Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nap Time but First...

After two consecutive failed attempts to run because of the bad case of a combination of a schleepy head and a really lazy ass... I was finally able to run today! *weeh!* I got to run 7KM today. Actually, I am not sure if it was 8K or 7K because I lost count and got confused if I was already in my 4th lap or 5th lap so I just decided it was my 4th lap just in case my mind is just trying to trick my body into doing less work.

After I got back from running, I decided to nap but not before checking my mail on my iTouch and that did it!!! I saw an email from my mentor from UK. She sent some slides from the Autumn School and I had to try to understand the slides and reply to the email. After that, I saw another email from students who sent me their revised document and I had to check that too... Since reading AND commenting to the .docx file on iTouch can be very time consuming (but possible, thank you Apple!) I decided to open my Mac and work here. I just make it sleep so I do not have to wait a long time for it to start up, I lurve my Mac! :)

After this pointless rambling, I am going to get myself a nice two-hour nap. I still have much to do but my target is to finish my grades at least for the two academic subjects today. I am still waiting for the students to submit something by Friday but I think I can just plug those grades in. I just need to finish already so I can begin... wait for it... puhreparing for next term.

There is virtually no term break but that is okay because I still feel so energized! *mindless smile* Term break is a week long (less actually, if you count the adjustment dates) and during this time I will be going to Osaka so... I really need to get cracking for next term. Next term should be a great term. Not only because it is leading to Christmas but because I have a three unit deloading *woot!*! That means I only have three units of academic teaching and it's in grad school too! *weeh!!!* Only, it's a new prep for me but that's okay because I really have to master Machine Learning!

I have been using a new app on iTouch that is anchored on the matrix of Covey. It is now helping me manage my tasks. While I am forever stuck in the firefighting quadrant, I hope to be able to get out of that soon. :) Surprisingly, I have been very productive these past few days.

Thank You Lord. :)

Also, last night, I had a really good night sleep probably because I was so tired or maybe it was because of a bedtime story about little pigs. I fell asleep smiling I think. Writing about this just made me smile again. *smile*

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