Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chomp! Champ! Chomp!

Last July 3, 2010 I participated in my first ever swim meet! I have never swum competitively and it was my first time. Weeks before, I was very busy as I went out of town so I was forced to practice swimming in the sea. I only got to practice for the meet twice. Once with my coach, who is a male colleague who used to participate in triathlons now he only participates in duathlons and fun runs, the other time was when I was alone with only my digital watch to rely upon.

My best time when I was practicing my 100m Freestyle was 2min 32sec. My worst time was 2min 52sec, this was when I botched up my tumble turn and ended up getting water up my nose. I hate it when that happens! I had to keep swimming though even though I wanted to just give up and drown. The pain was difficult to bear! I could hear my sinuses curse at me. The morning of the swim meet I was so nervous I woke up hours before the meet! I was just there by the pool waiting and wondering who my other two co-competitors were. The men went first and they were REALLY fast! I do not know what the fastest time was but they sure were fast! One of them was a varsity member back in college. They did a 100m Freestyle and I found out that I was only to do 50m. While I was relieved that I did not have to do a tumble turn, I also became more nervous because I am not a sprinter. Short distance will make my chance smaller I thought. When it was time for the women to swim, I realized that I was the only one who was there. The other two never showed up! I won by default! I was a bit disappointed because I did practice in the hopes that I would be competing... Nevertheless I swam. My time was 57sec. For me that is not so bad anymore. I will try to improve my time. :) So next time, if there ever is a meet again, I will not have to practice too close to the event.

After the 50m swim, I was asked to participate in the 1Km challenge. I gladly agreed to join the men because I was disappointed with the 50m. I practiced. I finished second. *yey!* This made up for the 50m solo swim. :)

Afterwards, we had a despedida for one of my colleagues who will be leaving for Singapore for his PhD. We had a sleepover at Astoria where we cooked and we ate. I was a sous chef to one of my colleagues who eternally made fun of me but also taught me a lot, so in the end I had fun. We also had a Boxing tournament where I emerged as the champion *ahem!*! I even had a coach *wahaha!*! This was after I beat my "coach" too! :) I won a fondue set! *yahoo!!!* I will buy chocolate buttons soon so we can have a Chocolate Fondue party! Too bad my doctor doesn't want me eating chocolates. *boo!*

So in a day I was a swimming champ and a boxing champ!

My friends kept saying: Promil User since age 29. :) Last Saturday was a total blast!!!

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