Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rainbow After The Rain

Last Sunday was a great day for me because I got to go see my college
buddies again. It was surreal to see their kids. I can still vividly
remember snippets of our college days. Who would have thought that in
a few years our lives would be like this. It is always a joy for me to
hold in my embrace kids. The more I hold kids in my arms, the more I
realize that I should be teaching younger minds. The more I am
reminded that I also want my own kids... But I do not want to whine
tonight... Actually, I am sick of whining in my head. I just have to
put everything unto Him and He will take care of everything.

As if being with kids was not enough, I had another sweet surprise
waiting for me that night. It was just what I needed after two weeks
of agony. I know, I know I am such a brat. I understand that other
people are in much more pain but we all have different thresholds
okay. Mine is not that great. Don't be hatin'.

Today was another nice bonus. I was not particularly cheerful this
morning but this afternoon and evening was a blast. I got to see
somebody's dream come to fruition. Congratulations! I am so happy and
proud of you!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was at PGH today to see my dentist and I got there an hour early. I
was pleased to know that they have a 1215 mass at their chapel so I
decided to hear mass. There was somebody who talked about Our Lady of
the Miraculous Medal. I was unable to listen to the rest of the talk
because my mom called but Our Lady made an apparition and has been
interceding for many years now.

They gave out medallions after the mass. I waited for my medallion
before going to see my dentist. I was pleased. I finally understood
the reason for the medallions. At St. Paul, they used to give out the
medallions every October (Universally known as the month of the Holy
Rosary) but I never knew until today that there is Our Lady of
Miraculous Medal behind it. I hope I will not lose my medallion. :)

The homily was again about trials, and chaos and how after all this,
everything will be better.

I thank You dear Lord for the comforting message. I thank You for
always sending me people and comforting words and love.

Yesterday, the homily was about becoming happier and holier. I think
the last few days of turmoil has indeed made me, ironically, happier
and holier. Through the last few days, I was able to take a peek of
somebody who was in emotional anguish. Suddenly, I understood people I
used to not understand. Suddenly, I was more forgiving, more
sympathetic. During the last few days, I felt more love than I have
from the usual and the unusual places. So while the last few days were
horrific and I had moments in the morning when I did not want to get
up, I felt loved.

I realized that sometimes we demand love in the one place where we
cannot get it and totally ignore the abundance of love in other places
that are totally within our reach. We exhaust ourselves obsessing only
to realize in the end that there is more than enough love for you to
go around. Just not in the one place you are expecting it to be but
sometimes, that is fine. You would be surprised that, in time, that
one place may give you some love when you stop obsessing.

Thank You.

I guess it is true that only in the heat of the fire, and the
bludgeons of heavy steel can you forge the finest of swords. Dear
Lord, I also realized in the last few days, that I am fine with the
idea that I am not the best of swords... Enough of the heat and the
bludgeons please. :)

Thanks! :)

I only have 12 days left until my deadly deadline. I better really get

Tonight I sleep, tomorrow I work like crazy! :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011


I signed up for many months ago. Lately, I have bee
going through a rough patch and this email was in my inbox today:

When an obstacle is in front of you, it simply means there are better
paths elsewhere. Paths that are a hundred times better, a thousand
times better, a million times better!



P.S. So excited for you, Rhia.

Incidentally, today's homily was also about difficulties. According to
the priest, difficulties are encountered so that better things may
come. While difficulties may sometimes be caused by evil, to triumph
over this always results to a better you, a happier you and a holier

What does this all mean? I am confused...

Shall I do what I normally do? Stand by and watch things unravel?
They say, when You let the Lord do what He does best, You will be
surprised. Please do Your work dear Lord because I am not sure how
long I can withstand being like this... This is driving me nuts.

Let things start getting better.




I really can use a break from all this. *takes a whiff of happiness from bottle*

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cloudy and High

I am giddy happy. I have not been this way in a long time.

I am not sure if it has to do with the Snow Lady and Custle Pao intake.

In the meantime, let me get back to my dissertation.

*floats in my own nimbus cloud of happiness* Isn't it ironic that I
call it nimbus when nimbus as been associated to rain and rain has
been associated to turmoil. Let me change that. *floats in my own
cumulus cloud of happiness* Hmm... but then cumulus are relatively low
clouds. Puffy, yes but they are low... I feel high... *floats in my
own stratus cloud of happiness* Then again, this one has snow and rain
and often not so puffy... *I am in cloud nine enough said*. I don't
understand why but I am and that's all I care about for now.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Saturday

Yes, the kind with a red cape and an underwear worn outside. That kind
of super! :)

Tonight was eriously one of the best nights ever!!!

Tonight was loaded and packed with so many sweet surprises! Soh going
to my bottle. :) That makes me sound like a witch *hahaha!!!*. Please
see older entries for context.

I have never been this happy to hear my name said out loud. I never
liked my first name much but hearing it from one of the two oh so cute
and innocent kiddos was priceless. *sigh* I wanted to take the
munchkins home *hahaha!!!*.

I also got a red velvet cupcake. Seriously a great night.

Oh and the movie was funny, I cried and cried laughing.

Thank You Lord!

Now on to the more serious stuff.... Ack.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Little Packages of Cheer

There is no sound on this Earth that beats the sound of happy children.

Thank You for the gift of allowing me to hear innocent kids shriek and
giggle and laugh. My heart melts as I think about it now. Highlight:
One cute little girl said " I love you." to me. *sigh*

This is going straight to my happiness bottle around my neck. :)

Oh and yeah, started programming my prototype today. Am not sure
what's going to happen but it feels nice to be programming. :)

Time Capsule

Today was another blast. I can get used to this. :) Today felt like I travelled back in the past. I was smiling like crazy. I am still smiling like crazy. I want to bottle up all my happiness and memories and wear it as a necklace so I can take a whiff of it whenever I want to remember today.

Thank You. :)

*smiling like crazy*

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