Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday I was in need of a hug but the hug did not come. I went to bed with a heavy heart but just before I closed my eyes You sent me a hug and the hug lasted me the whole day today.

Thank You.

I can still feel the warmth of Your hug lingering.

I finally got to eat my caramel chocolate cake. I had a caramel cake and a chocolate cake. I got some of the caramel on the chocolate cake et voila, a chocolate caramel cake that is true to how I want it to be. Not like the one I ate from Chocolat the other night. The caramel was just on top of the cake, no caramel in between. I wonder why cake shops do not put caramel fudge in their cakes anymore. I need my camarel in my cholocate cake!!!

The cakes definitely had me smiling like cuhrazeh all night! :)

Apart from that, I got my extra supplies from my URCO project so I got more new uber cute Mead notebucks! Weeh!!! I love notebooks! I can write on notebooks forevah!

I am high on sugar so pardon the way I write... Tonight I have an excuse, for the other entries I have none. Maybe I really just write this way. Get your own blog. :)

I also got my very own big Max Stapler weeh... I labeled it with my last name the way I used to do back in high school and college. I love my last name. More than my first name actually. People find that weird.

I have a long list of things to do tomorrow but amidst all the tasks, I hope to get to swim one KM tomorrow. Today I got to run 9KM in 55 minutes! *woot!* My left foot hurts so maybe I willl try to run 9Km again this Friday and hopefully my body will get used to it. Barre3 again this Sunday and who knows when again. Gosh, I have other deadlines to complete but for now I am having a ball.

I think my depression yesterday has much to do with hormonal imbalance but I am not going to admit. :)

I love You!

Thanks for sending me hugs through people around me. Keep 'em coming! :) I have not heard mass all week, sorry 'bout that, I had the opportunity last Monday but I passed it up. I will try to hear mass tomorrow Lord.


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