Monday, November 15, 2010

Everything In Between

Thank You for wiping away the neurosis from my head by answering my prayers tonight. I have peace of mind again. :) Also, I thank You for sending me people who help me feel You. 

I had the best food today hands down. It is not at all the healthiest and I can really feel my heart complaining but dem the food is reheally guhreat!!! I thought I won't be able to try it in a lohong time but to my surprise I got to try it tonight!!! *woot!!!* Happy food!!! Next to my Pancake House fix is this food because there are so many things attached to it, sauce and meaning and everything in between. As if this is not enough I got a suhweet bonus!!! *yey!*

Good night world! Tonight I sleep with a smile on my face. My digestive system is hard at work... Okay TMI! :) 

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