Monday, August 23, 2010

Of Different Ways to Torture Tendons

My thighs and my glutes are in pain right now. Sorry... information over share! I had a great time at Barre3 yesterday because my body has been craving for a really good stretch however, my favorite instructor Dess was extra brutal yesterday, no thanks to my classmate who was overly enthusiastic and was really literally asking for "pain". Needless to say, she got what she asked for.

For the first time, I witnessed a first timer walk out of a session way before we got past warm ups! *hehe!* Maybe her tolerance for pain was not that high. I am in pain still but I might go to Barre3 again today because I still have four classes left and well... I have four days to still go before my membership expires. *arrghh!* I planned my sessions alright it is just that there were many days when my plan did not work out due to my extremely lazy ass. :)

I did not run today because I am anticipating a really long day today. I have many classes and I have Barre3 tonight. I might run tomorrow morning instead. I am actually pondering on the idea of running in the morning at the Fort and then doing Barre3 after. I wonder if that will work... I will think about it. :)

After this week, I do not know if I should renew my membership or if I should just go to The Spa whenever I feel like going. Hmm... I have to really compute and think first. :) It is a bit on the pricey side but even my mom thinks that it's doing wonders for me discrediting my running. I think it complements my running so they work hand in hand. :)

My sister and I also plan to swim this Friday. I hope we really get to do that. :) It would be a great sister and sister bonding though my brother claims I am extremely antisocial when I swim. :)

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