Monday, September 06, 2010

Missing Running

Because of my dumb addiction to Lie To Me, I was unable to run today because I fell asleep last night at around 1 am or maybe way past 1 am. I figured I will only get to sleep three or two hours after which I will have to wake up again. That is not good for my body at all so I figured I will just have to sleep early later and run tomorrow and on Thursday before we leave so I can be the stinky one in the plane *wahahah!!!*. I need to run badly! My right knee is still acting up but just a little bit now, I hope it will begin to feel better. I really do not like it when my knees hurt. It scares me.

I was contemplating earlier on going for a swim later but I figured I will just do some dumbbell exercises later when I get back home so I can use the rest of the day to prepare for next term and also to schedule everything that I need to do next term.

Next term is bound to be very exciting as I cram every week *wahaha! nervous laughter*. I hope I can copy more episodes of Lie To Me today off of my colleague so I would not have to download anymore. I better get crackin', I also want to go to the library today and borrow a book am bringing to my flight. And no. It s not a fictional book okay. I really need to prep! :)

Oh and yeah, I bought new stuff yesterday with my mom at the mall. :) I love the lip gloss that I got. :) I love lip glosses in general, they're a great pick me up and they're so much cheaper than other things and, you can wear them everuhday. Last night, a few hours before I slept, I applied it again just because I love how it looks and just because I am crazy like that *haha!*.

Okay, I better go and work!

Lord, please let me have a productive day today! :)

Thank You!

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