Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was not able to hear mass again today. I am sorry. I was caught up with the collation of the exam tonight and this morning I spent too long lazing in my cozy bed. I also shared a good laugh with my mom before going to school. I think You would have approved of me staying on and laughing like crazy with my mom though. :)

I am having a great day so far. :)


In the meantime I have to prepare for my six hour class this coming Saturday. :)

Oh and yeah, I found out that I will be climbing the mouth of Taal Volcano again very soon. *argh!* I told myself I will not climb that volcano again. The only nice thing about it is that I might not have to walk up but instead ride a horse. Kewlness... Which reminds me. I have to schedule all my Barre3 earlier because I might not have enough time to do that anymore in the coming weeks. The next few weeks are going to be vehery busy.

Give me strength.

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