Saturday, July 17, 2010

Equalizer and Defender

I do not know if you have seen slightly smaller than normal baseball bats that are still big enough to induce a fatal cranial hemorrhage that are being sold at Ace Hardware and Sports Central that are not inconspicuously labelled The Defender and The Equalizer. Wow. Way to encourage violent resolutions of conflicts. Now when driving I am more cautious because one never knows if the person you are dealing with is in possession of The Defender and The Equalizer. Who in the world thought of this?! Obviously the person who thought of this is short of IQ points and has none of the common sense that normally everyone should have.

We have enough crimes due to short temper and petty conflicts.

Now that we have these metal objects that will give people who need to compensate for whatever they lack badly in the physical or mental aspect, I am expecting more...


Possession of The Equalizer just increased the margin between those who possess one and those who do not. Equalizer not.

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