Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cerebral Hemorrhage

Was what I had yesterday. My defense lasted for four and a half hours!
It was excruciating! I had fun at first and then after three hours of
rapid fire questions, I felt myself wanting to gather my things and
say, "Thank you, but I think I have changed my mind. Thanks for your

And so it begins, this journey called the dissertation. Yes, that was
just the beginning.

Before I braved the storm, I had a little angel visitor and got to
play with her for a bit. She hugged me and gave me the sweetest smile!
I hope she visits again soon. I wish I could keep her *hehehe!*! I was
able to buy some fun time because another angel, a slightly bigger one
took care of the other logistics like carrying a giant pizza box and a
couple of hot wings boxes and three bottles of mineral water.
Seriously, I appreciated it. Beyond, beyond measure.

Also, it was nice to have people waiting after I was asked to step out
for the panel's deliberation. It felt nice to exhale.

Thank You dear Lord for a wonderful night cap last night after a
horrendous defense. :) Thank You for giving me the answers. Thank You
for helping me explain myself.

Thank You.

Please bless my work and the road that will lead me to its completion.

Friday, March 23, 2012


March all in all has been so eventful.

I have been blessed to see how compassionate Jesus can be up close
some weeks ago. I am so grateful. I hope that this chapter may end
soon so that I may be able to start writing a brand new one.

I bought siomai from 7-11 and it had mold already. I am really not
good at tasting mold. It was good that I shared the food with a friend
and so I only got to eat one piece. This caused me to be sick for one
whole week!

I celebrated the day before my birthday with friends at Red Box and
then at Shakey's. It was fun!

I celebrated my birthday on the day. *big grin* I realized that while
people give gifts, the best gift is still the gift of time.

The sisters of MACE gave me gifts and even celebrated on my behalf. I
was unable to come because of a surgery I had to undergo.

I had my right breast excision which was scary. Glad to say that the
cyst was found to be benign. I am still recovering because I never
really got to rest. The day after the surgery I was already up and
about going to defenses. *ouch it's hurting as I type* This experience
however, made me see the people who really cared. Thank You for
surrounding me with people who care.

I am to emcee three times this month.

I am a bit exhausted already. If all the above mentioned is not
enough, I am also to have my dissertation proposal defense on March

This month is packed!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Best birthday ever.

Thank You Lord. :) I really felt special today. Thank You because those who matter remembered and took the time to make today a special one. Thank You for giving me gifts every single day just because.

I want to always remember the feeling. *sigh*

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