Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pigging Out

I was not able to do Barre3 today. Too lazy. I hope I can do it before I go to Krabi. I want to be fit when I go there. *haha!* Of course, this is all close to impossible to do what with all the Beef Teppanyaki that I ate last night at Zensho's Eat-All-You-Can Buffet... *sigh* and then a yummy cup of Gelato after in chocolate mint. Oh well...

This week is bound to be very busy and of course the week after this week since I will be going to Krabi for a week. I still do not have materials for Wednesday but my co-faculty promised me the set of slides that I need. This term's load is really what I need to teach but it is stressing me a tad bit.

I hope to run tomorrow again. Aiming for 7K still. I have to do that at least twice before moving up to 8. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

7K , 7 Hours and 7th Heaven

I was able to run yesterday! All 7K of what I promised myself to do *yehey!!*! I have one month to prepare for King of The Road!!! *yikes!* I really hope I will make good time! *crosses fingers*

My "coach" taught me a new technique and while I found it very complicated to do, hopefully muscle memory will kick in and I will get the hang of it. I think it lessens the stress on my legs really so I hope my time will improve eventually:) He also warned me about accidents during bike races and swimming... Okay this freaked me out. That triathlon might be too far out for me now... We will see...

After running I had a very, very sinful breakfast! Schublig, omelette, bacon and pancakes!!! *hahaha!!!* They say, after running you need to replenish protein! I think I overdid it yesterday though *haha!*!

During lunch time I had an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at Red Box because I was at an uber late birthday celebration of a friend and we sang for seven hours straight!!! My head was spinning already after our session. After that, I met up with my mom and sis so we can have Mango Bravo at Conti's. I did not have dinner anymore since I was still full.

I got back home and before I slept I had some Chocolate Croissant. I lurve Chocolate Croissants!!! I want to go to Europe if only to eat a good chocolate croissant!

Last night I had a really sweet night cap. Thank You Lord, it really made my heart smile. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hodge Podge

I did not get to sleep early last night so I was not able to run today. Hopefully, since I had to be awake by 0730 today, I will be able to fall asleep early later. I really want to run tomorrow and then Barre3 on Sunday! I must!!! I hope they will have an earlier schedule at Rockwell... Otherwise, I still have to go to The Fort.

I was able to see the first episode of the second season of Glee. I thought Charice sang really well. I could tell she worked on her accent. I was a bit confused with her character. I am not quite sure if she is meek or if she is not, there were some parts that suggested otherwise. I am not sure if this is intended by the director. I hope they make up their mind already. The character of a role should be consistent. I did not like the Green Card bit. It's like stereotyping Filipinos. I found it a tad bit offensive. Not all Filipinos want to get a Green Card. Also her role was made to be a bit gullible and unable to stand up for herself not even for the part where she was sent to a crackhouse. I mean really. Then again it could be her difficulty in delivering her lines with an Amercan accent who knows...

I hope the script improves where it involves Charice.

The new character Ms. Beist is really interesting though *haha!* I love how she sounds like a man, built like a man but wears red lipstick and wears earrings!

I had fun in class today. I always get a blast reading reflection papers of my students. :)

This is it for now, I want to be productive today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Defined as resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest.

I battle with my own inertia evuhry single morning. This morning I told myself I have to get up early so I can sleep early later because I plan to run tomorrow morning. Did I budge?! No. Inertia too guhreat!!!


Inertia is from the Latin word "iners" meaning idle or lazy.

*thwaps self*

I want to learn French.

When will I have the time to learn it?

An even better question is, will I ever find any use for French to begin with? According to Elizabeth Gilbert, you need not find a use for something. You do it because you love it. :) Sadly though, I do not think I can squeeze learning French into my life. Or so I insist. Maybe I will enroll as an audit student next term. :)

Puffer Fish

I feel iike one in soh many ways... *sigh*

I need to do Barre3 soon. Withdrawal!!!

I was able to run 5Km this morning though. I still feel fugly! Arrgh!!! I better run on Wednesday again so this feeling will go away. I had fun running though but I only ran 5Km because I could feel my left knee complain earlier today. I would run 6Km on Wednesday and work my way from there. I need to prepare for King of the Road!

I hope to do Barre3 soon too!!!

A random memory recall of something that Randy Pausch said:

"When a man tells you that he loves you, stop listening to what he is saying and only pay attention to what he does.".

I say this is good advice. :)

The Time Management thing is really helping me tremendously though. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Prepping

i have been trying to work since this morning. While progress is pretty slow at least I am getting some work done. This is better than just procrastinating and staring into blank space. I know I said I do not like to work on weekends but since there is no better thing to do than this, I might as well...

Though, I could watch Lie to Me *hehe!* I still have many episodes to watch. Maybe later. :) I have to sleep early though because I need. I mean really need to run tomorrow. I really forego Barre3 today because I want to run tomorrow. It has been more than a week! *thwaps self* I already feel fugly because I have not been running though my undereyes have drastically improved because I have not been losing sleep over running. :)

I am thinking of going back to Aikido. One of my colleagues has decided to try it out and I am a bit envious. I hope my mom would bring my Aikido gi soon or I could just go to Cavite to pick it up. :)

I am excited about my Krabi trip! I hope everything will go well! We will be staying at a nice resort there. I am bringing two of my students so this is bound to be fun. We need to finish up the budget from Year 1. :)

I have to go!

I also cannot wait to see Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts! Soh many things to look forward to! But first I have to go through two conferences. Ack.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Your Time

Sometimes, you feel like you are never going to see those whom you want to see and then all of a sudden they are there and you are left frozen and speechless even though you have never found words to be beyond your reach and inertia to be too great.

Thank You Lord, I trust in Your Time.

Krabi Itch

I am going to Krabi, Thailand and am mighty excited because there will be beach, sea, fishes and shopping and *daran daran* yummy coconut!!! Oh and yeah, shopping too but i have to remind myself not to go crazy because I did buy some stuff while I was in Japan. *grin* Also, I just got myself another insurance this time with disability and well, I computed, I think it's a good investment as well as compared to banks. This will also force me to set aside some money for when I grow old. :) Time is flying ya know.

I am thinking if I should get another set at Barre3 or if I should just do it per meeting. I really do not know. I just want to do it once a week though... Hmm... still thinking about it. Long and hard. I am not sure because whenever my schedule gets messed up 5 meetings per month is really a tall order for me. Then again, one meeting is cheaper if I get the 30 meetings for six months but of course I have to pay for the entire thing... *thinking*

*stopped thinking without deciding*

I have to get back to preparing for my Wednesday class! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010



I finally finished the report that I have been dreading to write for months. *grin!* I need to prep for my class for Wednesday now! Next task! I have not really written about the Japan trip so here's an outline first just so I will not forget. I usually never really get to write about my trips if I postpone it too far into the future because I forget already or I really get too lazy or both. :)

We went to:

1. Osaka
2. Nara
3. Kobe
4. Kyoto
5. Universal Studios (and got to see Wicked!)

All these in five days. Less actually because we got there at night already and left early in the afternoon. You can just imagine our pace. It was military operation-like. Looking at the pictures though you will never be able to tell *haha!*! That's R and R for my family!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wicked Tired

Just got back from Osaka and it was a wonderful visit. The highlight of my visit was Wicked! I loved every bit of it! It is a stage adaptation of the Broadway musical that I have been dreaming to see for months now. Some songs were in Japanese but my fave songs of Elphaba were in English so I was really, really thrilled.

I wish to write more but my head is reeling... I need sleep.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010


There are people who never say things but instead they just show you.

I really felt the concern cut through me, without uttering a word a person was able to really make me feel so cared for. I did not bother to utter my gratitude because it might cheapen the act. I just burned the moment in my memory and it is where it will stay for as long as my earthly body can take.

Thank You for this blessing. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Energy Paradox

I feel energized but in dire need of sleep. :) Just made that up. It sounds nice though *wahah!*!

I was able to run today but only 6K. I felt I had to get back already because I was supposed to drive my sister to Makati today for an interview but my mom came by *yehey!* so that means I can sleep or watch Lie To Me *wahaha!*. I have a meeting after lunch but my mom thinks my sister's interview will take as long as last time so she decided to drive her instead.

Good luck to my sister! I am sure she can do it! :)

Last night, I decided to read a chapter a day of Machine Learning and that should get me through all twelve chapters in twelve days giving me time to read even more books or trying out different methodologies. Kewl. If I can pull it off. Hopefully, I can. :) I already started with Chapter 1 yesterday. This morning I am going to do Chapter 2. I really appreciate how the author wrote the book though, it is as English as he could get.

I also decided now, as in now, that I will keep an electronic journal for my research. I also have a notebook, you know the kind that is made of paper but I think an electronic journal might also help.

Gotta go!

Starting a journal. :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Dethpicable Me

I got to thee Dethpicable Me with my sister and I had fun!

When we got the tickets, the guy handed us bookmarks and then my sister got soh excited like a kid would on Christmas Day so the guy gave her stickers. After we got tickets she decided to eat ice cream from Cold Rock. She got choco mint + Andes + Cookie Dough (?!) + something + something + something I stopped listening after Cookie Dough! She let me try it and surprisingly, the cookie dough was yummy though it felt awfully sinful so I did not order my own share. I was planning to eat Red Mango but decided against it in the interest of time.

We caught the 1905 screening. The movie was cute, I wish it was more witty though. Some scenes made my eyes well up a bit.

After the movie, we went to Bubba Gump because this is our little tradition and because we also had a coupon for free Shrimp Popcorn. :) Our server Lean was super nice. He even gave us trivia questions and we were able to answer them! :) Without cheating or looking around mind you!!! :) So we got Trivia Sundaes *yehey!*

After bingeing and laughing, we drove home!

Oh and yeah, today I was able to go to the library to borrow books and to encode grades. Other things that I need to do I will take care of tomorrow! :)


I love my life!

Thank You Lord!

I am going to run tomorrow!

I must!

Missing Running

Because of my dumb addiction to Lie To Me, I was unable to run today because I fell asleep last night at around 1 am or maybe way past 1 am. I figured I will only get to sleep three or two hours after which I will have to wake up again. That is not good for my body at all so I figured I will just have to sleep early later and run tomorrow and on Thursday before we leave so I can be the stinky one in the plane *wahahah!!!*. I need to run badly! My right knee is still acting up but just a little bit now, I hope it will begin to feel better. I really do not like it when my knees hurt. It scares me.

I was contemplating earlier on going for a swim later but I figured I will just do some dumbbell exercises later when I get back home so I can use the rest of the day to prepare for next term and also to schedule everything that I need to do next term.

Next term is bound to be very exciting as I cram every week *wahaha! nervous laughter*. I hope I can copy more episodes of Lie To Me today off of my colleague so I would not have to download anymore. I better get crackin', I also want to go to the library today and borrow a book am bringing to my flight. And no. It s not a fictional book okay. I really need to prep! :)

Oh and yeah, I bought new stuff yesterday with my mom at the mall. :) I love the lip gloss that I got. :) I love lip glosses in general, they're a great pick me up and they're so much cheaper than other things and, you can wear them everuhday. Last night, a few hours before I slept, I applied it again just because I love how it looks and just because I am crazy like that *haha!*.

Okay, I better go and work!

Lord, please let me have a productive day today! :)

Thank You!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lie To Me

I fell asleep last night watching Lie To Me. It is soh darn addictive! Do not worry though, I have my To-Do List still under control. I did not start my addiction until last night. I do not like to work on Sundays and Saturday Nights. I figured I already work all week, I should allow myself to rest too. Though I am thinking maybe today I can work on my class prep for next term... We will see how my download goes. I am out of episodes you see and I cannot get access to my friend's hard disk until Monday.

I keep on forgetting when I am in school. *darn!*

The show is based on Paul Ekman's research on facial expression and more recently microexpressions and how they tell you what the person is thinking at the moment. While there are expressions that are cultural, there are expressions that are the same across cultures like the most basic emotions, anger, fear, disgust, joy and sadness. Ekman developed the FACS. Facial Action Coding System, if I am not mistaken. Ekman is actually a consultant of the show so a lot of the materials we have encountered in our readings. I do not read Ekman stuff a lot because I am more interested in the pattern of behavior of a person. Speaking of, I have been meaning to write something but other things keep on coming. :)

I was only able to run once last week. I have a pain in my right knee that I am waiting to go away. Hopefully, it will be gone by tomorrow because I want to run at twice before I leave. I need to do Barre3 as well and I am definitely bringing running gear with me just in case it will be loverly to run in Japan. I have not been to this city before. I was in Tokyo before but never in Osaka so this will be something new.

I actually want to go to the States, if only to New York to watch Wicked. I hope I can get a vacation there for fuhree soon. Hmm...

I might be going to Krabi this year. We will see. After Palawan, I do not think it will be all exciting but I definitely look forward to drinking buko. And no, I am not going to Bangkok after the trip. This trip, I will not shop. :) I would appreciate fish spa though and a wonderful spa massage experience. :)

In the meantime, maybe I will do my class prep. :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Joy of Work

I was able to finish the grades for the academic subjects! *woot!* I just have some deliverables that I am still waiting for from students. I will be getting them by Saturday not Friday unfortunately but then that just means I can finish by Saturday or at worst Monday. *whew!* This should give me time to prepare for my subject next term. I have to encode the grades still for practicum. This is the tricky bit though. *argh!*

I really have to say that the quadrant is working. :)

I had a pretty so-so productive day but I was able to accomplish my goals which is great. Also, another surprise came my way today and it really made me smile. :)

Thank You Lord! :)

Please keep the smiles coming. :)

Nap Time but First...

After two consecutive failed attempts to run because of the bad case of a combination of a schleepy head and a really lazy ass... I was finally able to run today! *weeh!* I got to run 7KM today. Actually, I am not sure if it was 8K or 7K because I lost count and got confused if I was already in my 4th lap or 5th lap so I just decided it was my 4th lap just in case my mind is just trying to trick my body into doing less work.

After I got back from running, I decided to nap but not before checking my mail on my iTouch and that did it!!! I saw an email from my mentor from UK. She sent some slides from the Autumn School and I had to try to understand the slides and reply to the email. After that, I saw another email from students who sent me their revised document and I had to check that too... Since reading AND commenting to the .docx file on iTouch can be very time consuming (but possible, thank you Apple!) I decided to open my Mac and work here. I just make it sleep so I do not have to wait a long time for it to start up, I lurve my Mac! :)

After this pointless rambling, I am going to get myself a nice two-hour nap. I still have much to do but my target is to finish my grades at least for the two academic subjects today. I am still waiting for the students to submit something by Friday but I think I can just plug those grades in. I just need to finish already so I can begin... wait for it... puhreparing for next term.

There is virtually no term break but that is okay because I still feel so energized! *mindless smile* Term break is a week long (less actually, if you count the adjustment dates) and during this time I will be going to Osaka so... I really need to get cracking for next term. Next term should be a great term. Not only because it is leading to Christmas but because I have a three unit deloading *woot!*! That means I only have three units of academic teaching and it's in grad school too! *weeh!!!* Only, it's a new prep for me but that's okay because I really have to master Machine Learning!

I have been using a new app on iTouch that is anchored on the matrix of Covey. It is now helping me manage my tasks. While I am forever stuck in the firefighting quadrant, I hope to be able to get out of that soon. :) Surprisingly, I have been very productive these past few days.

Thank You Lord. :)

Also, last night, I had a really good night sleep probably because I was so tired or maybe it was because of a bedtime story about little pigs. I fell asleep smiling I think. Writing about this just made me smile again. *smile*