Monday, August 28, 2006

Movies Move


This film made me appreciate my job even more. I realize that I am living the life I want. No fastforwards, no need for rewinds and definitely, I find no interest to skip chapters of my life. I like the way it is going.

Sure, I might not have the most money or the most powerful position but I have clients who are younger than I am, smiles and laughs with me. I don't have to call them sir or ma'am and most of all, I do not have to suck up to them. It makes me happy when they get what they want. When I do get clients I do not like, I know I only have to bear with them for three months and then I would not have to deal with them again.

While the others need to go to work early and stay put until the end of the day, I can come to school later so long as my schedule permits. I can do what I want most of the time, provided I finish all my deliverables, hence I find time to attend to my Aikido, swimming, reading, DVD marathons, dating and so much more.

And so even if at times, people look down on my chosen profession, I just quietly count how blessed I am that I have this job. While so many search their whole life of something that can make them happy, I have found mine at an early age. I guess it's true what they say, teaching is addictive.

On a lighter note, my boyfriend and I were looking for Rob Schneider's cameo, as he always has one in all Happy Madison films starring Adam Sandler but to no avail. I found out later on that he's supposed to be Prince Habibi... The big nose definitely derailed us.

The Devil Wears Prada

I loved the outfits showcased in thsi film! I mean... Wow! Is there an opening to a fashion magazine post? Sign me up please!

Why is it that Hathaway always plays this person who is in need of a makeover? She always gets one, except in Brokeback Mountain where her character was beyond help. Her bare breasts still flashes somehow when I see her face. That flesh exposure was unnecesary and tasteless if I may say so.

This movie made me fear the industry even more. The politics and the brown-nosing is something I was not designed to do. It's against my principles. The signature bags, shoes and clothes had their appeal of course, but they're just not worth my precious sleep at night.

I enjoyed this film but I think the part reason why I was entertained aside from the glamour of the clothes and accessories is the little game my boyfriend and I were playing. He was waiting to gloat at the weakness of Hathaway's character, Andyin resisting a guy in the film and I, being the girl had to stick it out for Andy.

This is a good film. I wonder if the book will entertain me as much. Our library doesn't have it. Darn. I'll have to buy one if I want to read it. It can wait. I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice. To sidetrack a bit, I have finally read Jane Austen's Persuasion and apart from it being a satire of the old customs in England before, I found it rather boring. Not as boring as Scarlet Letter, Austen tells the story in less words but I guess I was expecting more romance and found none. People in her era are so frigid. Pride and Prejudice is proving to be a more interesting read.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I was not so happy with this film. Maybe the fact that I saw this after watching Meryl Streep has affected my judgement but really. Most of the jokes in this film moved around sex and flirting. I don't know why I expected more from this film to begin with.

At the end of the film, it's really just an empty flick with a cute title.

My boyfriend and I like to binge on movies a lot. We find it therapeutic I guess. I love watching with my boyfriend, it gives me an excuse to snuggle up to him, not that I need an excuse hehe...

Monday, August 07, 2006


I saw Sukob with my boyfriend. I only wanted to spend time with him. Believe me, I'm not just trying to be conio when I tell you I did not have much interest in watching it. I was more excited to be with my baby who has been busy with work lately.

That was until after a few minutes into the film. After the first few minutes, the film had my full attention. It was like a rollercoaster ride and I should know because I have been on soh many rollercoasters! Dang it just kept on making me jump and shriek... I think I even waved my hands in the air out of sheer shock! My beau was probably blacking out already from all the screams I was belting out in his right ear.

It's a shocker film alright. I do not recommend the film to people with poor heart conditions... Really, the movie houses should have a warning sign outside. People with heart problems should not see the film.

It pretty much followed the formula of Feng Shui. The protagonist starts out as happy as can be and then she realizes she is cursed. The protagonist finds out that what she has and finds out about an antidote but then the antidote won't work. But wait... a few more popping-out-of-nowhere-watchamacallits, gory deaths and ugliest dead bodies later, the protagonist will realize there is a way to rid herself of the curse and just when you think everything is all better (of course all horror movies should have the "unexpected" ending) it's not.

When I put it that way, the movie seems formulaic... oh wait it is. It's almost not scary but add really good background music (which was really good by the way, well it's that or I am just jumpy), and Kris Aquino's skillful, mastered over the years since her Myrna Diones story, just the right pitch to make the hair on your back stand kind of shriek and it makes a frightening movie. Make sure you empty your bladder before watching this because you just might not be able to hold it in (No, I do not speak from experience.). It doesn't hurt to bring someone to hug too, it would be great if that someone smells good, has great biceps and oh so cuddly!

I enjoyed the film but I do not want to ever see it again. Ever.

Ponder - ain

It was raining hard as we waited in the car. The rain drops trickled on the windshield making rhythmic tapping sounds. The raindrops as it flows down the windshield like tears rolling down one's cheeks seem to hypnotize me, drawing me in.

He reclined his seat and then mine so I can rest my head on his chest as we waited for the rain to stop. I was in my nook . The place where I feel loved, warm and safe. Soft music was playing in the background in spite my insistence that he turn it off before he discharges his battery. Being the engineer that he was, he did not listen. The tapping of the rain against the body of his car and the steady beat of his heart, were music enough for me. It was as romantic as it can get, lovers stranded in a car in the middle of a flooded parking lot.

Gathering his thoughts, he asked me, "Remember when you told me that you fear that you might end up being ordered around by your husband?" Of course, to this I replied a resounding and definite yes. I grew up in a matriarchal household and I do not have plans of marrying and becoming an underdog in my own home.
Well, I thought I'd tell you that I don't want to be an underdog in my home too. I do not want to be "under" my wife. You know what I mean?". I asked him to define "under" but instead of formally defining it, he just told me I knew already. Yeah, maybe I have an inkling...

I know how he feels, he must be thinking I will not lift a finger when it comes to household chores. I have after all, said it a thousand times. I do not cook, I do not like cleaning the house, I do not like domestic chores. Sure, I said all these things but I did not really mean I will do not do these things at all. I had to end his suffering, so I told him, I do want to learn how to cook. More than anything, I want to be able to take care of him, love him and be a good wife to him and a good mother to his children. He need not worry about that as I do not need to worry about him ordering me around as he always assures me. Though, I did clarify that I will want him to wash the dishes if I cooked. :)

It was only during the moment that I was saying all these out loud that I really felt that burning desire to do all these things. I do yearn to take care of him. I look forward to cooking for him, waking him up in the morning, loving him. I look forward to that day when I can contribute to his dream of having a home. I do. As the rain poured outside the car, I came to the realization tHat I have found the man whom I do not mind to cook for or take care of. I have found the man whom I can truly say I love.

As it rained harder, we talked about what we dream of doing for each other one day and it just made my heart swell in gladness and gratitude.

After we poured our dreams out to each other, as if on cue, his phone vibrated. His friends were already in the restaurant. They have braved the rain. while silently, I worried about my five hour old shoes, he told me he was going to carry me so I would not have to worry about my shoes.

He carried me on his back as he held his umbrella. It was like one of those romantic Korean films except I could not keep myself from laughing and shrieking as we ran for the restaurant.

I got a little wet from the rain but I have never felt so warm in my life. Now who wouldn't want to take care of a man like him?