Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Through the Darkness, Let Us See Your Light

Last Sunday, I was at St. Luke's to visit my boyfriend's uncle. He has had Lung Cancer for four years now. He does not smoke, does not drink and yet he was struck by this fatal disease.

A few weeks ago a two-month old baby of a co-faculty vomited. Two days later the baby went into coma and died after a week. The baby was found to have aneurism caused by a congenital disorder.

A few months back, a friend of mine, after one year of marriage had a daughter. Two days after giving birth, his wife suffered a heart attack. She was a dancer and was healthy.

Another friend of mine gave birth a year ago. This year, the father of the baby died due to dengue.

I say a prayer for their souls. I also say a prayer for those they left behind. I say a prayer for myself, for my loved ones, that we may not have to experience such things. I do not think my faith is strong enough.

In times like this, I do not know what to say to them, so I just keep quiet hoping that somehow, they know that I am very sorry for their loss and that I know that there is nothing I can say that can lessen the pain in their hearts.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord
Let perpetual light shine upon them
May they rest in peace.

I pray for those they have left behind that they may continue to be strong amidst this great trial they are facing. Keep them with you Lord that they may not go astray. Give them strength from day to day. May they feel your love through other people, through events of everyday. I raise them up to You Lord. I raise up to You my fears and anxieties. I raise up to You my loved ones that You may keep them healthy and away from harm and away from untoward accidents.

Thank You Lord for all the blessings, for the people around me and for all the love You give me through them everyday.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Series of Random Events

Still not finished with my report. I move in such a sluggish pace. I got distracted by the Magic Sing. I got to sing with my sister today. Now that is always fun!

I was supposed to go to Divisoria today with my friend but she had a sudden bout of high blood pressure. She got it earlier than usual. So instead of going to Divi, we went to her place instead so I can see my godchild who was unfortunately in a bad mood today due to his bad cold and cough. Poor thing. I hope he gets well soon.

After the visit, I got to go to a salon in our building's ground floor. For a long time now, I have been thinking of getting a hot oil. Yes. My hair has never tried it before. It was my first time today and I have to say it was rather lovely. :D It was cheap too. Well, I think. I got mine for five hundred which came with a foot spa, pedi, hair cut (I did not avail of this because I do not trust them yet, so far Propaganda is the only one I can entrust my hair style to since I have curly hair, I got a trim instead). I paid for an additional manicure. I did not like the manicure though, the woman was rushing and she got me so scared. No tip for her. The woman who took care of my hot oil treatment, blow dried my hair which is probably next to the suffering one can get from hell so big tip for her. It was my second time today for a foot spa and surprisingly, it tickled less this time. Anyway, I can't imagine how heavy my foot's weight was on the woman's thigh, plus I cannot imagine having to scrub other people's feet for a living so big tip for her too.

Over all, I will be coming back for the foot spa and the hot oil but no more manicure from that cruel lady. She did not even have customers waiting. Agh!

After the visit to the salon, I got to see my baby! He just got out of his bowling tournament where his team finished fourth out of so many teams! Hurray! We went to MOA to shop for Kris Kringle. I ended up at Terranova and since they had this sale adn there was this cute blouse for only 299. I just had to get it!

Might come back tomorrow for more finds. :)

So though my day did not work out quite as planned, I liked that I was able to still have fun. Maybe even more fun than I have hoped it would be.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Just Humming

It's 3 in the morning and I have just finished half of my repor on my PhD! My teacher sure was not kidding when he told us that the report this time around will be longer than the first. Whew!

I have been slaving away in front of my computer since 12 midnight because I got to spend half past nine til 12 midnight with my Prince Charming. No, we did not go to a ball, what I was wearing was far from a gown (a.k.a. flip-flops, shorts and a shirt) but my heart danced to the beating of our hearts. Holding his hand in mine, I felt everything was calm and certain as though midnight will never come.

It was an ordinary date and we're ordinary people but what we have is special and that's good enough for my heart to sing...

So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of
So this is love, Mmmmmm
-So This is Love, Disney's Cinderella

I thank the Lord for sending me a miracle that is you.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Window Shopping

Lately, my boyfriend and I have been finding the Mall of Asia rather small. We have the shops memorized like the back of our hands already so we have decided to take our window shopping to the next level, the more literal sense. Only, we're not just shopping for windows now but the roof, door, walls, the entire thing! We have been checking out condos and houses lately.

So far, we have only gone to one site, since my schedule has been so hectic for the past few days. We visited Chateau Elysee just last Saturday. They have developed the clubhouse already, they have a 25m lap pool. The buildings are only 6-storey high and the place looks fairly nice. It reminds me of Saudi Arabia actually. Houses looked like that in Saudi.

The payment scheme I think was also fairly easy so my boyfriend and I were thinking if maybe we should have a unit reserved. We're planning on reserving two. Each is 20 square meters. We told ourselves, we'll think about it for a week.

When we were checking out the condo where I live with my siblings now, I was able to picture myself living here. I felt that it could be home. When I visited Chateau, I felt that same feeling but I also had a few concerns like some cracks that I saw, the road to the Chateau is rather narrow so it might be a source of traffic in the future. There will be 6 buildings there and if each unit will hava a car, I am sure the traffic in the morning won't be so good. The site though is very charming and yes, I can picture my own kids playing there. It's better than a condo because the kids will have a place where they can play.

Then of course, there's the thought of not having our own land. It's just after all a unit that we'll be getting. However, the place looks safer than an actual village, I think kids will love it better there than in an actual village. The kids can ride their bikes inside the compound. Hmm... Now where do they store the bike? I must raise that concern to my boyfriend.

I will pray about this so that we may make the right decision. It's exciting to look at houses with the man that you love. :) It's a glimpse of the future that we are going to share after all. This is better than shopping for clothes!

A Humbling Experience

Last October 16, 2006, I embarked on a journey. I just jumped in without knowing the implications, cost and risk. I knew it will dramatically increase me market worth. It will make me versatile, allowing me more choices in terms of career. I had no idea what was to come.

I have agreed to take on the challenge of taking two semesters of Cisco Networking Associate training for instructors in two weeks. Now, I have taken one semester for a student before and on the third day of my training I got sick. Now, I have forgotten how hard it was that I got sick, all I remember is that I got sick and got better and passed the final exam and skills test. I thought I could pull the two semesters off with PhD reports and projects, teaching load, committee work in tow. I was able to pull off the first sem with some nice co-faculty members substituting for me and my boyfriend putting up with my tantrums and of course very little sleep. I loved what I was learning.

Come Sem 2. I knew I was drained of my energy already. I just wanted to get it over with. I still studied but half-heartedly this time around. I did not really love what I was doing anymore. The things I learned were just things I had to learn and nothing I really wanted. The skills tests were fine but the final exam was not. The day I took it, I was so dizzy and tired that I just wanted it to end but when it ended, the outcome was horrible!

It was a very humbling experience for me though. I had to study again, this time loving every word. It was hard for me to bounce back but I did not have much choice. I had to take it again in a few days. I had to read eleven chapters again. I was humbled and depressed. I only had God to look unto for guidance because I knew by this time, that no matter ho much I try to exhaust myself, I will not do well if not for his guidance.

My boyfriend was feeling helpless not knowing how to help me get through it. Worse part is, my first take was on the eve of our 18 months together. He tried to understand me, I know he did but it was something only I can help myself with.

A few days later, I took it again and with the help of the Lord and so many people praying for me, I got a really good grade. Whew! Now that's done, I'll be sure to read Semesters 3 and 4 ahead of time. I'll be sure to pray to the Lord for help and I'll be sure to love what I am learning because in the long run, it is really all that matters.

Thank you to all those who prayed for me, gave me pep talks, and were nice to me for the duration of my review.

Thank you baby for bearing all you had to while I was in distress. Thanks for patiently waiting until my schedule cleared again. I would not have bounced back if it weren't for you. I love you.

Last October 16, 2006, I embarked on a journey expecting to learn Cisco but I have learned so much more.