Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Is It

I cannot believe I have forgotten to mention this on my blog!!!

Yesterday, my sister, mom and I bought tickets already for Michael Jackson's This Is It! I am so thrilled! Counting the days when we can finally watch! People have started buying the tickets! We got ours for free thanks to Citibank! *woot!*

As a side note: The university has not announced yet if there will be no classes 'til Saturday so we are still waiting for announcements.


No classes again today. This means I do not have to finish my paper 'til next week but because I want to finish anyway, I will try to finish the paper today *really hopeful haha*.

I have dinner tonight with friends since one of them will be getting married. I am the emcee and my program is not ready yet, good luck to me! I will have a co-emcee but he won't be here 'til two days before the wedding *haha!*! I am sure we'll be able to pull it off. To make matters even more interesting, the groom is French and I hope I can pronounce all the names correctly.

To top it all off, I am being asked to sing a song well, a duet with one of my colleagues! I know this other guy could sing, no doubt about that but the thing is... I can't! I will be so high strung I don't think I will be able to carry a tune so I hope they will change their minds soon.

I got to do grocery shopping by bulk yesterday with mom and sis. My sister had a stroke of genius and decided to help out. I was planning to do it when classes resume but she could not wait, which I really, really admire. So we headed off to the grocery store and delivered at DLSU. I was amazed by how many students were there and my the many donations they have amassed. Amazing!

Today, I got a phone call informing me about a network job for Red Cross. I am still waiting for further instructions. I am more than willing to help, I hope I will be able to deliver though. :) It has been a while though so I am wondering if things are going to push through still. It's in Ortigas and that's a bit far for me but if they found Network guys already that's fine by me too. In any case I am all set and ready to go.

There have been some announcements that classes might not resume until next week. I am not sure if this is true at all. But if it is, that means we will have to pay for this during the term. This means we will have to rush second term again and have all those make-up classes on days when we are not supposed to have classes. Oh well... This is all for the better though.

I am touched by my friends whom I have not heard from for so long who have contacted me just to see if I am alright.

Thanks! :)

I hope all the others who are affected are now finding their way to recovery. I am happy to see soh many people reach out... Seriously, there are just soh many of them! Filipinos are really amazing!

Monday, September 28, 2009


The rain has been non-stop but I am relieved that the it has stopped pouring. I am a bit nervous though because they say another two will follow suit. I hope, the storms will change their route.

I would like to request everyone to offer a prayer to those who perished and the families who were left behind. One of my students' mom and aunt were trapped inside their house in Marikina. I was told by my brother that the flood water in Marikina went up to 12 feet in 5 minutes time and so people did not have time to save themselves.

I think it's because of the water they released from the dam. I hope they realize that what they did was wrong. They could have released water days before this happened. I think it was really irresponsible of them to have done that. Many people died and I hope that there will be investigations regarding this.

Our village was flooded too, it got into the house but thankfully, it got only up to the first step of the stairs. The cars were jacked by my supermom so the water did not get t them and aside from the treadmill that got wet, everything else is fine. I was praying for the rain to stop and so were my other students and am just glad the rain stopped.

Thank You Lord because you made the rain stop. I pray Lord that You will help us rebuild everything. May we use this as an opportunity to spread the love.

Thank You.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had to in the house today all day because it was really pouring outside. It has not stopped raining yet and a lot of people are suffering. I hope that the rain would just stop. A lot of people are already asking for help.

Lord, please take care of all of them. Please make the rain stop. Spare us Lord as we already have so much to worry about. This country has suffered too much already.

I know You will not forsake us.

Thank You.

Art - eh!

Okay, last Thursday I did not log in at all because I felt so exhausted from all the activities that I have been doing for the past two weeks. I got to go to the hospital though and then came home but after a while, my sister asked me to accompany her to Makati to get a pair of shoes. We ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak, I do not know if she liked it or not but she did not finish the beef so, maybe not. I think she was turned off by the cooking part. :)

After strolling for a bit at National Bookstore, we went home and then I rested again.

It was also Thursday that I finished reading Like Water for Chocolate. OMG, the book is sooh good. It has now earned the next best fave book for me slot. I love The Little Prince and next to that will have to be Like Water for Chocolate. I love how it was written and how complicated the story was. It was not black or white. Everything was gray.

I was an emcee again yesterday so it was tiring but I got a reward after. We saw the first show of Spring Awakening and I thought it was great. I loved the songs. There were still some songs where the actors were off key but that's probably because it's their first show. They will get better. I still have questions in my head though like if what I saw was real or if it was Jell-O. It jiggled a lot. I was the only one who saw it. I think I had the best seat in the house! *haha*

It was like High School Musical only the theme is very disturbing *haha*! This was definitely a thousand times better than Fantastix! :)

I hope to see Avenue Q, a second time on March but first i have to see Sweeney Todd on Rep! Very, very excited about that too! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning World!

What do you know?!

I am ready to go and with time to spare! I am going to be an emcee today so I have to really be early. I slept very late last night doing what nots and what have yous and I did not think I will be able to wake up early. Somehow my brain was still conscious because it realized I had to wake up.

Today is the big day. Gosh, I hope what I will be presenting is okay. I do not want to displease the heads of the labs in Osaka *hehe*. I am still thinking if I should finally go. Here, it's so comfortable and happy, there it's cold and unknown.

We will have to see.

I have a feeling that today's gonna be a good, good day! *bad case of LSS lyrics are all wrong hehe*

A Day In The Life

I should really be sleeping already but I just have to detox. I got to talk at the symposium today. I think it went well... Only, I had to rush after the talk to get the handouts for my class and then proceed to my class. I was already a few minutes late for it because the symposium started late in the afternoon. I love, love, my new MacBook Pro, I bring it everywhere now. Only I still do not have the VGA adaptor that I need so I borrowed a colleague's. It was out of stock over at MOA. I presented using my Mac and using Keynote. I am still feeling my way through Keynote but I think it's fairly easy. Of course, I still think I should have just gotten the Office for Mac. *thwaps self*

After my class I had to rush for the Emotional Development class. Yes, that class that I had to write a paper for last night! I had fun. The class is very relaxed. It's nice to have different classmates from a different field for a change. They think so differently and so we have different ideas floating in the room! :) I also love our teacher. She speaks so well and I love how she elicits reactions from students. Only, I have to read tons and I mean tons of paper. The last time I photocopied the materials that I needed to read, I had a hard time carrying all of them also, what I paid to the photocopy lady was the most amount I have ever paid for, for photocopy. :) Still, I think it's interesting. I am also an audit student so I do not get a grade for this. I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I am done with my course work and so what can I do?

By the time my day was done, I was pooped but I had to prepare for my emcee job for tomorrow's workshop. I also had to prepare my presentation also for the workshop. Will I be introducing myself since I am the emcee too?! Speaking of! I still do not have an opening prayer... I will write it tomorrow morning. Must remember.

I just finished with my presentation and I hope things will go well tomorrow. The Japanese profs will be there so I must not mess up! *yikes!!!*

This is all for now... I know life can be so boring...

On a brighter note, a friend of mine is getting married and I am going to be one of the emcees at her wedding. Gosh, I hope I will not look like a pink hippo in my dress. I am also being asked to sing! *Aggghh!!!* I am hoping that will not happen! I started shaking the moment I was asked *haha!*. It did not help that I was asked a few moments before my presentation earlier! I am excited nonetheless!

A colleague of mine will be leaving for Japan soon too so we are planning to go to a bar ala How I Met Your Mother *haha!*. I have a feeling we will end up at Starbucks! *haha* We're also watching Spring Awakening soon! I have seen some of the songs on YouTube and I am very, very excited! :)

Before those though, I have to face tomorrow and my presentation and Friday where I will again be the emcee for another symposium. It's a good thing I have a few dresses and a few shoes in stock or else... My black stiletto died on me already so I am forced to play with my colorful pumps in the meantime until I find black shoes that I will fall in love with.

What a mouthful. It almost seems my day was exciting. :)

I have other exciting news not fit for posting yet because word has not gotten around yet. I do not want to be the publisher but will definitely share it next time! *thrilled*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Finally done with my paper. Might add things tomorrow if things come to me still. I have to do a lot of things tomorrow, I hope I will remember to do them.

Not So Psyched!

I thought Psychology was easy. It's not. I'm taking Emotional Development right now and I am not finding it easy. Sure it is interesting but it is also very challenging. I am still doing my assignment. I have just gotten peace and quiet and hopefully, I can finish in a while. Thank goodness I am done doing my presentation for tomorrow. *yikes*

This week is a bit challenging but we are all hoping that next week, it will be better. Save for the make-up classes that await me for calling off the classes this week. Which reminds me I need to make a pink form for my students on Wednesday.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Counting Blessings

Sooh glaad that my students are done with the bar code system. At least we have something to show the Jap professors.

I am also done with one presentation. I will worry about the other one tomorrow. For now, I have to do my PhD assignment. I have four papers to read. The other one, I have not even seen yet. *yikes!*

GTG! :)

Procrastination at its Worst

I need to write a presentation and my brain does not seem to be working. I think I will just do it tomorrow. I will have to go to school tomorrow anyway. I need to supervise my group.

Hm... Will have to really finish before evening, there might be a dinner tomorrow night with the the Japanese professors. Gosh I am too lazy. I will try to finish at least one presentation tonight. How hard is this?

I am just being lazy. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last Wednesday, my sister, my mom and myself went on a movie date. We went and saw In My Life and we all loved it. Okay, Luis Manzano's acting is not yet at par with that of John Lloyd's but it was a good first. :)

The story was more about the lover of the son of Vilma and Vilma. The story had its surprises which delighted me. Normally, when you see a movie, you more or less know already what is going to happen. I think the best scene of the movie was that of JL and Vilma. It was brilliant! There were a lot of comic scenes as well that made me laugh 'til I was in tears! I think this movie is worth watching in the theaters! I cannot divulge more details because I might spoil it for you. I hope the Filipino cinema industry will make more movies that are worthwhile.

Another movie I enjoyed a few weeks ago was Kimmy Dora. It was really, really funny! In fact, until now, I still laugh when I think about the movie. Yup, it's that good. I really cried from laughing! :) I love watching movies with my sister because she laughs as hard as I do and it just feels soh good to laugh!

I also got to see Up. This movie was beautiful. I loved the love story between the old couple. I loved how they met when they were young and they got married and grew old together. The movie was also funny but more than that I thought it was romantic. *awww...*

I saw Time Traveler's Wife with my mom and brother. My sister was working on a project then. A funny story while we were waiting for the movie to start is this. There were two unattended pieces of luggage and this made me panic. :) So I went to tell the guard. The guard just went up and asked the seatmate of the owners of the luggage. Note that the seatmate do not know the owners, they said they just went down to go to the restrooms. Just like that, the guard left without bringing the suitcases with him. My mom went to check the comfort room and when she found no one there, she informed us. I was of course alarmed. A few moments later, the owners arrived and I was a bit relieved. One of them brought down the suitcases and that made me feel more relieved. But. He came back again with the suitcases. During the movie, there were beeping sounds that I was hearing which made me jump every now and then. Later on it turns out it was a phone of the person seated behind me. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if I was not as anxious. I am reading the book right now. :)

I just realized, I am not used to writing on my blog so much anymore. I feel tired.

BTW, I have been watching movies for free thanks to CitiBank! :)

Shopping with Sis!

Last night, I got to go out with my sister. It's amazing how I can go shopping with her now. Often she gets to buy more *haha*! I love going on food trips with her and just laughing at almost anything. From the odd clothes that we see, to really mundane observations! I really had a great time last night!

I also got to buy a new pair of jeans! Love, love GAP jeans! I might stick to GAP from now on. I love how they fit and how they feel on my skin! I should have known all this time. Grab is okay but the fit is not that great on me. :) Plains and Prints were on sale too so I got myself two tops! Yey! I especially love the other top that I got, it's so different from what I usually buy and even my sister loves it so... :) It has to be good!

I am still struggling to lose all the weight and all the lower ab flab but I think I am doing better. Planning to go back to swimming again (when will I stop planning and actually start doing?).

I also got two books from Powerbooks because they were on sale! *woot!* I got Wicked and Son of a Witch! Can't wait to read them.

I just finished Leonardo da Vinci by Freud, a book I borrowed from the library. It's very interesting. I am amazed by the thoughts they can conjure up given just a few lines from Da Vinci's notebook, describing his dream about a bird! :) I was reading Time Traveler's Wife but I have not continued in a while. It's my brother's copy (that he borrowed) and I haven't snatched it away yet. :) I also want to read Like Water is to Chocolate. Maybe I will read that first. :) Janine has been asking me to read it forever. Maybe I will read it finally!

Janine went food tripping at Dezaato Pan! They offer really interesting stuff there! I especially loved Choco Otaku. I love the cookie on top of the bread and then the liquid chocolate in the core of the bread. The cakes were okay too though I did not like the Japanese cheesecake. It had more flour than cheese. I still think my mom's cheesecake is the best in the whole wide world!!!

Next week will be crazy so I plan to take it slow today. :) Unless of course, I run out of things to do then I will work.

All for now!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Loong Day

It seems to me I have been blogging more here than in my other blog. No muse for my other blog. It has been a while since I have experimented on something. I have been too busy. This week was no exception.

I had to write a paper this week, while it was only the first week of the term, it has been very hectic already because of the symposium that is to happen next week. In fact, this long weekend is not going to be a long weekend for me because I have to go to the first day of the symposium. My group still has to finish a module hopefully they can do it on Saturday. They will have to demonstrate by Monday afternoon. I hope they will be able to make it work.

Today, I was also the emcee for the faculty orientation. It was interesting that Lence was there. Apparently he was doing his Masters before he moved to Intel. Now, he is doing his thesis while teaching part-time. Today was a rather long day. I had to listen to talks I already knew about and was not particularly interested in... Except for the talk of Br. Armin which I found very inspiring and the talk of the student from the student council which also pulled a heartstring. :)

I am annoyed that I am gaining weight again... Rapidly! I did not get to run for three weeks since the visit to the derma. Which reminds me I was supposed to go back this week but I was too darn busy. I will be super busy again next week. With the four papers I have to read for PhD class and the emcee jobs I have to do for two workshops for the conference. I have two oral presentations, also next week. In between all these, I do not know how I will catch my breath!

I hope everything will go well next week. Speaking of oral presentation. Maybe it is high time I begin writing the presentations.

I will not be meeting my COMPRO2 classes next week. *sad* I hope they are practicing and reading at home though.

This is all for now! I think I will take a nap first.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today, I am supposed to be cramming but am not. :)

Very bad. I still do not have the results to my experiment, I have nothing new to add to my paper and I feel very lost.

On the brighter side of things, I got to attend my first ever PhD class today dealing not with CS but with Psych! Totally different environment and teaching style! I am kind of scared because I do not know how I will do in the course because it's really a different discipline but I have a feeling that I will learn a lot. I already have a long reading list and I do not know how I am going to juggle all the things I need to do and reading but I hope I will be able to manage. I am just auditing so I guess I should not worry too much. :)

This is the second course I am auditing. Fun!!!

I discovered something nice today.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Before the Clock Strikes Twelve

It is currently 11pm in the evening and am trying struggling to write a paper for the upcoming symposium we are about to have. *yikes!* My work shrinks to lilliputian proportions compared to the papers I have already read. I wonder if it is even worth publishing. My adviser is prodding me to go publish it but really now... Is it worth anything?!

Experiment is still running on Mac. I let my Vaio rest for today. I am thinking if I should just leave it running in one of the servers at our lab. Maybe that is what I will do tomorrow since I only have one class. *woot!* Wonder what my schedule for my audit class in PhD would be? I know it does not sound so appealing that I am still taking audit classes even though I am supposed to be done with course work but you know what? It's fun! Especially since this term I will get to take up emotion theory. Someday, if I still have enough brain cells left, I might take up Psychology. I want to start my own preschool someday...

How dreams change. I used to want to be a newscaster, a theater actor, now I want to be a preschool teacher?! *haha* do not get me wrong though, have not given up on acting and broadcasting. Maybe on the radio. Who knows... For now, I have this PhD to deal with *haha* Should I put my life on hold?

A part of me is regretting not going to Osaka when I was given the offer. Maybe I need time away from all the teaching so I can get my PhD done. Hmm... I still do not have the data so I really have to stay for now.

First day of classes was great. I have the same set of students in one class and a new set in another. My new PERSEF class is from ECE and I think they are all nice. They have very high expectations and I hope I can meet them. They're fun but I can tell they take everything seriously. Something, very rare in kids nowadays. OMG, am talking like an adult! *help*

The Japanese professors are coming this Friday and so on Saturday, the lab is planning to make a day trip to Tagaytay. Wonder if it will be fun to go... Thinking about it because the whole Friday I will be an emcee to an orientation. *boo* I used to enjoy these things but now, they're not so fun anymore... I would much rather sleep in. *haha sloth!*

I have to get back to reading papers I can only hope to produce someday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Going back...

I have decided to remove the Shout Out box because people were posting things that may offend others. If you need to leave a message, do so by posting comments.

It has been a long while since I have posted something here... I kind of miss just typing away and contributing to the nonsense in the virtual world. Anyhoo... I am going through something right now and I hope that it will come to pass as all things that are difficult to deal with.

On the brighter side of things, I now have a MacBook Pro yey! I know I used to not like the idea of owning a Mac because the software is very expensive and everything I felt, was eye-candy... Software is still expensive and it still offers so much eye-candy my sugar level shoots up but it's also a sleek machine. I can run my experiments on it and it just gives me performance. I have not moved from my current Vaio to my Mac yet because my iWorks have not arrived yet from mail. I think I might have made a boo boo getting iWorks when there is Office for Mac. Darn it. But iWorks looks so cute. I found out that Numbers is not as powerful as Excel. I will have to find out first. Push comes to shove, I have to just get Office for Mac. Darn! Oh well, I have to chalk it up to experience and charge it to my card! Boo!!!

There's a big symposium (for our lab anyway!) so I will be very busy again! Term break started last Tuesday and ended last Tuesday because I have to start working on my experiments and paper again! :) Fun, fun, fun! Don't get me wrong, I am really having fun! As in, the time of my life! The laboratory has been renovated and it now looks more like a research lab! *woot!*

My dad got back from Saudi and got me a really fab Gucci bag! Picture later! :) *woot!* I love it, I carry it around everywhere, except when it's raining, then I carry my Coach bag, the one that I got from Thailand in my last trip. The shantung is not the best choice as it gets worn out easily (well, the edges anyway). I rarely use my Louis Vuittom because I feel overbagged(is there such a term?) when I use it hehe... I use it on special occassions or when I have to wear something formal. :)

Last term as a teacher was hard because I had to handle Computer Programming for the first time in soh long. We used a new method of teaching last term and we only had 18% failure rate and so we were very pleased. I hope this coming term will be as good!

I guess this is it for now, I have to get back to my paper hehe... Oh my... Experiment is running really slow on Vaio. :)

Oh yeah, planning to learn LaTex too. Shame on me, it has taken me forever to shift. :)

Happy day to everyone! :)