Friday, July 29, 2011

Progress Report

We are going to have a meeting tomorrow and I am not very pleased with what I have accomplished in the last few days. I could have done more had I not been so glued to the television which conveniently is just a few inches from me! Aargh!

I need to go to a research retreat and really, really think about things. I just need to prepare all my materials, say for example, a completed RRL. I cannot say I have done well because I am still lacking greatly I think in materials. I have now, a memory of a goldfish so I need to keep on reviewing the papers. This might be a good thing, hopefully, by the time (which SHOULD be next term) I defend, I would know them by heart.

I might not do Hidden Markov Model anymore because most readings say I need a representation that is human readable. I still need a probabilistic approach but definitely it has to have first order predicate logic somewhere. Wow, I make it sound like I understand it *haha!*. I have no friggin' idea yet how to do this but hopefully, I will get there.

My papers are more or less organized (leaning more towards LESS), I still have a tall pile to read but I have to attend the meeting by tomorrow already and I haven't got the time to continue reading some more. My output will just have to do.

I have to go and catch some winks, tomorrow is a full day. I do not like defense week. Nobody does. So why do we have it again?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Answered Call, Answered Prayer

I woke up today a bit later than I wanted to. I woke up at ten in the morning but I was a tad bit sleepy still and then the phone rang. That phone call woke me up faster than a pitcher of ice cold water fresh from the refrigerator. It was a call I have been praying for. That call was an answered prayer.

Please let everything just fall into place. I am tired and forlorn. I am not sure for how long I can still withstand this. I have much that I need to attend to and this is consuming me. Please let everything be normal again.

Through You everything is possible. I raise everything up to You, I know You have me in the Palm of Your Hands.

Thank You.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I think the government has to rethink the guidelines for class suspension for the different levels. These guidelines have been there since i was young and our environment has changed greatly since then. A signal number 2 can already cause waist deep floods whereas before this might not have been the case.

The guidelines are there to protect the youth. They have to revisit every now and then especially since we are going through climate change. I thought after Ondoy this should be done without them being told.

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I hope I am not as annoying as this person. I really hope I do not sound as irritating because if I do, I should start hating myself. I would wear earphones but I am waiting for my advisees to call for me...


How much longer do I need to listen to this?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I do not know how many contact lens wearers will be reading this post but no matter how small the number is, I still want to do my part in raising the awareness for GPC or Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. I am greatly disappointed in optometrists and optical shops for never informing contact lens wearers or prospective contact lens wearers of the risks that they face if they choose to wear contact lenses.

Last Wednesday, my right eye wept for half a day because it was rejecting my right contact lens. I know I am also at fault here for being irresponsible and not going to see an opthalmologist right away. It is ironic that a friend of mine for the longest time IS an opthalmologist *hehe!*. But her clinic is just too far away ... I digress. I thought it would go away because normally it does but this time around, it just would not quit even if I use my Aquify eye drops from Ciba. I had to go home to remove my lenses.

The following day, after much prodding from a close friend, I went to the hospital. I was told that I have GPC. Chronic contact lens wearers suffer from this. Essentially, wearing contact lens regularly makes one an automatic candidate. This condition has ten levels and I was told that I was in the 2nd level.

GPC causes your eyes to dry because this inflames the inner layer of the eyelid making the surface rough. This leads to dry eyes and discomfort. The cornea, which is the transparent layer of the eye gets its nutrients from the air and from the tears coming form the tear ducts. GPC makes your eyes produce less tears, hence, the cornea will dry up and if GPC gets really bad, it can get brittle and easily get scratched. I am fortunate because my cornea has no signs of abrasions.*whew*

The deal with my doctor is this, I cannot wear contacts for a week. After that, I have to reduce my contact lens wear from seven days to only five days a week. My friend told me not to wear contacts all together. My doctor proposed this as well in order to banish the symptoms. However, my doctor understands that this is impossible for me. I cannot give up wearing lenses. I do not want to wear glasses while I run. I do not want to swim blind. I know, I know I can get prescriptive goggles but... okay fine... maybe I will get a pair... *sigh*. So, while my friend insists that I do not wear contacts anymore, I was able to haggle and convince that I can wear contacts whenever I run or I swim. I will try my utmost best to not wear contacts. *haha*

This morning I accidentally wore them because I have programmed myself to be this way.

Oh and yeah, my doctor got me Genteel it's an eye drop product by Novartis. It has to be refrigerated so I am not sure how to go about using it at least four times a day when I need to keep it cool. I bring it with me nonetheless so I can use it.

I hope my eyes get better. I miss my contacts already. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SONga (State of Ngayon)

I was visiting memory lane and saw a list of things I wanted to do for 2006 and I realize that I was able to do most of it.

Still read books for leisure
I still do read for leisure. In fact, I think I am less stringent in terms of the books that I read. I am less discriminating. I sill would not read a Harry Potter to save my life but I still find reading as one of the most entertaining things to do.

Remember that my younger sister is no longer a baby
She is now a professional and has a boyfriend. I still have my big sister syndrome but I am proud to say that yes, I have now accepted that she is no longer a baby. :) *wahahah!!!* She can't push me around anymore. :)

Be more organized, organized, organized!
*hehe!* Relatively, yes. I am now more organized. I do use an electronic and a paper planner now. I have recently, (thnk last night) started a new filing system for the papers that I am referencing for my RRL. I have a special folder in my hard disk for all the papers, grouped in specific topics mind you, so that should say enough about how much I have improved. My desk still looks like a hurricane ransacked it but a slightly forgiving hurricane.

Be more punctual!
I am now more punctual in my classes. I have not been late for my class for a while now and I have not forgotten any of my classes during the beginning of the term. :) *beams*

Stick to my thrice a week 20-lap swimming, once a week 30 min jog and thrice a week crunches
I now just swim 10 laps instead of 20. My schedule will only permit me this much and at least once a week... I rarely get to swim more than once actually. I get to run at most thrice a week and at least once a week. It used to be 9KM but then it went down to 5KM and then now to 2.5KM but I have been doing intervals so that should count for something. I do not do crunches but I now do Barre3. My blood pressure if 90/60 for crying out loud! I think I am doing fine. :)

Earn PhD units
Twice more than the required actually. Talk about overkill.

Publish a paper
Check! :)

ERCIM tie up

I do not even remember this *wahaha* but I was able to have a project with ICT-Asia through a French institution and I had as partners universities from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore. I am also in partnership with the Psychology department right now and I have an ongoing DOST-PCASTRD project. I guess I did okay.

Make classes informative but exciting and fun
I do my best. I hope I am doing this. I can't believe I used to have this much passion. Enough at least to put this on my list hehe...

Propose an improved Computer Literacy Program as Pagkamulat Coordinator
We were able to improve the materials. Also, before I stepped down I was able to partner with MACE Learning Center and now every year we go there to give gifts to the kids and we also sponsor some kids there so they can go to school. I am still an active member of Pagkamulat and I love it.

Be responsive to calamity victims
We rarely have drives now.

Encourage more faculty involvement in Pagkamulat
This caused me much frustration before. I thnk the new coordinator is doing a much better job. :)

Be a good Practicum coordinator
I am proud to say that I have really improved in this area. I love my job. I love my students. I cannot say more. :)

Complain less :)
This blog is a testament to how much of a miserable failure I am in this department.

Less topaks for my boyfriend to worry about
No comment.

Continue to be an active lector
I stopped for a while but I am now back as a commentator.

Become a better badminton player
I still suck but I think my hand-eye coordination improved. I have learned how to play Ultimate Frisbee, pingpong and I did score one of the highest scores at Laser Extreme when I played with a bunch of my friends. But yeah, I still suck at badminton.

Join a fun run
I joined more than one actually. My last time was 30 minutes for 5K and 1hour for 10K I think. I stopped running because registration fees are just prohibitive. I would rather spend on my gear than on the registration.

Skate again
I did. On the ice and on pavements. I do not skate now, however. I do not know if I will skate again.

Sing more
We still do have our videoke sessions. We have a magic sing which we now rarely use but I still do sing. :)

Read more, learn more
I still read a lot... of papers :) I read and watch educational stuff and I talk to educated and well-read people so yeah, I grab every chance to learn.

I will come up with a new list of things I want to do and keep doing soon. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Progress Bar

I got to run again today! I did intervals again which is the most abhorring thing ever invented by runners, I think. It is really draining and it makes me feel like my lungs are going to explode! So why do it at all, you might ask? It gives me the workout I want in less time. Also, I think it will teach me how to sprint. I am more of a stamina runner/swimmer and I want to learn how to sprint to prepare me for an upcoming meet! :) *nervous*

Last night, I was able to see these sites that gave me tips on how to improve my stroke count. This gives a list of things to do and while some of the tips here, contradict with the eleven-time Olympic medalist *whoah!* Natalie Coughlin, I find the tips helpful nonetheless.

Okay enough of that.

I want to be well-rounded. :) I am doing such a good job considering I have been munching on banana chips *soh good!*. I digress. I am working on my dissertation proposal again. I decided to go back to the literature most similar to what I want to do and work my way from there. I know there will be a lot that I need to go through but these are the papers I will start with first.

I won't bore you anymore with details. I just really wanted to report what I am going to finish by tonight. I will not rest until I really finish all these because I have to finish my chapter one by Friday. Fortunately for me, I do not think I have to work tomorrow.

Over and out. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moving Target

I feel like I keep on doing things over in my dissertation but I think
I might have finally, finally found the specific problem I want to
drill in. I will need to do more RRL again. I swear my friend would
pound my head already. We have been working side by side and my friend
has made giant strides while I slept *wahaha*! I have been utterly
lazy because I was lost for a long time. I was trying to solve a load
of problems when I need to just solve one specific problem!!!


Next term I will defend my proposal and pass.

I will finish this.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I got to run today yahoo!!!

I was badly in need of endorphins this morning and it was indeed a blessing to have somebody listen to my sob stories. It was a great opprtunity to be able to have time to err... make time to run. It gave me the endorphin boost that I needed.

I guess I will not just workout for physical fitness anymore but mental fitness and emotional fitness as well. Oh and yeah I have to practice swimming...

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


They say women have this special intuition where you just get a feeling that people are betraying you. Then again, where do you draw the line between intuition and paranoia? A close friend of mine mocked me for even discussing this. He said I am supposed to be a scientist and intuition does not fall under science.

Hmm... I guess. So best to gather evidence, conduct experiments and perform observations before drawing conclusions.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swimming Ariel

My sister showed me this video and I have been wanting this doll since! I have always loved the Little Mermaid. I saw the movie when I was nine and I have kept on watching it over and over. I memorized her songs and up to this very day, I still sing her song Part of Your World every time we go to a karaoke place.

I wanted an Ariel doll before but I was a stingy kid and my parents gave me money to spend. I saw one that really looked like Ariel in Bahrain before but I was too stingy to buy it. I think it was 10 Dinars which was roughly 1000Php then and it was early nineties... So no. I did not get the doll.

Fast forward to today... I want the Swimming Ariel!!! :) Can I please, please swim with Ariel the next time I am at the pool.

Oh and yeah, Santa, if you can read my blog, may I also have my mermaid fins?! :)

*Swimming Ariel... Swimming Ariel song from the TV advertisement*

Cool-pon Shopping!

I have just discovered the joys of buying coupons online in exchange of different deals! If you want to try getting good deals for services like massages or buffets at your fave hotels or even great deals for holidays you can try clicking on this link. Check Deals!

If you are wondering what I have bought already: *hehe!*

I was able to get buffet coupons at 50% off at Sofitel's Spiral and I was able to get 90% off at a local spa and a nice holiday for only 2,700Php! Cool huh?! If you are looking for gifts they provide nice gifts as well! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life's Oxymorons

I find it truly amazing how people far from each other are closer. I guess it's pretty much like how when your voice is softer people hear you louder. Is it the challenge? Or is it the crave to conquer and to overcome? Is it because humans are designed to break down walls, and defeat limitations?

Whatever force it is that makes people this way, I am grateful.

Because of this force, the Berlin wall went down on November 9, 1989, the world became flat and people continue to strive to break down barriers of distance, space and time.

Thank You.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am now an official emcee under Weddings At Work! *woot!*

I hope I get booked soon! I am trying to figure out what to put on my new website. I am collecting all my pictures from all the weddings I have been an emcee for. I will also be collecting pictures from all the corporate events I have also hosted. I am mighty excited and I hope this really pushes through because it will be fun and it will give me additional income!



I woke very disappointed because I woke up vey late and then like the sun that peeked out after a heavy rain, I received a message and all was bright and sunny again!

Thank You, it really, really made my day! :) I am off to finish tasks! :)

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Somebody eating your leftover.

Hahaha!!! Am I weird or what?!

Seriously though, I appreciate acts of kindness and cavalry when they are really needed, when they matter because then you know it is not just for putting on a show.

Oh and yeah, for the record I really find eating off of a plate of someone sweet. Be that person be a sibling, a parent, a close friend (otherwise it is creepy and disturbing) or a partner (loved one sounds wrong coz all the others previously mentioned are loved too). It shows a certain level of intimacy and trust.


I had a cute sweet kid to play with today and it made my day. She remembered my name and our mini adventures! This kid will go rock climbing and swimming with the sharks with me someday. :)

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

First Major Quiz

Melancholia hits me.

I am now in a pensive mood after such a nice day.


Days sometimes can feel like weeks and weeks like months and months like years and years like a lifetime and a lifetime like forever and forever like... I think I have established my point.

Waiting has never been my forte but each day I am learning and I feel stronger each day.

Stroke of Bad Stroke

I swam today and had my sister take my video so I know how stroke looks. My camera phone sucks and my stroke too. Aargh!!! Really?! 60?! For a friggin' 50m?! I know it is ridiculous but I have to aim for a 30!!! So hmm... I have my period so no swimming for me next week but I have to do land training. Hopefully period will end by Saturday and that should let me swim. I have to look at videos for swimming. I was unable to maximize my glide because I was moving my arms too fast.

Next week should be better...

I hope my sister can get me on video again. :)

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

La-Z Girl

I need to jump start myself. I have been lazing around, not for days mind you but for months. I want to kick myself in the butt. I really must get myself to work. Aargh...

I did not even get to run yesterday! Yes, I have gotten that lazy. I am going to run tomorrow. I must run tomorrow. My sister has warned me how my figure now can change ever so abruptly if I start slacking off again. Needless to say, I am soh very happy with how I look right now! Vanity of vanities!!! :) Better to be happy with how you look than to loathe it, at the end of the day, there is really nothing much you can do with the raw materials you were given with. Harness it and love it or hate it and well be miserable wahaha!!!!

So I am making a deliberate choice to lavett!!!

Thank You Lord for the blessings that just come pouring in. Thank You for the opportunities that You present me with every single day to love You more. More importantly, thank You for the love You send me through the people You have sent my way. Please bless them all.

Monday, July 04, 2011


I got another nosebleed again this morning. I was not speaking in English and yet... Hmm... Odd.

I also want to learn how to cook. Haha! Something is messing with my system. Must be due to watching too close to the screen at Resort World. Transformers might have screwed with my system.

Still contemplating on running in a while. :)

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