Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I was unable to get my quiet time today as my day was fully packed however, I did get a slice of my creative time in the morning after running. I think my peak time is after running. It might be. I was able to do a lot of work this morning and that made me very happy. I got to take a nap for forty-five minutes and then off I went to a series of paneling and lectures. I had fun though. I thought this was a very productive day!

I am going to sleep now. I really want to finish writing the draft of my first chapter this term. Of course, I also want to finish writing my RRL but I still am struggling as to how to present it. Right now, the most important and the biggest thing on my head is my algorithm... Ack...

How do I make it growth-centric?

Thank You for the nice night cap. :)

Sometimes the simplest of conversations about one's day can make somebody smile. I am sure it made me smile today. :)

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