Sunday, June 06, 2010

Of Seatbelt and Dates

My seatbelt snapped a few weeks ago and decided it does not want to retract and lock, and so I brought it to Banawe St. in Quezon City. I got it fixed for 700 Php which is fairly cheap compared to what Toyota was charging me for a brand new seatbelt for my front passenger seat. I know right?! WTFudge?! 17K for an effing seatbelt! I could not believe my ears to when I first heard it was 17K a pop! So anyway, I decided to go to Banawe as advised by my dad. Four hours of malling later, it snapped again and this time it is forever locked. No matter how hard my friends tried to tug at it, it just would not budge. *sigh* There went the number of hours spent doing nothing except for sweating while waiting for shady characters to finish mangling and un-mangling my poor paralyzed seatbelt.

Yesterday, I went to Evangelista as recommended by my friend who also graciously accompanied me (super thanks!) to have my seatbelt get a shot at a second life. Et voila! For eight hundred pesos and under an hour, my seat belt's life was extended. It had to get a transplant, the innards are now different but it's from a distant Toyota relative so I guess that's fine. *yehey!*

I am thrilled because now bowchog can sit in front again! :) Since the seat belt started to malfunction bochog has been sitting at the back and it sucks because it's always more fun when she's in front. It's like she's not there when she's seated at the back. We had a movie date last night and saw Sex and the City 2. Before the movie she requested for Haagen Dazs so I let her have it but this morning she got a bad case of tonsillitis and my mom is blaming me for it. No fair! I bought her water... She did not drink the water. Bad gurl!

Today, I had a shopping date with my mom. We were looking for clothes for me because all my clothes look fugly to her. It is not my fault that fashion has changed into stuff that are not so flattering. :) At least for me. We spent hours scouring for clothes but to no avail. At the end of the day I only got to buy one but it was such a steal so I guess the trip was worth it. Plus! I had fun hanging out with my mom. I hope we can do it again. :)

All I have to share for now... Gotta run tomorrow!


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