Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rant, Run and Rant Some More

BlogPressLite conked out on me!!! Boo... I tried a new tool and I think it will do for now. I have not been blogging too much because I am already keeping a personal journal just like the good old days again and I think it has been helping. I need all the help that I can get because this week and the coming weeks will be one big roller coaster ride! I have much to do and much to check. Surprisingly though, I still have much time to reflect and do a bit of introspection and it is duhriving me cuhrazy!!!

I want to watch Salt. Might watch it with my sister later or tomorrow after my 10Km run! OMG! Tomorrow is the big day! I hope I will get to wake up, I have been preparing far too long for me not to wake up on time! I hope I get to finish the run under 1hr 15 min. I will be happy to be slightly more than 1 hour! I hope! I hope!

Speaking of... I have not seen my race packet for the longest time... *Yikes!*

Going to Cebu and then to Palawan in a week. I have one week to make sure my classes are fine and to make sure I have checked all that I need to. Arg!

All of this would come to pass.

And then am embarking on another journey. Hopefully, everything will pay off.

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