Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Energy Paradox

I feel energized but in dire need of sleep. :) Just made that up. It sounds nice though *wahah!*!

I was able to run today but only 6K. I felt I had to get back already because I was supposed to drive my sister to Makati today for an interview but my mom came by *yehey!* so that means I can sleep or watch Lie To Me *wahaha!*. I have a meeting after lunch but my mom thinks my sister's interview will take as long as last time so she decided to drive her instead.

Good luck to my sister! I am sure she can do it! :)

Last night, I decided to read a chapter a day of Machine Learning and that should get me through all twelve chapters in twelve days giving me time to read even more books or trying out different methodologies. Kewl. If I can pull it off. Hopefully, I can. :) I already started with Chapter 1 yesterday. This morning I am going to do Chapter 2. I really appreciate how the author wrote the book though, it is as English as he could get.

I also decided now, as in now, that I will keep an electronic journal for my research. I also have a notebook, you know the kind that is made of paper but I think an electronic journal might also help.

Gotta go!

Starting a journal. :)

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