Saturday, July 17, 2010


As it turns out classes were called off last Wednesday but I think it was good because I was able to rest for a bit. It was not good because I overdid it *wahaha!*. Because classes were called off, it gave me the impression that oversleeping is alright, thereby messing up my bio clock yet again. Or actually my circadian rhythm... Arg. I was able to see The Killers and it was a hilarious movie. I was laughing almost all the way... It was fun watching the movie with mom and my all grown up lil sis. I procrastinated the whole time, and when Thursday came, I overslept, procrastinated some more and ended up wasting time.

The only redeeming part of my Thursday was that I got to swim a kilometer and I got to meet with my advisees and I got to check some papers and got jolted back to reality that I had tons of things to do! I had to write a paper, I had to prepare a presentation, I had to finish checking the pile of papers and return them to my students next week and I had to prepare for my class this Saturday that is six hours long!!!

I know, I know, it was only Thursday but my entire Friday was fully booked already, nay, overbooked! I scheduled three activities in one time block. I was to run 7 KM and then play badminton with friends, I also scheduled a videoke session and a consultaitno with our partner in Japan! In the end the Japanese partner won. :) *duh!* After that I ran to Red Box for the nth despedida of my friend leaving this Sunday (*waves goobye!!!*) in the form of a videoke marathon and dinner that spanned five hours... It was fun do not get me wrong... It was also tiring considering I ran 7Km that morning without sleep. Didn't I say my body clock was messed up? I only got to sleep after running. I think I slept four to five hours after running and then went to the meeting. Notice how in my list of activities my class is never mentioned. That's because I only got to prepare for my class midnight last night! I was soh tired already but I had to prepare. As such, I will not do what I did again last night. I will prepare for class earlier.

I was also inspired by my meeting with our Japanese partner because now I know I have another approach that I can use. :) I have to get back to working. I have stopped for weeks now because of all the other things I had to read and work on... *sigh* It is so hard to work during the trimester!

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