Friday, August 26, 2005

Reason To Teach

If you think being a teacher is the craziest and rewardless profession, read on:

To the dearest +++,

One fo the most supportive teachers I have met in college, she has been a professor who has left a great mark in me. She would not probably know about it and I would like to take this opportunity to reveal this all to you.

Of the professors, I have always hoped she would be my teacher again and again. Unfortunately, I only became her student in one course, I like the way she teaches. She does not give pressure to students and she teaches as if the subject is very easy. What is best is that we learn from her and we enjoy studying with her.

I admire her faith to the Almighty. I have always admired how she would go to mass everyday no matter how tired and how busy she is, how she would commit herself to anything for God, how she has committed to FORMDEV classes, how she shared her faith to students. I have learned a lot form her. In times, when I had a hard time hanging on to my faith afer He has taken my dad away, she was one of the people who have taught me to stay with my faith. I did not need direct words from her but her actions spoke more than her words. And her actions were enough to encourage me. She did not know this, but whenever I see her at mass, she was there walking gracefully, her face full of joy as if she had no problems at all. She walks with God's light radiating in her and I would always admire, that I would want to be an inspiration like her too as I was tearfully crying in the back. Yes, I have learned a lot from her when it comes to faith.

From the moment that I was acquainted with a professor named +++, she has been confident of my potentials. Although, I would not believe hat I could do a lot, she has been the person who always believes I can do it. She puts a lot of trust in her students. She has guided me a lot in my college life. She has guided me in ways she would not have probably remembered. Her smile, her words of wisdom, words of encouragement and words of support have always made me take and overcome challenges in my college life.

I only wish the best for her. I hope you continue to inspire and encourage students like how you have inspired me. Thank you so much. Words could not express how truly grateful I am to have known you. :) God bless you always. You will always be in my prayers.

With all love,


This is a letter from my student who is now working at HP. A leadership awardee and president of a professional organization. She is a masterpiece really.

This letter is enough reason for me to stay in the academe.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

End of the Tunnel

Finally, it is over.

I have gotten to the finish line.

I now bask in the sunlight after reaching the end of the tunnel. The warmth is too overpowering but I find joy in it. I slowly regain energy engulfed by the love that I feel strongly now for life, and for those who stayed with me even in the dark. The darkness, as ironic as can be, brought me into the realization of the immense love that surrounds me.

I am glad I never threw the baton. I am glad I risked failing for the slightest chance, possibility to make it to the finish line.

Thank you baby for cheering me on, for keeping me going, for believing in me.

I love you so much.

Thank you to those who prayed, helped and supported me.

My emotional, physical, and mental strength alone could not have carried me to the finish line.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Of Strikes and Spares

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Today is his bowling finals tournament and I am happy because I am going to get to watch him play. Tonight, I will rest from my thesis first because tonight is my baby's night. I will cheer for him! He is quite a bowler actually... Last week (I just had to see him play, I promised to be there) I saw him play. He would look at me and tell me, "This strike is for you" before he goes up to his lane and he will score a strike. Wow! So that's how it feels like to have someone score for you! Kewl! I can get used to this haha! He did play better when I was there, so much better that everyone in his team was teasing him about bringing me again to the next game which is tonight... He scored 170 and 173 in his last two games while in his first game he scored 143 I think... His past games have not been really as good as his last two games so I am inclined and would like to think so that I really do inspire him. I'm looking forward to tonight's game!!!

After bowling last week, we went to see a concert or what was remaining of the concert hehe... He got free tickets to the MTV Right to Royalty Concert and all we got to see were the oldies... like Kuh Ledesma, Mitch Valdez singing songs that the old ones would enjoy. It was fun nonetheless because I was with my baby. That was the first concert that we saw together. Anyway, after the concert, I was still at a partying mood. I was in a partying mood before the concert, in fact I was looking forward to dancing in the concert but the songs sang were very close to "Dito ba? O dito ba?... " I don't know what comes next... anyway needless to say I wanted to go and party still... so we went to Malate. I drove because I had to drive to Rockwell because I was going to go there late. My classes end at 440 and he had to be htere at 5pm. I drove us to Malate and partied until 3am. After which I drove him back to his company so he can get his car. I thought he was going to go home already so I waved goodbye after I got into SLEX. To my surprise he followed me all the way to the condo! He got home at around 430 am already. I thought that was just too sweet!

Today, we also celebrate our 3rd month of loving each other... Hmm... Wonder where we're going to hang out tonight after the tournament. It doesn't matter where... so long as I am with him.

Happy 3rd Month

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I have written a blog for this day but since I cannot wait to post about this event, let me just write another. It has been, after all, a very long time since I last posted anything so allow me to demonstrate how blog-starved I am.

I was at the faculty room, getting really annoyed already with the printer and the FinePrint software that I was using for the booklet that I was to give him for a 3rd month gift. I compiled sons in the CD, those that expressed my feelings for him. However, my computer and its memory were not cooperating. I think I had to print four times and restart more than that number. I finished past 12 already and the guard was ready to evict me.

Thirty minutes after I got home, I heard some knocks on the door, and lo and behold my handsome prince was standing outside holding the most colorful flowers I have ever seen. He brought me, five dozens of roses wrapped in orange abacca... It was the biggest bouquet so far... and the most colorful too. Unfortunately for me, I had colds so I could not smell the flowers. Though the very next day I brought the flowers to the faculty room, everybody told me that they were very fragrant... Anywa, going back... He brought with him also a gift. I could not put down the flowers because they were so pretty. I did not want to mess up the petals of the roses. I settled them in between the armrests of our two couches so they are standing up.

He asked me to guess what the gifts were... So there was more than one. Hmmm... He gave me two cluess: 1) It's our first 2) It's your second... I racked my brain for an answer but nothing came. As it turned out, it was an original Hitch DVD. It was our first movie that we watched together with a friend and it is now my second original DVD, the first one being My Fair Lady which my father gave me. He is soh sweet! The second gift according to him is something that I have been looking for, for so long. This I was able to guess, the instant he told me the clue. It was the Dimsum CD. I have been looking for it from different malls but to no avail. I wanted to get one because I liked TY4URLV and because the female vocalists were classmates of mine from St. Paul. I can't believe he was able to find a copy. This guy is just too sweet!

I gave him my gift, though the label was not in place yet, I was going to place our picture as the CD label but because I was running out of time already, I had to give it to him already. That day was going to be very hectic for me and I knew I will no longer be able to work on it anymore. He accepted and I hope he did like it because it did take me a while before I could put it together.

That night, he had a Finals Bowling Tournament and I was late. I had to do a project with a cofaculty... I did not do much really though because I did not find the time to do it during the week with my thesis on top of my class preparations. I only got to see his last game.

He won two medals!

After the game, we went to Greenbelt III because we wanted to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Before we got to the theater, there was a girl who cannot get her car out because some other car, doubleparked his car opposite her har. I came back to the car to get my shoes, because I forgot I was still wearin slippers... When I came back *** was already inside the car helping out the girl. He got her out of trouble alright. He looked so cute and I could not have been more proud to stand there as his girlfriend. My boyfriend has such a big heart. Hopefully, it's not too big that girls would start snatching it from me.

After the movie that we had so much fun watching, we went to his company to get his car because I drove the entire evening so we can stay in one car. We drove back to my place to have dinner and watch some TV and just hang out. We wanted every second because the next day I will be too busy again. I am always busy because of my thesis and a million other things that I need to do.

It's amazing how it has been three months and I am still soh happy with this man. He is simply the best boyfriend in the world and I love him oh so much.

Thank you baby for the three months. I pray that we will have more months together, that will become more years, that will become decades, that will form a lifetime.

I love you.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Tribute to Antoine de Sainte-Exupery's Muse

Three months have passed since you took my heart for you to love and take care of and you have done nothing short of that. These past three months, I have never felt as loved as I have ever been in my life. It's amazing because this trimester has been the most hectic trimester for me, with the new subject I am teaching right now, the Saturday classes I have been taking, the target to finish my thesis among the many other stressors and yet you were able to keep me calm. I had my moments when I just broke down and cried but you were there to comfort me, it did not matter wherever you were with whomever.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for never faltering. Your thoughtfulness, like bringing me ice cream when I'm so stressed, or offering to check papers touch me deeply. Thank you for driving all the way to Taft just so you can give me a hug when I really need one badly. Thanks for finding time during the day to call me and to check if I'm sleeping again instead of working... Thanks for always reminding me to eat when I am forgetting... Thanks for reminding me that I still need to exercise and take a breather from time to time. Thank you for allowing me to party right after I submitted my documents. Thank you for making the most out of the stolen moments that we had while I was still doing my thesis. Just a bit more baby and I will be able to give you more of my time...

I am truly grateful to have someone like you in my life. You have proven to me that indeed "True love consists not of gazing at each other's eyes but in looking towards the same direction".