Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smile Therapy

I got to write the paper. It is still lacking in the Analysis part but all the rest of it is pretty coherent I think. I am going back to my dissertation this week but I also need to check the technical papers of my students in my Masteral class plus I need to start checking the Midterms... Hmm... I hope I can find time for my dissertation amidst all this.

Today, the idea that working outside helps has been reinforced yet again. Also, knowing that you are working alongside others really help motivate a person. I really like the idea but it takes so much effort to go out and work... unless, you have someone to prod you. :)

Thank You for the beautiful and more or less productive day that You have given me.

I really appreciate it.

Resolution: No more negativity. I am just going to smile because this has worked for me for many years now. :) *big smile*

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