Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hong Kong Trip

I'm a bit late in my blogging because I have been, as always too busy.

May 5, 2006

Morning of May 5, we were at the airport, falling in line at the Business Class of Cathay Pacific because my brother's ticket is Business Class due to problems with booking. He was not included when we booked and so at tha last minute we could not squeeze him into Economy Class. As I was taking pictures, my brother said that my sister's passport was expired. I passed it off as a joke but then my little sister reacted and my brother did not retract what he said. It was then that I realized that my sister's passport was expired. I felt bad for her because she was the most excited for the trip. If anything, I think she's the only one excited for the trip.

I was not so eager to leave because I'd rather be with my beau on our anniversary than in some foreign land filled with Chinese speaking people. My brother's girlfriend was leaving the country in two days and he admitted to everyone that he would rather stay here in the Philippines but my sister wanted to go so badly. My heart went out to her as tears welled in her eyes.

Knowing that all flights were booked already, I knew there was no chance that we can leave the following Monday. After that Monday, I would have other activities already that I can no longer escape from. My mom and sister alighted at the Depertment of Foreign Affairs before going home. They were going to process my sister's passport. It was Friday, and the passports normally get released after three working days. They were taking their chance anyway.

Lo and behold, I got a phone call from my mother stating that my sister's passport will be released! I had to book our tickets again but no booking was available so I had to book for Business Class tickets for the three of us as well.

Thank God, we were able to leave at 12 noon that day. My sister got to go, after all the hassles that she went through.

We stayed at Disneyland Hollywood Hotel for a night. We spent the rest of the day at Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong is pretty much still the same as I remember it. The following day, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Of course Disneyworld and Disneyland in Anaheim are better than HK Disney. I have to say though that HK Disney is better than Tokyo Disneyland. :) That night, after we witnessed the fireworks display, we transferred to Holiday Inn Golden Mile. It's near the Ocean Center which is good. I have that place memorized. There were some nights when I went out on my own to go shopping at the Esprit outlet store. :)

The day after Disney we went to the Victoria Peak and dined at a posh resto there. While dining, we noticed something in my mom's drink... It was a cockroach... a very small cockroach. We informed the manager and the manager offered to let us dine for free but my mom paid anyway. To think they charge more than six times an ordinary meal in HK!

After the visit at the Peak, we heard mass and then we went to 188. It's a building of Anime and video games. My sister's eyes sparkled in delight. We stayed there for hours until I can barely walk properly. :) Good thing I was wearing my trusty Havaianas at that time :D!

The following day we went to Ocean Park! My fave park. I vowed that if I ever went back I will ride hte Blue Dragon coaster. I failed to ride it before because my first visit was when I was four. I failed to ride it again when I was nine because all I could stomach then was the Spider ride. I failed to ride it when I was thirteen because all I could handle was the Crazy Galleon. I failed to ride it when I was fourteen because I just had my appendectomy at the time. Before I got to the highland where the Crazy Galleon was, we had to go to the lowland first. I saw Jing-jing and An-an, the pandas under the care of WWF! They are soh cute!!! After that, I noticed that I have lost my leather camera casing which freaked me out because my boyfriend gave that to me! I frantically searched for it but to no avail.

Glumly, I still took some pictures, my mind never letting go of the fact that I have lost the camera case. I got to ride the Blue Dragon, but I am never riding it again. The coaster cars were poorly designed. The cars were too big and the seatbelts too far apart so that your head will bang left and right while the coaster is moving! I do not recommend this ride to kids.

Before the day ended, I went to their Customer Help Desk and asked if they found a Canon leather camera case and lo and behold they did. My family accompanied me to the lowland again to get the case. I was so happy that at the end of the day I got to be reunited with my boyfriend's gift again!

The following day, we just spent shopping at Causeway Bay adn other different places. The day after that was still devoted to shopping and strolling. I had so much fun!

We went to the airport at around 7pm. We had to walk a lot so we could stay at the Business Class lounge where they serve free food, and they have really cozy couches and entertainment systems. That is the life!!! :) I can get used to Business Class lounges hehe!!!

The food in the Business Class is excellent too. The entire trip we just ate. The seats were high-tech and spacious too! The lavatories had Dermatologica products and it was indeed pleasurable. The service was great as can be expected from any Cathay Pacific trip. Oh I forgot to mention that we got to meet Jose De Venecia on our way to HK. He was in Business Class too and I got to have my picture taken with him! He was nice to all of us.

I will be posting some pictures here when I find the time!


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grains of Sand

Slowly slipping away are the grains of sand in an hour glass while we live our life each day. The clock ticks and another second goes by forcing discipline and equality amongst the children of the Universe. Rich or poor, good or bad, all are subjected to time.

As I watch the hour glass, I see my life going by. People aging every year, growing in time.

I wish I could stop time, keep the grains from falling into oblivion. Then again, if the sand stopped flowing, would life hold any meaning to me at all? Would a second or a minute be given the same value? I think not. I think what makes life worth living is knowing that every second, every minute counts.

One day when most of my sand has slipped away and all there is left to do is to recount the days gone by, I will look back to the last 525,600 precious minutes that I have shared with my boyfriend with gladness. Those little grains of sand have not fallen into oblivion but into memories housed in the deep chambers of my heart.

My first year anniversary ever, had to be spent in HK because it was the only available booking at the time the date was set. It was moved several times but at the last minute, it fell on the 5th of May. And so the night before, my boyfriend and I went out. He treated me to a dinner at Masas... I was just wearing jeans and Havaianas (I was hung over from our Bora trip)! During dinner we exchanged greeting cards. And then before he walked me to the unit, he gave me three pink roses.

I had to burn him a CD containing pictures of his officemates from Bora. I was very sad then because I did not want to leave him here. Partly, I was a bit sad because the day I have looked forward to is about to end... well technically it was about to begin but essentially, I was looking forward to celebrating the day with him.

When I stepped out of the unit to hand him the CD, he handed me a box from his clutch bag. It was a light blue box with a white ribbon. I read the card slowly, aligned with the words, yours forever was an embossed Tiffany and Co. logo.

I was already crying while opening the box. I knew what it was. The bracelet that I have wanted for years now. He had it engraved with my name and his and our anniversary. I was already crying as I thanked him and I apologized for being so glum during the night. I really did not want to leave but I knew if I did not, I'd also kick myself later.

Thanks baby for loving me beyond what I have ever dreamed.

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