Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Puffer Fish

I feel iike one in soh many ways... *sigh*

I need to do Barre3 soon. Withdrawal!!!

I was able to run 5Km this morning though. I still feel fugly! Arrgh!!! I better run on Wednesday again so this feeling will go away. I had fun running though but I only ran 5Km because I could feel my left knee complain earlier today. I would run 6Km on Wednesday and work my way from there. I need to prepare for King of the Road!

I hope to do Barre3 soon too!!!

A random memory recall of something that Randy Pausch said:

"When a man tells you that he loves you, stop listening to what he is saying and only pay attention to what he does.".

I say this is good advice. :)

The Time Management thing is really helping me tremendously though. :)

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