Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Thank You Lord for this beautiful day! You have given me so many reasons to smile. I finally got one of the things I prayed for. Thanks! :) Also, I got to work on my proposal while spending time with friends. I had a Starbucks hot choco for free thanks to a friend who recently celebrated being born. I did get dizzy after and am palpitating as of the moment but still... I was giddy all night. I ate a bit too much during dinner because I was keeping a friend from eating forbidden food... Okay, okay... the food was yummy too and what I originally ordered was not, my order was pricey too... I suck at picking out food. I suck at cooking as well... I guess I was built to be waited on hand and foot. *sheepish grin*

I also liked yesterday, especially the part when I did not get murderalized. :) Thank You for my momentum in spite the many other things that I need to do. Thank You for allowing me to escape them once in a while to work on my proposal. I now have LaTex always open so if I have spare time to write I can write. I am really enjoying it right now. It's like a cross stitching project only I do not have to get cross-eyed in the process and well, I actually enjoy it. It is even more fun to try to beat a friend to the finish line. Even though I know it is really hard to do and even impossible because my friend already has an algorithm prepared and a paper about the algorithm too if that is not enough... it is still fun. :) I like working side by side this person.

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