Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I will be going to Bangkok! 

My schedule is jam-packed so I am not sure if I can really do so much. I would be satisfied to just have coconut juice, visit H&M (cannot get enough of H&M), drink more coconut juice! *hahaha!!!*

I hope I can buy fermented mangoes and durian chips. Well not really so much durian chips... Just the mangoes will do. ;) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Many of my colleagues count down to their sabbatical leave. I on the other hand, have managed to do without it for eleven years. I have been putting it off for so long and now, for reasons I would rather not divulge because I do not want to get into a fit so late at night, I have to take it. 

I feel like I am going to retire. I am racking my brain for what I want to do in one year's time. Of course, the idea of spending many days in Bora, Palawan, Cam Sur, Coron, Batanes comes to mind. However, in my heart, my sabbatical was never about this. It was not even about going abroad to study. I want to use my sabbatical for something meaningful in my life. 

Since I have nothing to do, I might as well do my dissertation. So I am off to do something that a lot of people tell me is difficult to do. Trust me. I tried to tell my panelists. I spent three hours telling them what they ask of me is too much... To no avail. 

Hence, I am left with no choice but to trudge on and trust that the Lord will provide for me as He has always have. 

Truth be told. I am a bit excited. :) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Weekend Award Goes To...

Last weekend was the best weekend ever!

Last Saturday, I was transported to the home of my favorite girls and we had all day to hang out. I got to win a basketball match which is an amazing feat for someone who does not understand the mechanics of the game. I think I am getting the hang of it *hahaha!!!*. I was able to try really great ribs and hang out for a bit more. Great conversations and laughter. 

Last Sunday was pure R&R. I love finding simple joys. It's always the company you keep that makes everything extraordinary. 

Thank You Lord. 

Keep me in Your company always. Thanks for sending angels my way. :) 

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Second Chances

In 2007 I went to Budapest, Hungary and fell in love with the city. It was a nice blend of modern and classic. It was romantic like Paris minus the smell. 

While there I was able to explore the city and the hills. I wanted to go to the Libego in the mountains and I was able to go there. However, they were closing - so dramatic I know, just like in the movies. I was too late. I was crushed because the chances of me visiting Hungary again was slim to none. 

Fast forward to 2012 - because I want to ignore some of the events that happened in between then and now, I got to go to Hungary again!  This time, I went there for the opening of the Libego. It was the last tourist spot I visited before I left. Now, I can say I have closure. I would love to be back again though. I think I might have loved the city even more now that I know more people there. 

Thank You Lord for second chances.