Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Cooking

I cooked my first sour soup pork yesterday! 

I am supposed to cook Filipino food on the final night at the summer school I am going to in Hungary. I am very grateful to my Kitchen Boss who lent me a kitchen and taught me how to make the soup. I was able to download a recipe but my KB had another recipe in mind. I thought it worked since real people liked my sour soup! Oh yes!!!

I just finished reading My Life in France by Julia Child. Maybe, I can be a Julia Child. :) I hope our cooking lesson won't end even after Hungary. :) Maybe we can bake too. :) 

I also had a blast playing with my fave little friends. 

Yesterday was perfect. 

Lemme just review what I did yesterday:

Pork Sinigang Recipe or Pork Sour Soup


1. Knorr Sinigang Mix with Gabi (1 packet)
2. Knorr Pork Cube (1 cube)
3. 3/4 Kilo pork belly (liempo) cut in 2 inches strips
4. String beans (because other veggies may not be available in Hungary)
5. Salt
6. Onion (one big one, must not be soft to touch) Cut in four pieces
7. Tomato (5 small pieces) Cut in eight pieces
8. Garlic (I know!!! Did not know garlic went into sinigang) Dice finely.
9. Oil (just a little bit)
10. Siling haba or Capsicum
11. Radish (Cut thinly)

Step1: Rinse the pork (I did not know this had to be done)
Step 2: Put in so much salt and rub on the pork and rinse right away
Step 3. Pour just enough water to cover all the pork
Step 4: Pour in half spoon of salt
Step 5: Boil the pork ( I did this for one hour)

The nice thing about pork is that this does not overcook and it gets cooked quickly. I had to boil it for a long time so that it will be tender. Also, I have to tell myself to watch the pot so that it does not overflow. The pot overflowed and I ended up messing up KB's brand new oven. *sheepish grin* Did not mean to do that. Was so embarrassed. 

Step 6: Get a separate pot. Saute garlic and tomato first and then the garlic. DO NOT BURN THESE. (use high heat). 
Step 7: Lower the heat, pour the pork. Boil again.
Step 8: Put in the pork cube
Step 9: Pour the Sinigang mix. TASTE.
Step 10: Put in the Siling haba 
Step 11: Remove scum. The bubbles. These are fat. Yuck.
Step 12: Put in radish
Step 13: Put in string beans 

et voila, my very first sinigang!!! :)