Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Something is seriously wrong with my memory. Just now I almost was not able to get into my account.

I have a bad cough again. I have a feeling that Lagundi is really not working for me so now I am taking Bisolvon. I will be taking Bisolvon again in a while.

On a happier note, I ran at the Nature Valley Run 2nd Leg in the Run Rio Trilogy and clocked my best time! 31 minutes! Yey!!! Just one minute more to shave and I would be able to meet my target 30 minutes. I think it helped that there was an RFID chip attached to my shoe. It gave us accurate time. I think. :) Still I think I made good time because my last time at The Fort, I clocked in 36 minutes! :) I have improved greatly. Soh happy!!! The morning runs are paying off! I ran 6KM again today and on my fifth kilometer I was ready to give up but did not. I am happy because I am not so much of a quitter anymore though I did slow down on my fifth and sixth KM. I was too tired already. It was partly my brain telling me that I am tired already. I think it has much to do where I have been running for the past few days. I am bored already. Apart from that, it may have also been my cough that kept me from breathing regularly.

When it starts to rain, I will have to go back to the gym. Boo. I enjoy running outside. I have not swam yet but I have a padlock already. :) Yey!!!

Sorry for the disorganized thoughts... I have very little sleep and was not able to take my usual nap. My only consolation is that this might reset my body clock to normal mode. This is not good for me.

Oh and yeah, I ran today because I ate roasted duck and asado last night and hakaw!!! Terrrrrible!!! :) I felt so guilty.

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