Monday, June 07, 2010

Daily Mumbling

I could not sleep last night. So many things were running in my head and it did not help that I had a green tea overdose too. I slept maybe at around 3 in the morning only to wake up at 4 in the morning. My head throbbed so I decided against running. It was a good call apparently because my running buddy also slept at 2 in the morning *hehe*!

I got a bit frustrated with my students today. My students in software engineering did not do their reading assignment. Well some of them did but there were some who did not. Hopefully, next time they will put in more effort. I am a bit frustrated with my programming class as well because they are having a difficult time grasping the idea of accumulating variables. I am now wondering if my approach is wrong... *sigh* I am thinking of another way to make them understand. *sigh*

I really want them to learn how to think of algorithms before we go into Java programming because at the end of the day, Java is just syntax, the logic is the heart for programming and if they cannot understand variables and conditions we are not going to go anywhere.

I am glad though that some people are getting it. I mean it's really a mixture of people who understand and those who do not. I plan to have an intervention of some sort... I do not know. I have to really come up with something.

In the meantime, I just realized I have not checked my email the entire day.

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