abilities, leave you unattended in a place where you can be picked up by a random stranger only to disappear forever with some of my best memories and thoughts. My memory is indeed failing me these days perhaps due to preoccupation on things that are highly irrelevant and insignificant. I hope to be able to recover from this lapse and may this never happen again to my Mac or to other things or people that I love.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Daily Mumbling

I could not sleep last night. So many things were running in my head and it did not help that I had a green tea overdose too. I slept maybe at around 3 in the morning only to wake up at 4 in the morning. My head throbbed so I decided against running. It was a good call apparently because my running buddy also slept at 2 in the morning *hehe*!

I got a bit frustrated with my students today. My students in software engineering did not do their reading assignment. Well some of them did but there were some who did not. Hopefully, next time they will put in more effort. I am a bit frustrated with my programming class as well because they are having a difficult time grasping the idea of accumulating variables. I am now wondering if my approach is wrong... *sigh* I am thinking of another way to make them understand. *sigh*

I really want them to learn how to think of algorithms before we go into Java programming because at the end of the day, Java is just syntax, the logic is the heart for programming and if they cannot understand variables and conditions we are not going to go anywhere.

I am glad though that some people are getting it. I mean it's really a mixture of people who understand and those who do not. I plan to have an intervention of some sort... I do not know. I have to really come up with something.

In the meantime, I just realized I have not checked my email the entire day.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Of Seatbelt and Dates

My seatbelt snapped a few weeks ago and decided it does not want to retract and lock, and so I brought it to Banawe St. in Quezon City. I got it fixed for 700 Php which is fairly cheap compared to what Toyota was charging me for a brand new seatbelt for my front passenger seat. I know right?! WTFudge?! 17K for an effing seatbelt! I could not believe my ears to when I first heard it was 17K a pop! So anyway, I decided to go to Banawe as advised by my dad. Four hours of malling later, it snapped again and this time it is forever locked. No matter how hard my friends tried to tug at it, it just would not budge. *sigh* There went the number of hours spent doing nothing except for sweating while waiting for shady characters to finish mangling and un-mangling my poor paralyzed seatbelt.

Yesterday, I went to Evangelista as recommended by my friend who also graciously accompanied me (super thanks!) to have my seatbelt get a shot at a second life. Et voila! For eight hundred pesos and under an hour, my seat belt's life was extended. It had to get a transplant, the innards are now different but it's from a distant Toyota relative so I guess that's fine. *yehey!*

I am thrilled because now bowchog can sit in front again! :) Since the seat belt started to malfunction bochog has been sitting at the back and it sucks because it's always more fun when she's in front. It's like she's not there when she's seated at the back. We had a movie date last night and saw Sex and the City 2. Before the movie she requested for Haagen Dazs so I let her have it but this morning she got a bad case of tonsillitis and my mom is blaming me for it. No fair! I bought her water... She did not drink the water. Bad gurl!

Today, I had a shopping date with my mom. We were looking for clothes for me because all my clothes look fugly to her. It is not my fault that fashion has changed into stuff that are not so flattering. :) At least for me. We spent hours scouring for clothes but to no avail. At the end of the day I only got to buy one but it was such a steal so I guess the trip was worth it. Plus! I had fun hanging out with my mom. I hope we can do it again. :)

All I have to share for now... Gotta run tomorrow!


Thursday, June 03, 2010


I am about to work again on my dissertation proposal. I believe this is escapism *haha!*! Blogging instead of working. :)

Let me just jot down a few notes because I really find this therapeutic. I am craving for chocolate cake, particularly Choco Mile High cake of Don Henrico's that's no longer available. Boo! I want it back! Any chocolate cake would do right now actually *haha!* ! I am willing to compromise at this point.

What I need is more Bisolvon because I think it is working. I want to rid myself of this cough. It has been bugging me for quite a while now. For now, I have to get back to work. :)

I want everyone to know about my secret but I do not want to have to explain about the details. *sigh*

My body clock has been reset I think. :) Yehey! :) Sleeping earlier tonight for the run tomorrow. :)

Must work now!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Something is seriously wrong with my memory. Just now I almost was not able to get into my account.

I have a bad cough again. I have a feeling that Lagundi is really not working for me so now I am taking Bisolvon. I will be taking Bisolvon again in a while.

On a happier note, I ran at the Nature Valley Run 2nd Leg in the Run Rio Trilogy and clocked my best time! 31 minutes! Yey!!! Just one minute more to shave and I would be able to meet my target 30 minutes. I think it helped that there was an RFID chip attached to my shoe. It gave us accurate time. I think. :) Still I think I made good time because my last time at The Fort, I clocked in 36 minutes! :) I have improved greatly. Soh happy!!! The morning runs are paying off! I ran 6KM again today and on my fifth kilometer I was ready to give up but did not. I am happy because I am not so much of a quitter anymore though I did slow down on my fifth and sixth KM. I was too tired already. It was partly my brain telling me that I am tired already. I think it has much to do where I have been running for the past few days. I am bored already. Apart from that, it may have also been my cough that kept me from breathing regularly.

When it starts to rain, I will have to go back to the gym. Boo. I enjoy running outside. I have not swam yet but I have a padlock already. :) Yey!!!

Sorry for the disorganized thoughts... I have very little sleep and was not able to take my usual nap. My only consolation is that this might reset my body clock to normal mode. This is not good for me.

Oh and yeah, I ran today because I ate roasted duck and asado last night and hakaw!!! Terrrrrible!!! :) I felt so guilty.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Ran 6KM again this morning... Only got to sleep for a few hours. I should be asleep by 11pm and while I was already in bed by 11, for the love of me I just could not sleep. It was around 230am when I last checked my iTouch for time and then fell asleep only to wake up at 4!

I still can't sprint! It is annoying that I cannot sprint. I will practice sprinting after the big run. For now, I have to make do with my pace.

The term is about to begin on Monday and already I feel like I am drowning with things to do. We have many conferences to organize this coming trimester. At the same time, I am soh excited because just this term, I will be going to Boracay and get to stay at Boracay Regency, and then Cebu and get to stay at the Plantation Bay *woot!* and Palawan but I still do not know where in Palawan we are staying. The best thing about this is that I am traveling for fuhreeh!!! :)

I am also a bit excited about this coming term because the break was long enough for me. I am thinking if I can propose my dissertation this trimester.

I hope. I hope. I hope.

Watching Prince of Persia later! *woot!*

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had a wonderful day today because today I felt soh loved! It'snlike love-me day *hehe*! I got a three hundred Starbucks GC today, a kewl LED University uber kewl merchandise fan, a sports tumbler and to top it all off the latest DVD of Celine Dion!!! *woot* Also felt love through intangible sweet things that I won't mention here anymore. They may not know they made my day special but they did err... actually they do from day to day.

Thank You Lord for blessing me with people who love so generously. I really appreciate it. :) I feel Your love through them.

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