Saturday, October 02, 2010

Moon River

I got to run 8K yesterday with friends out in the streets *yahoo!*! Then I went to Alba to pig out, literally *haha!*! They say you are what you eat and that's what I ate at Alba! Today, we went to see Resident Evil for free thanks to the bill at Alba *haha!*! Good thing, the tickets were free because the movie, as expected sucked big time!

My highlight of last night was Moonriver. :) It's still my fave song, never mind that I will never fully grasp what it really means, I just really lurve the song! Plus, I was in really good company last night when I heard it. Oh and yeah, I got to play with cute kids yesterday *yehey!*! So many treats!

Thank You Lord!

"... waiting 'round the bend, my Huckleberry friend, moon river and me."

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