Thursday, August 05, 2010


I was able to do Barre3 this morning! Weeh!!! :)

Happy day!

Our instructor was Des again and I really like how she challenges us to do new things. I think I am really improving or at least my core is. I do not know about burning calories this week though because I have not run again this week. Too lazy and I think my muscles and joints need a break. I am thinking if I should run tomorrow since I need to be early in school for a meeting anyway. Speaking of, I better get crackin' if I need to finish.

I think I am ready for my six hour class this Saturday whooppee!!! Just a little bit more and I am done. :) I might get another class next term. I suppose it's alright because I would not have to prepare for too long because I already prepared this term anyway.

Hokay... Must get back to work.

Just remembered today that I forgot to hear mass again because I checked documents. *sigh*

In any case, thank You Dear Lord for the day! :)

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