Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kris and Tell

Okay, right now I really should be checking papers but I could not help but watch the YouTube version of SNN's Kris Aquino Confession. I was irked by the idea that she likes Jun Jun Binay because of a personal bias but apart from that here is what I think. Not that it matters but then again this is my blog so let me write because my logorrhea is worse if I do not write all this down.

Kris loves attention perhaps and often ends up spilling to the media all the minute details of her private life. I disagree with this because there are things that must be kept to oneself. Apart from this and the Binay bit, I agree with her.

I agree that she chose to end her marriage to save her sons from the trauma of seeing their parents fight all the time. I teach and I have learned from my students how indeed fighting parents affect their emotional psyche and their ability to focus on their studies.

I agree that she chooses to be happy in spite what has happened because as she said "Our children take a cue from us.". This has been proven in Psychology. The disposition of the parent later on becomes the disposition of the child. If the parent tends to be negative, the child tend to also have negative emotions toward things.

I agree that she is not crying over this because before the separation, there were seven months when they tried to make things work. The distress and the emotional anguish happened during those seven months. The time she walked out was the time of indifference already which according to a marriage counselor is the opposite of love. So, while many people wonder why she seems like the happiest separated woman on Earth, it is probably because she is. She probably feels like she has been freed from captivity for a long period of time. Finally, she was able to break her silence and she no longer has to pretend.

I admire her for staying positive and for seeing that there is another day. While she is most of the time crazy and I really think the Binay thing is even crazier than her usual crazy, I do think she is a strong person. If the things that happened to her happened to other people, they might not even survive much less hope for a better tomorrow but not her. So while, there are many people out there probably judging her, I laud her for making such a difficult decision and for taking a stand.

I hope what she is doing now opens the eyes not only of the women who are oppressed in their own marriages or relationships but also of men who are oppressing the women. Not be accused of being a sexist (which I am admittedly at times *sheepish grin*), this goes both ways, this is for men too.

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