Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Reason To Teach

When I got back from Boracay I fixed my stuff and went straight to Gox to give some perishable stuff that people requested me to buy for them. I of course dropped by my cube and there was a brown envelope waiting for me with my name written in fancy letters. I opened it and saw a Malate issue and a Malate doodle book. I was wondering who left it there when I realized that a part of the book was opened to a page and that page had some scribbles on them. The page said:

Hello Miss! :) I learned a lot from PERSEF1! It's my favorite subject. Hehe! Thank you for inspiring me to join Malate. And now, here I am, published! Thanks Miss! God bless and continue inspiring young minds! :) Love *student's name* P.S. Another thing I learned from you is that "RESPECT IS ALWAYS RECIPROCATED" :)

My student also attached an assignment I gave them two years ago. I asked them to write a letter of application to the organization of their choice. I scribbled this on the assignment:

Please do join. I hope you get in because I hope to see your works published someday. :)

And now my student is published. It is difficult to get published in Malate. You can be a part of the org for four years and still not get published. I am still getting goosebumps as I type this.

I love being a teacher. These are the perks that can never be replaced by any monetary compensation. People outside may never understand, then again who cares? :)

I am touched because I did not realize that two sentences on an assignment I gave two years ago could create such an impact to a young mind. Now more than ever, I am inspired to scribble on student's assignments, even if it can be tiring and there are times when I doubt if students bother to read them. Now I know... It does not matter if most of them do not read them, it only takes one person to read it and be inspired to make me feel soh good. No designer bag can make me feel this good!

Thank You Lord for leading me to this profession that provides me with so much joy.


I just found out that my student graduated last Saturday. I was not there because I was in Boracay.

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