Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belle de Jour

I do not know why I got myself a 2011 Belle de Jour planner but I did and I am mighty excited to use it! Even if it means aging another year. :) This makes me go back to the year that has gone by so much earlier than planned. I travelled a lot this year in the Philippines and outside. I was able to do a lot of things both in my professional and personal life. This year and the year before are pivotal years that I have never thought I would experience but have. I guess that is how I know I am getting older. I hope next year, I can close a chapter of my life and begin a new one. With Your grace Lord, I believe the chapter I am working so hard to end may end already.

During my trip to PowerBooks today, I also got to see the new Kinsella Shopaholic novel Mini Shopaholic! Yahoo!!! No reprint yet but I can wait. I will wait for the cheaper version.


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