Monday, February 13, 2012

My Declamation Piece

Happy Valentine's Day people!

This is my first attempt at writing a declamation piece. Let me know what you think. My vision here is for the declaimer to experience some sharp pains as she narrates her story. I really want to perform this but at my age I will no longer be able to pull this off. This declamation piece that I wrote is really for young people because mostly they are the ones who need a piece. I also wanted to share with them a lesson. I hope that this would at least make them aware of possible consequences of too much passion. ;) 

Also, I do not have the venue *haha!!!*. I would be so thrilled to know if anyone uses this. Please leave me a message if you do use this. :) 

Let me know if you want it improved in anyway. 

Labor Pains

I was at a young age of fifteen when my eyes were opened. How I long for the days when I would wake up and just worry about unfinished homework or which color of ribbon to put on my long beautiful straight hair. I long for the day when my only worry was my friends laughing at me because I have had my first period and stained my school uniform. How I long to go back to that day.
Stop staring at my bulging tummy! Don’t judge me. I know I am too young to be carrying this baby inside me. I am too much of a baby still I know but before you judge, hear me out. 
I fell in love. 
Is that a crime? 
I fell in love with a boy about my age. My mother always told me not to do things that I would regret. My sister pounded me with lessons I could learn from her friends who got pregnant out of wedlock, got pregnant too young... yaddah... yaddah... was all I heard. After all, who could care less? I was in love and my boyfriend, he loves me too. Never mind that I caught him cheating this one time. He tells me he loves me all the time anyway.
One night, we forgot ourselves and one thing led to another...
A month later, my period did not come. I was pregnant. I knew my mother would disown me. My sister would hate me. I had nowhere to run. So I called my boyfriend. 
“I am pregnant”, I said sobbing on the phone. 
“I have much more that I can still do. I cannot commit to this. I am sorry”, was the only reply I got. I never heard from him again.
I thought he loved me. 
When you are young, you assume to many things. How I wished I listened. We were not in love. We were nothing but delusional. Kids who were way in over our heads. 
It’s too late now. I cannot bring back the hands of time. I have to face what I am dealt with. I ran away from home because I could not bear to tell my mother who has done nothing but shelter me all my life. I could not face the wrath of my sister. 
Now I must face this consequence of a mistake I had made one night when I thought I knew everything there is to know. When I thought I knew what love is. 
*Screams in pain*
AAAAhhhh!!! I think the baby might be coming!!! 
AAAhhh!!! Somebody help me!!! 


GreenheartNellie said...

Thank goodness for this! I will be having this piece for my Speech class tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much :D May I use this for my English class? It's the most unique declamation piece I have found so far, it's perfect, really good.

Anonymous said...

May i ask the true name of the author? Because i am using this piece for our final exam in english and we need the author of the piece. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

May I use this as a piece for our class declamation? thank you so much. credits will be given to the owner :)