Thursday, December 29, 2011


I got to play with two beautiful and smart girls today. It was such a
joy being with them. I really had a wonderful time, I did not expect
today to be this beautiful. Thank You. As if playing with these two
bundles of joy was not enough, I also got to ride a seesaw! *woot!* It
has been a long time since I last rode a seesaw and I had such a
blast. After the seesaw, we had an isaw fest. I have forgotten how
yummy the isaw was until today so I had to steal another isaw
*hehehe!!!*, well, it was more of a donation. Thanks! :) I also got to
have a red velvet cupcake which is my most favorite cupcake flavor
hands down. *yummy!!!* I also got to see a kid I used to play with her
when she was three, she is twelve now. She called me Tita Friend and
my other friend Tito Monster back then. She still remembers me. I was

In between all these, I had great company and so much laughter.

I thank You dear Lord for this wonderful day.

You truly are my Lord and my Shepherd, I shall not want. In verdant
pastures You give me rest and beside still waters you restore my soul.

Thank You.

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Dear Lord, please let me be able to channel all my focus and effort on
this one project that I am doing right now. I really need to.

Thanks a bunch!


My Playlist

I just realized that the playlist of my life has changed. I am glad.

Thank You.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I do not like ghosts but today, I find a new meaning in the word ghost.

Thank You.

PS. I had my hair cut really, really short yesterday and so far, I
think I like it. I am not sure how other people feel about it but I
really am liking it *crazy laugh*!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Usurfer Surfing Trip

I was not able to do what I was supposed to do today. *Boo!!!*

I instead, obsessed on the coming surf trip's logistics. While I was
able to get that out of my to do list. I have my Chapter 1 to rewrite.
I hope to be able to finish it soon! *Arrgh!!!* Hopefully, before the
surf trip so I can have my adviser look at it.

Tomorrow, I have two classes but I hope to squeeze in dissertation
time tomorrow.

Thank You Lord.

I know You will help me.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Inching Away or Inching Closer?

I just do not want to forget this quote by Asha Tyson:

Your journey has molded you for your greater good.
And it is exactly what it needed to be.
Dont think that you have lost time.
It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.
And now is right on time.

I need to remember this all the time because I find myself often
ridden with regret. Quite a different version of me from the younger
me. Perhaps because so many years ago, I did not see myself as wiling
time away. Now, more than often, I seem to think that I am watching
Father Time carry me farther and farther into the void of old age. :)

Through this quote I realize that I am where I am and I must continue
to trudge on because each day brings me closer to who I need to be.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ex-cited and Exhausted

I am strangely excited for class tomorrow.

It's sad that though I brought my dumbbells out, I was unable to use
them... I hope to do Yoga tomorrow. Colds, please go away.

Thank You dear Lord for allowing me make it to mass today. *whew!* It
was a late notice from the coordinator and I had to be the substitute
commentator. I thank You Lord because I am less nervous now and I
still get to enjoy the mass.

I thank You dear Lord because I know little by little You are changing me.

I hope I can keep this up.

Thank You for so many things but today I am most grateful for my
family, my mom in particular.

Thank You so much for my mommy and for Mama Mary. I feel Your love
through them.

Oh and yeah, I am happy I am getting published on Springer!!! *woot!*
Never mind that I won't be able to download the paper because I do not
have an account on Springer *hehe!!!* First!!! :)

I now have an IEEE and a Springer!!! *woot!!!*

When oh when will I get a Journal? :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011


I love hugs!

I also love moments like this:

Me: *singing Marry Me by Train* Maaaaareeeeeh meeeeh....
Sister: Halloween is over, why are you still trying to scare me? (In
the vernacular)


Friday, December 02, 2011

Three Blind Men

The homily today was about the blind men who told Jesus Christ, "Lord
have pity on us.". They did not directly ask the Lord to heal them.

The priest said, more often than not we ask the Lord for exactly what
we want. We think we know better than Him. When we do not get what we
ask for we get disappointed. The priest said it's normal to be
disappointed. However, we have to remember that the Lord gave us the
best that He had, His Son. He gave us His Son. That should clue us in
that He will always give to us what is best.

I am among those who ask for exactly what she wants. I have always
believed in another passage, "Ask and you shall receive, know and the
door shall be opened.". I realized today that the source of my
frustration is precisely this. I have to be humble and trust in the
Lord. I am at His mercy after all.

Today's Psalm response was "The Lord is my light and my salvation.".

I shall not trust on mortals but on the Lord who has mercy.

Oh and yeah... On a very happy note, I have found the medal!!! *yahoo!!!*

Another realization that I had, I am pretty. :) *haha thick face!!!*
Seriously though, today I realized that I am pretty, lovable and sexy.
If you have not realized that about yourself, it is not yet too late!

Ciao! :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011


I cannot believe I have lost the medal after a week. I seriously
cannot find it. I even thought of going home to get it when I realized
I did not have it in my pocket. When I checked where I usually place
it, it was not there. I checked all my pants' pockets and it was
nowhere to be found. I am still hoping I can find it tomorrow. I am
beginning to wonder if I really did take it with me the day I wore my
formal clothes but forgot where I placed it exactly. I can distinctly
remember carrying it with me last Sunday though... *tsk...*

I am not liking myself right now.

Apart from the medal, I feel like I am losing my sense of self as
well... Not liking this at all.

Must get my act together.

Then again, maybe I just need to run and swim. It has been two weeks
after all. *sigh*

I need endorphins.