Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had such a grand time in Krabi!

The food was great but of course that goes without saying because Thailand has amazing cuisine! Apart from the usual Tom Yum, Phad Thai and satay I was able to try their street food like their version of banana chocolate pancake, sinful but oh so yummy! The coconut was a bit disappointing because it was not as sweet as I remember it to be.

I also had a lot of adventures! I went water rafting with my students and it was uber fun well, save for the part that I scratched my shin on the rocks when I jumped into the river. The guide said it was okay to swim a bit. I also got a few bruises when I pulled myself up (with help from the other guide) to the boat. I went to an ATV adventure which was not all that bad considering I am not a fan of ATV's. I always thought it was bohoreeng. We got to do fish spa and I was able to play with an elephant and watch a monkey show. All in all, not that bad. But it does not stop there! The following day, in spite my injury, I decided to go rock climbing (actual mountain!!! How kewl is that?!_ at Railay. I highly recommend King Climbers because they have a high insurance coverage, they have good equipment and their instructors are very patient, can speak good English and they know what they are doing. Plus, they let me take the later boat so I can stay longer in the island for a swim at the Railay beach!!! *weeh!* I want to do this again when I get back!!!

Shopping of course is still cheaper in Bangkok, not so many choices at Krabi. Night parties are not so great as well... If you want dancing go to Phuket or Railay. They have a great night life there!

While there I ate a lot so Thursday night I went out to run 5K. It was too late at night already so I decided against doing 10K. I might just run some time again next week. Argh... :)

I really love Thailand and its wonders of nature! Philippines is a lovely place, if only our tourism could be as well-managed as theirs. :)

Met some nice people there too... I invited them to visit our Islands because our beaches are hands down still nicer than what they have (or am I just biased? Nah!!! Our beaches are the best!).

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