Monday, August 30, 2010

On Time Management

I told myself I was going to sleep already to prepare for my early morning run tomorrow but you know... Just one post and then am going to bed. I do not know how I can keep a personal journal and still blog. I find it hard to type tonight because my right hand is very tired from playing Blackout on my iTouch. *argh!!!*

I just wanted to write about the Time Management talk of Randy Pausch. He had three more months to live and I thought who better to listen to than a person who has lived a life really to its fullest. If you do not believe me then watch or read his Last Lecture.

Here are the things that I took note of:

  • Always have a plan

  • You can change your plan but have a plan first!!!
  • Break down things into smaller parts and then create you To Do list last

  • Do the ugliest thing first

  • It is not about effectiveness it is about efficiency

  • Clean your desk

  • Have a place for everything. Have a filing system.

  • I am an epic fail in organizing things... I always lose things so this is the biggest challenge for me. Cleaning my area and having a place for everuhtheeng!
  • Learn to say no

  • I think I have slowly learned this. :)
  • Find your creative time. A must!!!

  • Find your dead time but also find your most productive time.

  • Doing something at the last minute is always more expensive

  • To delegate, be more specific, specific penalty and specific reward to the person who will be taking the task

  • Don't give procedure, give an objective.

  • If you get sleep deprived, everything falls apart.

  • This is something I have taken to heart. I have decided to forego running if I did not get enough sleep the night before. In fact for the past two days of weekend, I just slept and slept.
  • Exchange money for time

  • Ask for feedback

  • Sort things according to priority

  • He discussed Covey's time quadrant which I am extremely familiar with. I want a planner that has this quadrant!
  • Get a time journal

  • Revisit talk in 30 days!!!

I will revisit the talk in 30 days and see what will happen. :) The last two days were just all about spending tme with the family and well resting as in really resting. I got to exercise a bit today but just for a few minutes. I did not even go to the Barre3 Studio and I did not run either. So tomorrow I am going to run.

i will be leaving for Osaka week after the next so i have to finish all I have to and start reading Machine Learning! So much to do, now more than ever is the time to work on my time management eskels. :)

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