Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I had such a great bible study session last night. Thank You. I understand now that You send us people who can help us the most even if there are times when we particularly do not like them, there is something to learn from our interaction with them. In this light I pray for my sister who is having difficulty putting up with another person. Give her strength and patience to withstand this.

I have finally written a one-page summary of my research problem. As to what is going to happen to that after, I do not know. My goal this term is to finish writing my proposal. I must. Next term, it is quite possible that I will only be teaching non-acad stuff because I will only have six units of teaching! I get to devote six units to research! How kewl is that?! Of course this means I really must deliver and this means I really have to be productive next term. If I get to propose this term, I actually have January to almost June to work on just my research! I really have to make the most out of this!

I have a rough idea of how I will solve my problem. I mean rough in the roughest sense! I am now more inclined to do a probabilistic approach but graph mining at the same time haunts me. I have people from data mining and first order logic from my panel but I also have a Math person! Come to think of it, I might have the best ensemble of panelists! Scary too but their areas are matching my needs. *yikes* But I am super excited. I do hope the interdisciplinary research gets approved so that I get the deloading! *weeh*

Six months of research and non-acad!!!

My friend is almost done with his proposal and I have to catch up!!! I do not want to get left behind. Though technically, he started earlier... I am supposed to have more time on my hands so shame on me! :)

I was planning to sleep after this but I decided not to.

Will work on the proposal.

Oh and yeah, I got to run 5K today! Weeh!!!

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