Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tad Bit Under

I am feeling a tad bit under the weather today. It started yesterday. After the recognition ceremony of my sister, I went back to my meeting in school and then afterwards throat became a bit scratchy... Now I am not sure if this is me getting sick because of a virus or if this is just an allergy again. I do not know which medication to take. I do not want my sinuses x-rayed again. I think the human body can only take much X-ray... I had enough when I had my root canal and then a chest X-ray and then the sinus X-ray. So last night I took my allergy meds and hopefully it will take care of this scratchy throat.

I was not able to run all week! Very bad! I felt so sleepy throughout the week! Darn! I just could not convince myself to get up. I always end up thinking I did not get enough sleep so I won't run. Darn. Bad. I miss running. I miss the adrenaline and the feeling of getting all exhausted and then sleeping in bed.


I want to run this Monday because I am not sure if Cebu will permit me to run. Schedule there is a tad bit hectic. I hope to go to Taboan though to get my supply of yummy squid rings and then Lechon from Cebu *harhar!*!

There are other errands that I need to run too! Finally, my first ever purchase online arrived via airmail yesterday! Kewlness! I purchased it using the money I earned from blogging online! How kewl is that?! :) I have to go to the post office to pick it up! *woot!*

I also need some documents processed as well... This is something that I think I was unconsciously trying to put off because I am still too tired from the last time I did this but I have to get this started if I want to go anywhere... *sigh*

In my PhD, I need to come up with a mathematical model already. Boy, I am moving at snail pace... Not the pace I am gunning for but with so many documents to check I really cannot do much.

Wow sorry, did not mean to vent out here. :) Life is good though... Life is good. :)

Thank You Lord. :)

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