Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Showing Off! :)

The results are out. Well they have been since last Monday but I was too lazy to blog. Actually, too busy. I have spent the past few days checking soh many papers, I dare not quantify them lest I would feel the exhaustion.

I clocked 1hr and 11 minutes for the 10km! :) That's not soh bad considering I felt like I was getting tummy cramps in the 8th km and considering I had to take a few sips of Powerade every now and then for fear that I might get dehydrated or get a heat stroke and die. I have read what happened to the Milo marathon runner who died because of dehydration and we have to learn from him otherwise he died in vain. I pray for the repose of his soul but more importantly for the children and the wife whom he left behind.

I think I am running better now because I followed what my "coach" told me. To land on my outer foot and roll inwards. :) I also recently got an Adination Passport and while I am very interested in joining so I can get some coaching and I could meet other runners, I do not think my schedule would permit it. They run during night time while I prefer to run during day time since most runs happen during the mornings anyway. I prefer to swim at night actually. :)

I have to prepare for a six hour class still and if I have any hopes of doing Barre3 tomorrow, I better finish preparing already. Barre3 would be perfect if it were nearer the school really...

Leaving for Cebu and then Palawan very soon. Thank goodness I will not have to go to Tagaytay anymore! :) Then one week before finals and then it's the final exams and then after that it would be giving of grades and then it is off to another trip! Weeh!!!

I know I love riding rollercoasters but I do not mean to turn my life into one. I wonder how I will run and do Barre3 druing these busy days...

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