Monday, July 29, 2013

I need to do something new and it is out of my comfort zone.

I need Your help. There is no way I can go through this without You.

Thank You very much.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Before Midnight

I just saw Before Midnight and I was impressed by how great their marriage is. I was happy that they were able so show a nice semblance of what it is like to be married instead of overly romanticizing it. Delpy's character reminded me of my self.

A bit neurotic. Worried about a lot of things while just taking in so many things and keeping them to myself.

The character of Hawke was amazing as well. He was great in trying to make his case. He was not perfect, a bit judgmental and I was in awe of the tolerance Delpy had.

I guess, at the end of the day, if I ever get married again, if I see something like this, I will be okay.

This is what a marriage is all about. It's about laughing, talking fighting, walking out, coming back, walking away, getting fetched, loving and living and growing old together.

In spite all that has happened to me, I am still hopeful.

At least I have that.

In the meantime, I have to take a bath and have a great time... before midnight.

'Cause after that I have to sleep and then get my ass to work.

Here's to hoping that in between sleeping and working I will get to find my Hawke. :)

Spreading Wings, Wetting Feet

All my life I have not been too far away from my family. I did not want to work abroad because I did not want to be too far away from the warmth of my loved ones and from the comfort and convenience of home. Without going abroad, I am left on my own as my sister explores a new horizon. My mom has chosen to hold her hand as she wets her feet along a new shoreline.

I am sure things will be okay but it takes a bit of getting used to. This small box that we used to live in suddenly feels too big. The once too noisy place has now become deafeningly silent.

I just need to shake this off. I will learn to appreciate this newfound independence albeit forced. Things will work out just fine. I will learn and I will live.

Monday, July 15, 2013


After a really long time, I find the urge to type away again in front of my screen. So many things have changed. For instance, I am not typing away in front of the MacBook Pro that I have been so accustomed to seeing before me. Instead, I type away on a 17" Lenovo that can be upgraded to a 64MB memory. It's a server on my shoulder.

As I type, my newly digitally permed wet (I might add) hair hangs by my shoulders much to my annoyance. I have to take the good  with the bad. I am not so afraid to experiment anymore. Too old to care I guess.

As I type this, I can say that I am now free. I have finally seen the end of the tunnel. It's bittersweet. I see that I am now where I have dreamed to be but I have not thought beyond getting here. So I am here and yet so clueless as to what I should do next. I just know that I am grateful for being here.

As to where my next journey will take me, I leave that unto You.

I knew You were holding me all this time. Thank You for never letting go even at times when I felt I have wronged You immensely. Thank You.

I see life in a more different light. I hope to be worthy of this new chance. At love. At life.

I am blessed.