Saturday, January 30, 2010

Perfect Feet

Today I discovered a work haven at MOA. I have a feeling I will be back to work at that cafe again. Not as a barista haha!!! Work as in write papers and prepare for classes. I hope they do not mind that I stay there, there aren't a lot of customers anyway *hehe* Wifi connection is really good too! I was able to finish all my deliverables for next week thanks to my stay there. I have my sis to thank for asking me to be hwr chauffeur today. If I stayed at home, I am pretty sure I would not have been as productive. Not omly did I get to work, I also enjoyed the food! I had my own world as I listened to my kind of music ( abusing my Senheissers).

To reward my self for such great work, I am now, as I write this, having a foot spa! Which is weird I know because I will be walking all over Chiang Mai very, very soon! I will be back to this place right after Chiang Mai *hehe*! The place I am in does not have good ambience but I think the technician is pretty good. I still have to see if the result is okay though.

In the meantime, I am sitting back and relaxing.

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I am.

I just feel like I have been wound up again after a long time. I feel like an Energizer Bunny that can work and work to no end. :) I love this feeling. Could this be because of the overnight stay at Balay Indang?! I finally get the people who would leave the comforts of their own home to work at a remote place. i thought the location did not really matter but now i realize that it does something to a person. :) Wow... And this is after I have read many papers and a book on Environment Psychology. I finally got it! By George, I finally got it!

Anyhow, I have a deadline tomorrow and I would like to finish my deliverables today so I better stop blabbing and start typing away. :)

I just really love the type of work that I do.

I really, really love it!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Indang Will Always Love You

Yes, that is to be sung to the tune of I Will Always Love You. :)

This is the life...

Got to Balay Indang early morning yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful old charm that this place has to offer, not to mention (but I am already mentioning) the cool breeze that tickles my skin every now and then. Not only am I enjoying this beautiful paradise with the amazing gastronomical experience due to the intricately and lovingly prepared food, more so I am enjoying the great company of the people I share a laboratory with who also happen to be great friends. :)

We are now finalizing the meeting and I find it hard to make my self leave this place. I am still lounging in one of the cottages... Just hanging around. I love that I got to use rocking chairs (Yes, I used many!) again after a really long time. I finally got to take a bath in a fab bathroom with pebbles and open windows *haha!* (I might be an exhibitionist at heart!) *eww!* and sleep in a house similar to that of Sonya's Garden.

This place really gives your money's worth... Just the food is worth it! :) Service is impeccable and the place is really cozy and homey! :)

I love Balay Indang and I hope to come back again!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music and Me

It's a wonderful feeling to wake up to beautiful music. It really does something to a person.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Things in Life are Free

I feel free!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity. I thank you for the chance to finally open up and for allowing me to unload. I thank You for the gift of people. It really felt good. While my fears are still ever present, at least now I know I have a sanctuary when things get ugly though I am hoping it will not have to come to that.

I am also happy that the DOST presentation went well and that we do not have much problems. I also thank You for the unexpected bonus *beams*! I will not use it on a bag. I will not use it on bag. I do not need another bag. *big grin*

I am also grateful that the research that I am doing now is finally taking shape. *woot!* I am grateful for the group that you have sent me to because I am really having fun! :)

Thank You for not only getting me a research group but also for getting me a group of friends that I can really talk to.

Thank You.


I really had fun in my classes today. After five hours of teaching at the end of the day I was pooped but I felt good. It was not like the really long vacation. Not that I did not appreciate resting, it was just I felt empty not doing anything productive. :) Also, I really believe teaching rejuvenates the very core of my being. Having this feeling about teaching tells me that I am where I really am supposed to be. I guess this is really what I am supposed to feel when I am where I am supposed to be.

Teaching is a big chunk of who I am and I wonder if someday I will be able to start up my own school... I would be happy with a preschool. :) Very much happy with that indeed. I would love to teach kids. I wonder if I will be any good with kids who are not my siblings hehe...

I really thank the Lord for leading me to this vocation/profession. How many people can actually say that they love what they are doing and get paid for it too? *sigh* I just marvel at the generosity of our dear Lord.

Today was a really good day.

Thank You Lord. :)

Oh and yeah... Tonight I was soh giddy because I finally read the paper that I need for my dissertation!!! I already have an idea how to do the dissertation! Soh thrilled!!! I will be meeting with my students tomorrow and we will identify things that we need to finish this term. Soh darn excited. :) Another thing to thank the Lord for. Thank You for leading me to the solution that I need dear Lord.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Oh yes I am...

Each one of us has a button, okay, we all have many buttons. Tonight, one of my buttons has been pushed. You see, sometimes it is not so much as the action but what comes after that can tick one off. I suppose it is not too much to expect for a person to react the way one would expect another to react if the roles were reversed. I know I am not making much sense but I really do not want to retell the entire event as it just might resurrect the emotions that occurred earlier. To give you an idea, my palms were sweaty and I was shaking and yes, almost on the verge of tears. I was that upset, nay, angry.

Anyhow, I know I am better than this. I do not hate the person, I despise the action and the reaction that came after. I will try to get past all this and be positive again.

I am just irked.

Is all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crazy For You

We all have our own type of mental illnesses. It's nice to be able to hear about other people's kind of crazy. Today, I discovered a really weird type of crazy. Misery loves company I guess, and in the case of neurosis, it feels better when people are far worse. :)

Watching Big Bang right now which exacerbates the craziness of even the smartest people. *hehe*

Would say more but my attention is being hogged by four geeks. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I have finished 13 Glee episodes! A friend of mine said that the rest will be coming this April. I cannot wait!!! I still have the last song playing in my head... Coz we belong together... Must stop. :)

This series as cheesy as it is makes me sooh high! The songs are just soh happy so no matter what drama is happening in the other characters' lives, every episode is a happy episode. Life is like that though, no matter what your drama is, the world will not stop turning. It will go on without you, so if you wish to sulk, you will get left behind. Time travel, according to theoretical physicists is possible by traveling at the speed of light, however, this will make you move to the future not to the past... So, better to sing a happy tune even when you feel like killing yourself or others... :)

Guhleeh is my happeeh thought!!!

Tsk Tsk Tsk

I have so many things ahead of me which us good because work is a good distraction. Being idle is really bad for me. I have long been familiar ofnhis condition of mine. But take bite though that having much to do does not really mean I am doing my tasks tsk tsk tsk... It just means my task list does not just have take a bath in it hehe...

Which reminds me there is something I really need to finish by tomorrow... Going to bed now... I am going to emcee... again... tomorrow. Ugh.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Day High

First teaching day today and I can feel my adrenaline flowing again. My body clock is still messed up but hopefully it will get fixed soon enough. My students made me smile again today. They came up with this tag line.

Open your eyes. Visualize. Actualize.

I thought this was catchy it can even become a shirt. :) Open your eyes to the problem at hand. Visualize what you can do to change it and then act on it. *sigh* I think today was a good first day even if my lecture lasted only two hours today. I love teaching! :)

I am awaiting the paper that will be submitted for PCSC and after that I have to book for Chiang Mai. I just found out that the hotel where the conference will be is already fully booked. I have to make do with other nearby hotels. Ugh. Also, I have to book a flight. There is no direct flight to Chiang Mai via PAL and while I would like to drop by Bangkok. I think I am going to pass because for one, I have been there twice last year and I know I will be spending a lot of moolah if I stop over in Bangkok. I also cannot afford to miss more classes this term as something is eating up my time. I have decided therefore to just stay in Chiang Mai and explore the place as much as the time I am there will allow me (which is really not much). I would probably just end up visiting a couple of temples and the night bazaar perfect because during the day I will be in the conference.

I have not prepared my slides yet *sheepish grin* but I think I have enough time still. I must focus on my DOST report for now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Past Text

I just had the most exhausting night last night. I saw Sherlock Holmes and while it had a nice ending, it was quite too long for my short attention span. I found the London setting drab and gloomy. I don't know what to make out of the revamped image of Sherlock Holmes as a super genius, super hero bordering X-Men abilities... Hmm... It entertained me but I thought there was something lacking. I liked the tandem of Law and Downey though... But I am not really a movie critic so... yeah... hehe...

I also got a blast from the past after I saw a notebook filled with text messages from the past. I was a big loon back then and I transcribed messages from my crush back in 2000-2001 *wahaha*. Funny, because I really, I mean seriously enjoyed reading the messages. Too bad, a few months before our falling out, I did not transcribe anymore... Too lazy I guess or did I just lose interest? Not sure anymore. Still, I think I know how we managed to text each other day in, day out, consistently, obsessively almost, he was so darn funny. I only transcribed his messages and not my replies so I only know half of our conversations from way back but boy... it was a riot!

In case you are wondering, he is now married with a cute baby girl. I am very happy for him. He was always a free spirit and I did not think he would settle down. Ever. He has proven me wrong then again, he was never the predictable type. :) I am glad our paths crossed and believe it or not, I am happy too that I was crazy enough to transcribe his messages. Something to show my grandkids someday. They would roll on the floor laughing! I mean seriously. :)

As I was reading it last night, I could not help but remember those days when I was idealistic, and I had values that I would never compromise. Now, I do not think I can say the same. Last night, I wished that I were that girl again and that I had so much still ahead of me. If I could talk to that girl I would tell her to hold on to those things because those values are your compass so you will never get lost.

At the same time, I am grateful because though I have lost my compass, the Northern Star guides me. Hopefully, It will lead me to where I really should be. In the meantime, I just have to do my part, and hope and most importantly trust.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I was able to get a lot of things done today yey!!! Also, I was able to go out with old friends and some students of mine. It was fun being able to laugh with them again. I also got to hang out with the staff earlier this afternoon.

I was also able to hear a nice love story. I am very happy for them. :)

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Love and Cholera

I just saw Love In The Time of Cholera. I found it frustrating and a tad bit far fetched and yet the hopeless romantic in me, that clueless girl who read countless love pocketbooks, would like to believe that such kind of love exists in the real world. I am nit done reading the book yet so I am going to continue. I wonder how faithful the movie was to the book.

"Love is without age. It is neither alpha nor omega. It is an end in itself." -Florentino Arriza

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lesson on Listening

It does not boggle me how I can talk and talk and still yearn to talk some more... what is mind boggling is that I think I am beginning to learn how to listen. I do not believe in New Year's resolutions but I think at some point we begin to learn to improve ourselves regardless of the time of year. Like a toddler learning how to walk I am learning how to listen.

I had a great conversation today about things of little and of great consequence and I found it very amusing but at the same time nourishing.

Thank You Lord, You made me smile and laugh today.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tummy Tunes

My tummy is singing a tune... Or did I swallow a Drumania machine last night?! I think it's because of my ice cream diet... I cannot eat anything solid yet because of my operation and I have been eating nothing but frozen vanilla yoghurt since yesterday. I was going to buy ice cream but Nestle did not have the plain Vanilla flavor in 2L so I got a BTIC 2L instead. It's sugar-free and 99.99% Fat free so I hope it will not make me gain weight. While not gaining weight was not a factor when I chose the yoghurt, it helps me to stick to the diet. Not like I have much choice but it makes me feel good about eating just that... Hopefully, this will make me lose weight wahaha!!! I hope it won't give me pimples though. :)

I have not been productive today... yet again. Very bad. I think my brain will activate in a while... *chirp chirp* Okay any moment now... *chirp chirp* Okay, I will try again later.


I have a flight to book for a conference and yet guess what?! While I have not really booked my conference flight yet I have already booked to Boracay for a long weekend wahaha!!! Sooh excited to go to Bora with bro! This will be his first time! We'll be there for five straight days! How kewl is that?! My sister did not want to come, she's not into nature beaches.

Hopefully, we'll go to Palawan next because I have not been there yet. I will be his tour guide in Bora and he will be my tour guide in Palawan in case he decides to go back there! I might go to Bora twice this year because on of my HS friends is coming back from the States and we plan to go to Bora with the gurls as well!!! *woot!*

This reminds me... I have too book my trip for a conference. I am not sure if I should purchase the tickets online so I think I will have to wait until next week so I can inquire about what I may or may not do. I have not been to this city yet in this particular country so I am excited. I wonder if I can drop by to the other cities... I will pay for my accommodations of course... Just so I can shop! *hihi!* Very bad. I have to hold out from shopping. *thwaps self* Must not go crazy!

In the meantime, I have to lose weight! This also means, I have to not overindulge when I leave for conferences this year... I have already many trips lined up! I am soooh excited! The beginning of the year is always filled with trips! *woot!!!*

Tooth or Dare

I got rid of my impacted teeth today... Yehey... Maybe am still drugged or something but I feel great! Finally am free of the darned tooth that was making me miserable... It did not hurt, but it was silently scratching my gums and affecting my other teeth. The other tooth while less bothersome was also affecting my other tooth... Bad. So I got rid of them. The dentist said I had nice teeth and that they were like a man's haha! Is that a good thing? After she pulled them out she showed me and boy, they are huge!!! She and her staff asked me aeveral times if I wanted to take them home. I said no firmly many times, after all I am not the sentimental type. They are just teeth. Teeth that I never wanted in my gums to begin with. There is this other tooth that I need to save though... *sigh* I hope it is not too late. I still have two more to get rid of but I will save that for this summer.

I also finished reading Son of a Witch. My last book that is connected to Elphaba... It was bittersweet finishing the book. I wanted to hold on so it will not end but I wanted to learn of the ending too... Elphaba is an amazing character. I miss her already.

The year has started and already I have pending tasks ooops... :) Will step right to it. Tomorrow. I'm high tonight hehe... whooozeeeh....

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