Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Better Days

Today is another beautiful day. Please keep them coming Lord! :)

I hope that this keeps up because i have been a walking, talking, breathing neurotic for the past few days I am kind of tired of being that. Today was different though. I was better today and I like it. :) Oh yeah, yesterday was good too. I guess I am getting better.

Thank You for blessing me with wonderful people. They are such great gifts. :)


It is the simple words that people say and the simple things that people do that just leave me breathless. :) Thank You.

Smile Therapy

I got to write the paper. It is still lacking in the Analysis part but all the rest of it is pretty coherent I think. I am going back to my dissertation this week but I also need to check the technical papers of my students in my Masteral class plus I need to start checking the Midterms... Hmm... I hope I can find time for my dissertation amidst all this.

Today, the idea that working outside helps has been reinforced yet again. Also, knowing that you are working alongside others really help motivate a person. I really like the idea but it takes so much effort to go out and work... unless, you have someone to prod you. :)

Thank You for the beautiful and more or less productive day that You have given me.

I really appreciate it.

Resolution: No more negativity. I am just going to smile because this has worked for me for many years now. :) *big smile*

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

We all have our priorities and often our priorities differ from each other. It just sucks when you are working on something important with others and you realize that your priorities are not really the same. One is left to choose to either, suck it up and stay or eff it and flee.

I am surprised that it took me this long to realize this. Sometimes, you just hit a wall and you come to terms with a realization.


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Not the perfume though I wish it were because currently the stench of a dead rat is making me want to puke. Eww!

I am once again trying to write my dissertation proposal that currently lacks coherence *sigh*. Here I am trying to escape and desperately failing at it as well... I actually should be writing a paper but I will write that over the weekend I think since the deadline will not be until November 30. I know, I am a crammer. There is a homecoming this Saturday so I doubt it will get accepted but I will be writing anyway if just to get comments from experts.

I have to report about my progress tomorrow. I ought to get to work. I ought to get some dinner as well but I am still full... Hmm... What to eat? :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belle de Jour

I do not know why I got myself a 2011 Belle de Jour planner but I did and I am mighty excited to use it! Even if it means aging another year. :) This makes me go back to the year that has gone by so much earlier than planned. I travelled a lot this year in the Philippines and outside. I was able to do a lot of things both in my professional and personal life. This year and the year before are pivotal years that I have never thought I would experience but have. I guess that is how I know I am getting older. I hope next year, I can close a chapter of my life and begin a new one. With Your grace Lord, I believe the chapter I am working so hard to end may end already.

During my trip to PowerBooks today, I also got to see the new Kinsella Shopaholic novel Mini Shopaholic! Yahoo!!! No reprint yet but I can wait. I will wait for the cheaper version.


Oh Happy Day!

Thank You Lord for this beautiful day! You have given me so many reasons to smile. I finally got one of the things I prayed for. Thanks! :) Also, I got to work on my proposal while spending time with friends. I had a Starbucks hot choco for free thanks to a friend who recently celebrated being born. I did get dizzy after and am palpitating as of the moment but still... I was giddy all night. I ate a bit too much during dinner because I was keeping a friend from eating forbidden food... Okay, okay... the food was yummy too and what I originally ordered was not, my order was pricey too... I suck at picking out food. I suck at cooking as well... I guess I was built to be waited on hand and foot. *sheepish grin*

I also liked yesterday, especially the part when I did not get murderalized. :) Thank You for my momentum in spite the many other things that I need to do. Thank You for allowing me to escape them once in a while to work on my proposal. I now have LaTex always open so if I have spare time to write I can write. I am really enjoying it right now. It's like a cross stitching project only I do not have to get cross-eyed in the process and well, I actually enjoy it. It is even more fun to try to beat a friend to the finish line. Even though I know it is really hard to do and even impossible because my friend already has an algorithm prepared and a paper about the algorithm too if that is not enough... it is still fun. :) I like working side by side this person.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Miss Management (Not!)

Alright thoughts, please fall in line in an orderly manner, no pushing please. I just need all of you in one paper. All thoughts that are in no way related to the paper that is being written please go back to the waiting room.

Thank you.


Everything In Between

Thank You for wiping away the neurosis from my head by answering my prayers tonight. I have peace of mind again. :) Also, I thank You for sending me people who help me feel You. 

I had the best food today hands down. It is not at all the healthiest and I can really feel my heart complaining but dem the food is reheally guhreat!!! I thought I won't be able to try it in a lohong time but to my surprise I got to try it tonight!!! *woot!!!* Happy food!!! Next to my Pancake House fix is this food because there are so many things attached to it, sauce and meaning and everything in between. As if this is not enough I got a suhweet bonus!!! *yey!*

Good night world! Tonight I sleep with a smile on my face. My digestive system is hard at work... Okay TMI! :) 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not the Weigh To Go

My fears are unfounded and stupid but they are there and I want to push them away. I do. i hate myself for even thinking about them. I should really not entertain them.

Thank You for today. I got to work and I got to cap my day with something really sweet and warm. I enjoyed the moment.

So what is this heavy feeling still within?

Go away.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anger Management

I got into an accident today and I was soh angry! Being angry almost got me into trouble but fortunately Your guiding Hand was there as always. I should not let anger get the better of me. I thank You Lord for my friends because through them, I felt You.

Please do not let me encounter such mishaps anymore.


One More Thing

I was watching Lie To Me but I had to stop when I received a quote: "It is easy to submit to the person whom you know is after your welfare and takes care of you and you know is on your side.". I have to agree. :)

Also, I want to thank You because I felt taken care of today. It is a very small act but I was really able to appreciate it. It was a beautiful surprise. :)

Thank You.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I was unable to get my quiet time today as my day was fully packed however, I did get a slice of my creative time in the morning after running. I think my peak time is after running. It might be. I was able to do a lot of work this morning and that made me very happy. I got to take a nap for forty-five minutes and then off I went to a series of paneling and lectures. I had fun though. I thought this was a very productive day!

I am going to sleep now. I really want to finish writing the draft of my first chapter this term. Of course, I also want to finish writing my RRL but I still am struggling as to how to present it. Right now, the most important and the biggest thing on my head is my algorithm... Ack...

How do I make it growth-centric?

Thank You for the nice night cap. :)

Sometimes the simplest of conversations about one's day can make somebody smile. I am sure it made me smile today. :)


I had such a great bible study session last night. Thank You. I understand now that You send us people who can help us the most even if there are times when we particularly do not like them, there is something to learn from our interaction with them. In this light I pray for my sister who is having difficulty putting up with another person. Give her strength and patience to withstand this.

I have finally written a one-page summary of my research problem. As to what is going to happen to that after, I do not know. My goal this term is to finish writing my proposal. I must. Next term, it is quite possible that I will only be teaching non-acad stuff because I will only have six units of teaching! I get to devote six units to research! How kewl is that?! Of course this means I really must deliver and this means I really have to be productive next term. If I get to propose this term, I actually have January to almost June to work on just my research! I really have to make the most out of this!

I have a rough idea of how I will solve my problem. I mean rough in the roughest sense! I am now more inclined to do a probabilistic approach but graph mining at the same time haunts me. I have people from data mining and first order logic from my panel but I also have a Math person! Come to think of it, I might have the best ensemble of panelists! Scary too but their areas are matching my needs. *yikes* But I am super excited. I do hope the interdisciplinary research gets approved so that I get the deloading! *weeh*

Six months of research and non-acad!!!

My friend is almost done with his proposal and I have to catch up!!! I do not want to get left behind. Though technically, he started earlier... I am supposed to have more time on my hands so shame on me! :)

I was planning to sleep after this but I decided not to.

Will work on the proposal.

Oh and yeah, I got to run 5K today! Weeh!!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Letter from You

Thank You.

You always know what to say. Please energize me for tomorrow. I do not want to be sedentary again tomorrow. Please bless me that I may be able to do all that I need to and set aside all the other things that seem to bother me.

You will take care of everything I know.


I told myself I will work during this long weekend but I ended up going back home and just pigging out and sleeping *haha!*! I had a restful weekend. I have four more weeks to make my proposal fly but I still have to prepare for class as well. Now, how to do all these...

I better start. Something is holding me back though. I do not know exactly what it is but something is holding me back. *argh!*

I have to get started.

And I need to start running again. *thwaps self* Must sleep early tonight so I can run again tomorrow. Ran into one of my favorite people today. *happy!*