Saturday, September 18, 2010

Krabi Itch

I am going to Krabi, Thailand and am mighty excited because there will be beach, sea, fishes and shopping and *daran daran* yummy coconut!!! Oh and yeah, shopping too but i have to remind myself not to go crazy because I did buy some stuff while I was in Japan. *grin* Also, I just got myself another insurance this time with disability and well, I computed, I think it's a good investment as well as compared to banks. This will also force me to set aside some money for when I grow old. :) Time is flying ya know.

I am thinking if I should get another set at Barre3 or if I should just do it per meeting. I really do not know. I just want to do it once a week though... Hmm... still thinking about it. Long and hard. I am not sure because whenever my schedule gets messed up 5 meetings per month is really a tall order for me. Then again, one meeting is cheaper if I get the 30 meetings for six months but of course I have to pay for the entire thing... *thinking*

*stopped thinking without deciding*

I have to get back to preparing for my Wednesday class! :)

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