Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hodge Podge

I did not get to sleep early last night so I was not able to run today. Hopefully, since I had to be awake by 0730 today, I will be able to fall asleep early later. I really want to run tomorrow and then Barre3 on Sunday! I must!!! I hope they will have an earlier schedule at Rockwell... Otherwise, I still have to go to The Fort.

I was able to see the first episode of the second season of Glee. I thought Charice sang really well. I could tell she worked on her accent. I was a bit confused with her character. I am not quite sure if she is meek or if she is not, there were some parts that suggested otherwise. I am not sure if this is intended by the director. I hope they make up their mind already. The character of a role should be consistent. I did not like the Green Card bit. It's like stereotyping Filipinos. I found it a tad bit offensive. Not all Filipinos want to get a Green Card. Also her role was made to be a bit gullible and unable to stand up for herself not even for the part where she was sent to a crackhouse. I mean really. Then again it could be her difficulty in delivering her lines with an Amercan accent who knows...

I hope the script improves where it involves Charice.

The new character Ms. Beist is really interesting though *haha!* I love how she sounds like a man, built like a man but wears red lipstick and wears earrings!

I had fun in class today. I always get a blast reading reflection papers of my students. :)

This is it for now, I want to be productive today.

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