Friday, July 15, 2005


Not a day goes by
Not a minute ticks to fly
Not a wink of an eye
Without my sigh
Of love,
Of joy,
Of hope.

A sigh of love
For the thought
Each day I am showered with
For the laughter
Planted in me each day
For the tears shed
Stifled just so I can smile

A sigh of joy
For knowing how it is to love
Without fret
For knowing how to fly
Soaring into the limitless sky
For knowing you
So beautiful and true

A sigh of hope
For the bright future
To share with you
For the emotions
We will bare
For you and me
We share

I'm sorry I'm insensitive. I will try to work on it. I love you so much! What we have is too important for me and tonight I fear I might have hurt you. You never say anything but I hear it in your voice. I am soh sorry. Sometimes I don't know when to shut up and listen. I am never there when it matters.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I am tired beyond description. I was never a frail person but somehow even the most resilient will yield at a certain point. I have not. And I wish not to. I am at the final stretch already but there are times when I just feel like throwing the baton. I feel like just resting a while. I know stopping will give me horrible cramps and I know I will be unable to face myself in the mirror without seeing shame but sometimes it seems a much more attractive choice. I can no longer ignore this but I know soon it will be over. I just hope I will be standing still after all this.

Monday, July 11, 2005

No Cinderella

One of my closest friends from high school had her son baptized yesterday at St. Andrew the Apostolate Church, Makati. I went with *** and my friend who introduced me to him (Thanks friend! *big hug*). My friend and I were both godmothers to our friend's son. I introduced *** as my boyfriend to most people there and I was really happy that he shared his time with us. I like it that he's always there for me.

It's funny how things turn out sometimes. A few months ago, I was at a friend's wedding, loveless. I was riding with my friend and her mom when they suddenly brought *** up. They wanted to introduce me to him. I am glad that my friend and her mom were used as God's instruments so that my love story, the one that the Lord wrote for me so carefully may unfold. I am thankful I did not bring a car that day. I am thankful that I rode with them. Most thankful am I that I was very open to meeting someone new.

I did not get to meet him after that though. I just told my friend she could give my number to him if she wanted to. He never texted though (He says he did, well maybe he did but I overlooked it). He was leaving for the States in a few days. Never to come back, my friend said. Oh well.

Two months later, at Starbucks ATC, I finally got my first live conversation with the man of my dreams. I did not know then yet that he is the man of my dreams but he was interesting and funny. We already got to talk using YM before and I was not at all surprised that he was funny and interesting in person. And the rest was love story...

After the Christening, we heard mass with my friend, drank some refreshments at The Java Man Powerbooks, Greenbelt, and then went to G4. We walked my friend to Glorietta 2 because she had to go to SM.

The highlight of my day yesterday:

I was walking on the 3rd floor of G4 on our way to Rustan's when one of my stilleto's heels got caught in between the metal connectors on the floor. I lost my heel hehe... the litlle square black thing. He saw it and so we came back for it and then he put it back into the shoe. That was soh sweeet. He was not at all embarassed to do that for me. That made my heart melt. When I am with him, I always find my heart skipping a beat but it's moments like this that shakes me into the reality that yes, this man IS the man of my dreams. I'm no Cinderella but I know that this prince will pick up my heel everytime it gets caught in between metal connectors.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy 2nd!!!

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Puzzle Of My Love

Everyone dreams of a beautiful love story

I used to wonder if that was to become a

reality for me. I doubted. I fear at

times. I was beginning to lose hope that

it would happen anymore

But still I waited...


I knew love is like a puzzle. It seems

to be vaque and unimaginable at first

but when you patiently try to connect

the different pieces, you'll see the

clearer and beautiful picture that's in

store for you.

True enough, I saw the pieces of my

love leading to you. I'm so glad our

paths have crossed, that we met, developed

a great connection, and eventually sharing

a love that's true and pure. You are

everything I've ever wanted. I thank God

for giving you into my life.

I know that a puzzle would not be complete

if one or more pieces is missing. Have no

worries that ours is incomplete, that one piece

is missing 'Coz I've taken that single and

most important piece of you... your Heart...

to take care of, safeguard it and shower

it with love and affection.

I love you soh much 'bi!!!

Hoping to make our love story work, be complete, happy and last a lifetime.

Uhmm... *hugs* mwuaah... *kisses*

He composed this and wrote it at the back of a pink frame that he wrapped with a pink gift wrapper. (Pink is my favorite color. I used to deny it but I have come to terms with it.) I cried as I read it. These were the words I have longed to hear from him way before he asked me to be his girl. I did not realize that the gift was a framed puzzle... call me really slow but the poem must have really struck me too darn hard! I flipped the frame so I can see the picture and saw a little girl on a bike and a little boy on a bike kissing. It was the cutest picture! Then I saw that a piece that belonged to the chest of the little girl was missing, in place of the piece was a mesage that says: "I'll keep this piece of you safe and loved always". I cried again. I just had to. How can I not? I am soh blessed with such a thoughtful boyfriend.

He called me while I was still in bed. I thought he was on his way to work but I was wrong. He was on his way to my unit. I figured as much when he rang my bell twice and I peeked in the peep hole and saw his ring flashing at me. I opened the door and once more there were two dozens of fragrant orange roses on the floor. I did not notice right away the gift he had in his hand. He stayed for a while and then left again. I wanted to open the gift right in front of him but he did not want to.

I did not even have anything for him at that time because I did not get the chance to get something for him yet. I was planning to do that that afternoon. I have been so busy too... I love him, I hope he knows that even if he is more thoughtful and more creative than I am. hehe...

I can't believe he slept at 3am because of his preparations for today. He only got 2hours of sleep. This man is unbelievable. I love him for it. I do. I have been truly blessed.

To think last night, I was feeling crappy because I could not reach his phone. I thought he was lying to me when he told me his battery died. I was really wondering already as to whether our relationship has gone haywire. I was silly to think so.

In spite his lack of sleep he came by tonight to have dinner with me. To make up for this morning, I took care of our dinner and got him a gift. It's not as thoughtful as his but I thought it suits him. It's a pillow that says "World's Greatest Boyfriend". That pillow has his name written on it.

I love you so much baby!