Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Prepping

i have been trying to work since this morning. While progress is pretty slow at least I am getting some work done. This is better than just procrastinating and staring into blank space. I know I said I do not like to work on weekends but since there is no better thing to do than this, I might as well...

Though, I could watch Lie to Me *hehe!* I still have many episodes to watch. Maybe later. :) I have to sleep early though because I need. I mean really need to run tomorrow. I really forego Barre3 today because I want to run tomorrow. It has been more than a week! *thwaps self* I already feel fugly because I have not been running though my undereyes have drastically improved because I have not been losing sleep over running. :)

I am thinking of going back to Aikido. One of my colleagues has decided to try it out and I am a bit envious. I hope my mom would bring my Aikido gi soon or I could just go to Cavite to pick it up. :)

I am excited about my Krabi trip! I hope everything will go well! We will be staying at a nice resort there. I am bringing two of my students so this is bound to be fun. We need to finish up the budget from Year 1. :)

I have to go!

I also cannot wait to see Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts! Soh many things to look forward to! But first I have to go through two conferences. Ack.

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