Saturday, September 25, 2010

7K , 7 Hours and 7th Heaven

I was able to run yesterday! All 7K of what I promised myself to do *yehey!!*! I have one month to prepare for King of The Road!!! *yikes!* I really hope I will make good time! *crosses fingers*

My "coach" taught me a new technique and while I found it very complicated to do, hopefully muscle memory will kick in and I will get the hang of it. I think it lessens the stress on my legs really so I hope my time will improve eventually:) He also warned me about accidents during bike races and swimming... Okay this freaked me out. That triathlon might be too far out for me now... We will see...

After running I had a very, very sinful breakfast! Schublig, omelette, bacon and pancakes!!! *hahaha!!!* They say, after running you need to replenish protein! I think I overdid it yesterday though *haha!*!

During lunch time I had an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at Red Box because I was at an uber late birthday celebration of a friend and we sang for seven hours straight!!! My head was spinning already after our session. After that, I met up with my mom and sis so we can have Mango Bravo at Conti's. I did not have dinner anymore since I was still full.

I got back home and before I slept I had some Chocolate Croissant. I lurve Chocolate Croissants!!! I want to go to Europe if only to eat a good chocolate croissant!

Last night I had a really sweet night cap. Thank You Lord, it really made my heart smile. :)

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